PSA: Fatal Frame Might Not Fit On Your Wii U

PSA: Fatal Frame Might Not Fit On Your Wii U

Since I normally play one game at a time on my Wii U, I’m used to deleting games. Investing in an external HD for my every-so-often console seems goofy. But I almost reconsidered this decision when downloading Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which takes up a whopping 15GB, and it’s an eShop only game.

Nintendo sells the Wii U with two hard drive sizes: 8GB and 32GB. If you happen to own the former, you won’t even be able to download and play the new Fatal Frame, unless you invest in a hard drive.

Fatal Frame is not alone in being a gigantic download, of course. Xenoblade Chronicles X takes up 22.7GB and Super Smash Bros. required 15.6GB. With Fatal Frame, though, players are required to buy digitally. There’s no physical release.

This has ruffled some players’ feathers, though a petition asking for a disc version of the game has only managed slightly over 2000 signatures.

Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water for Wii U is currently set to be a digital release only in the US. With the game being 16GB in size, most Wii U owners don’t have the HDD storage for the game. People have been asking for this game for years, many of which are also collectors and value physical content over digital for its tangibility. With Nintendo not releasing the game in a physical format, many will not be able to purchase the game.

Even if you’re rocking one of the 32GB machines, you may still have to do some cleanup. Wii U games can temporarily require more space to download a game.

Here, the 8059MB second download actually needs 9965MB before it installs.

No doubt, Nintendo skimped on the hard drive space with the Wii U. Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One shipped with 500GB of space to accommodate the shift to digital releases happening this generation. One hopes Nintendo is smart enough to bump the internal space with the NX.

With Nintendo, though, who knows?


  • Don’t need to invest in a full hdd. For my wii u I have a 64GB usb stick that I got for something like $20 in a kogan sale and that’s been running fine as my wii u’s storage for a couple of years now.

  • Actually, the game is getting a retail release in Australia and Europe – America is digital only.

  • Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, which takes up a whopping 15GB, and it’s an eShop only game.Should be noted that this seems to only be the case for the US, and we are getting a retail release down here.

    Weird that it still gets called Fatal Frame for them, and it’s Project Zero down here though.

    • Us Aussies like our Projects, while Americans like their Frames… idunno. Philosophers and Sorcerer’s situation.

    • Well, the series’ name is actually Zero. It was made by the Project Zero team (Where EU/AU got it from) and Fatal Frame… all I can think is that the same marketing genius that came up with Resident Evil as an alternative to Biohazard for Capcom, did the same with this for Tecmo.

      • Oh, didn’t know that. But the game is about taking pictures of ghosts with a camera, isn’t it? Fatal Frame makes way more sense to me than “Zero”.

        Resident Evil actually makes more sense for the first game at least, I think. Biohazard is a bit generic sounding. Kinda like Zero I guess. So genius marketing team indeed 😛

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