PSA: If You Have Any Credit With Green Man Gaming, Use It Now

Got any credit saved with with the third-party Green Man Gaming online store? I imagine quite a few of you would; they've had some very good deals over the years.

So if you do have any credit, now's the time to use it. The website is shutting down its existing credit system, and whatever you've got saved up won't carry over.

In a post on their official blog and via an email sent out to members, Green Man Gaming has announced that they will be shutting down their current credit mechanisms from November 24.

"Given that we sell games in over 185 countries each month, we’re also increasing opportunities for the community to use local payment systems, all of which will replace the current credit setup," the store front wrote. "We realise that this is somewhat inconvenient, and we apologise for any frustration caused. We remain committed to delivering the best customer experience that we possibly can and hope that you will continue to shop with us, with plenty of exciting new things to come."

The new system will still grant users credit for writing reviews, although the referral program is getting overhauled (with more information to be revealed soon).

I suspect a lot of people wouldn't have much, if any, credit with GMG. But if you do have some stored up, you've only got a few *weeks to use it.

Update: Weeks, not days. My bad people.


    Umm... its a month away, not tomorrow. Its only October, transition is NOVEMBER 24.

    Oh Alex, step away from the drugs, you are missing a month of your life.

    Think I have about 15c saved up... Should probably buy something, wouldn't want to waste that credit

    Can they just steal money?

    So voting in Golden Joysticks awards got you a Greenman voucher for a Bioshock Infinite Steam key for $1 that was refunded in Greenman credit when Playfire saw you start playing. But now you're telling me the Greenman credit only lasts 1 month???
    It's like they're pulling out of the deal and the winners of the competition ain't even been announced yet!

    Last edited 23/10/15 3:35 pm

    GMG used to be good. No Australia tax. Now they have the same prices as any retailer. Lost my business.

      Not all of them tho. Australian tax is those specifically written (ANZ) to it. Only some games are bumped up in price due to "enforcement" from australia. Still have quite some decent deal actually.

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