Re-Volt: The Arcade Racer That’s Just As Good As Mario Kart

Re-Volt: The Arcade Racer That’s Just As Good As Mario Kart

The latest Need for Speed got me thinking about going fast and furious. And as it so happens, there’s one game that deals with both in spades.

That game, as it so happens, is also one of the most under-appreciated racing games ever made. It should be mentioned in the same sentence, with equal weight, as Mario Kart, but it doesn’t.

That game is Re-Volt, it’s bloody awesome, and you can still play it today.

To change things up slightly this week, and also thanks to the superb competence of the Re-Volt community, I decided to put together a video of me playing Re-Volt.

I’ve gone through a bit of the history and recent narrative surrounding the IP — it was picked up 5 years ago by a mobile developer — and you can also see my atrocious driving.

Small note: I had a lot more success using the DS4 controller than trying to play with my Xbox One pad. I couldn’t bind the triggers on the XB1 controller, but the DS4 had no issues at all.

Not sure why; maybe I needed to shut DS4Windows down first. Either way, enjoy some glorious Re-Volt at 60 FPS. God this game still looks good.

For those interested in following up with what remains of the Re-Volt community, here’s a link to the RV House multiplayer program. You can find the 1.2 fan patch here, as well as a link to the RVGL project, and you can still find plenty of active users on Re-Volt Live forums.


  • Didn’t someone try getting this through Greenlight. Pretty muhc piggy backing off the work of others

  • Absolutely loved Re-Volt when it came out, despite being mostly rubbish at it. If I remember correctly (and that is no certainty) it is actually the first game I ever played online against total strangers. Or that could have been Worms. Anyway, great game, and one I used to show off my new graphics card to friends because it looked super slick.

  • fond memories of this game in grade 5 – came 30 minutes early to school to lan this with 5 other class mates.

  • I spent so many hours on this game as a kid. Didn’t have a console or fast computer back then but had this and worms

  • I loved this game, it is one of those few games that captures exactly the right feeling for it’s subject matter. It was fast and fun then, and now I’ve been reminded of it I’m going to pull out the CD , patch it and give it a whirl again.

  • who remembers beetle adventure racing?
    and the aussie released HSV Adventure racing?
    such good games.
    but yeah MK64 ftw.
    on a side note, when steam had Mashed available, my work colleagues and i had hours of hilarious fun with that one on the snow wharf level.
    still there –

    grab it for local coop games, uses xbox 360 controllers for windows too. you wont regret it.

    • Beetle adventure racing was one of my all time favourites. Lot of good racers on n64. 1080 snowboarding was the shit. And Wave racer

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