Read Only Memories Mixes Cyberpunk With 80’s Neon And It’s Out Now

Read Only Memories Mixes Cyberpunk With 80’s Neon And It’s Out Now

Read Only Memories was successfully backed on Kickstarter a couple of years ago to the tune of nearly US$70,000. It promised to mix some of Neo-San Francisco’s scummiest individuals with retro graphics and the adventures of the world’s first sapient robot — and it’s out now.

It’s been described as a LBGT point-and-click adventure, which is fitting since the creators are MidBoss, the organisation responsible for the LGBT-friendly gaming convention GaymerX. It focuses on the relationship between Turing, a relationship and organisational manager robot, and the player as they work their way through San Fran in 2064.

To go with the vibrant pixel styling, there’s an interesting chiptune soundtrack and strong undertones of technology and crime that should resonate fairly well with long-time adventure gamers who grew up on the Tex Murphy or the Gabriel Knight games.

Given that it’s the middle of big budget hype and not everyone wants to be flooded with information about AAA games or massive franchises that cost US$60 and up (or $80-plus if you’re buying retail still), it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on the games that are different.

Read Only Memories will set you back US$13.49 until the early morning of October 13. For those who liked Hideo Kojima’s SNATCHER and have a soft spot for retro visuals, this might just be your cup of tea.


  • Had to go back and see whether their Kickstarter or Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories came out first. The album did, by 6 months. I’m guessing the title of this game was inspired by it.

    • I did just that. Picked up the pack on steam with the Soundtrack and artwork. The music is amazingly melodic, and there’s not a dud track on the thing.

      Will give the game a go later on this evening too… it looks like a lot of fun!

      • I plan to go to Don’t get me wrong, Steam is OK but is DRM free which is the bigger seller for me.

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