Real-Life Chatroulette FPS Adds Second Level

Real-Life First-Person Shooter, Controlled Through Chatroulette

RealmPictures' concept was to build an immersive first person shooter level, and let unsuspecting people on Chatroulette take control of the protagonist. They had to make it perfect for it to be immersive, but it's safe to say they succeeded.

Their first level took place in a garden, so this second one is a huge improvement. We're on an infected alien spaceship, with multiple decks, certain things to unlock, enemies to kill, guns to find and small puzzles to solve. And the goal is to escape to deep space.

Pretty funny how people react and decide to play along when they realise it's not the usual thing they see on Chatroulette.

They also have a pretty cool behind the scenes video:


    Wow. That looked like a LOT of effort. Hope they had fun. The guys making it, I mean. Well... everyone, I guess.

    Wow, really well done. Really enjoyed video.

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