Reminder: Sony Has A Big Press Conference At 4am Tomorrow

And if you're crazy enough to be awake at that ungodly hour, you'll be able to watch it go down live on Kotaku Australia.

What are we expecting to see? Well, it could be earth-shattering new game announcements or it could be new footage of video games we already knew about.

It could be news on PlayStation VR — a price point or a release date?

It could be new footage of Uncharted 4, it could be new footage of The Last Guardian.

There are also rumours that Sony is going to announce the release of No Man's Sky for this week.

Either way, Sony appear to be making a big deal of this, so I'm expecting it might be worth waking up for.

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    My nearly 3 year old is having a 'wakeup at least two hours before the sun' run at the moment, so we may as well watch it together. Beats hanging out with Nanny Plum and the gang for a change.

      Ohh I know what that's like. Luckily my 18 month old has stopped the waking up at 1am wanting to play for 3 hours and now just wakes up at 5:30 every morning. Unfortunately my 3 month old will be coming into the "play at ungodly" hours soon..

      Wash. Your. Mouth. Out!
      NOTHING trumps Nanny Plum.

    If No Man's Sky is announced as shipping before Xmas, then those cheap, cheap PS4s look a lot more attractive suddenly.

    It's at Paris Games Week so expect to see an emotional game from an emotional guy.

      Yeah... Been a couple of years, he's probably due to show something.

    I'll scan through the bullet points at 7Am, thank you.

    What ever they announce I can wait till I wake at 7am.

    There's only thing that would make me feel that watching it in realtime would be worth it. That would be the announcement that the VR demo, London Heist, is actually a standalone spinoff included as a part of Uncharted 4, and is the reason for the six month delay.
    A man can dream.

    Parappa The Rapper 3. There, I'm calling it.

    Gran Turismo announcement?

    Gran Turismo announcement.

    Interesting half way through gcap too :)

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