Horizon: Zero Dawn Has Robot Dinosaurs You Can Fight

Video: ROBOT DINOSAURS. Guerrilla Games showed off Horizon: Zero Dawn at E3 earlier this year, but today's Horizon gameplay footage looks way more like the game we'll (hopefully) be playing next year. UI! Loot! Crafting! Frame rate drops!


    Xenoblade will let you shoot robot dinosaurs this year, if you can't wait.

      No i cant wait! And Xenoblade also looks incredible so it will tide me over ;)

    How good is that rope system, I love the look of this.

    This looks promising, I'm loving the art style and the open world feel. I think this will finally get me away from my pc and back on the ps4 - I'm glad I kept it!

      I'll see how it reviews but it might be the game that pushes me to get a PS4

        Yeah ill wait for reviews as well but so far so good! Some great games coming out on the ps4 and now the price cut makes it look like awesome value for money.

    Was afraid the E3 video might've been bullshots after I originally saw it, great to see this, then compare them and see that nope, a Watchdogs situation is *not* happening here at all :D

    I don't know, aside from some awesome physics and destruction effects, what separates this from games like Shadow Of Mordor. Also, the last thing I want is another open world game with the reason to explore being "health plants".

    Trying not to be blinded by the beauty of this game and realistically imagining what the final result will be.

    Call of Duty has enemies you can shoot.

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