Rocket League Is Adding A Low Gravity Mode For Extra Chaos

Video: Rocket League is getting an awesome-looking (free!) update in November called mutators, which introduces a bunch of new game types, including low-gravity mode, bigger versions of the ball, slow-motion, and more.


    Just when you feel you can safely cut the umbilical cord, another grows

    Time warp mode. Is that just a fancy name for Laggy server?

    sounds good to me, was hoping for different maps with ramps and whatnot but this will suffice!

    Does anyone remember the Super Monkey Ball mini games? I really wish they did something similar with Rocket League. Playing a few rounds of Bowling and Snooker would be awesome !

      You can play survival. Flip on your roof and use only boost to navigate the field. Don't rush and miss a pickup or your outta fuel.

    I would pay for a previous track button.

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