Congrats to Thistler, who correctly guessed yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Street Fighter 2 — Ryu's stage!

He was so excited he sent me this tweet last evening!

Yes, you were right! And yes there weren't any hidden comments. YOU GOT IT MAN! WELL DONE!

Today's scribble comes from Dong Tri Phan. Don't forget you can send in your own scribbles to me at this address!


    Megaman Battle Network Logo. Symbol also appears on the side of his helmet near his ears I think?

    Mega Man Battle Network

      Damn you I knew this one too. Just going to say Mega Man Battle Network 3: Blue in case they are pedantic.

      Last edited 01/10/15 1:51 pm

        Gotta be quick around here. ;p

        It looks like I was pipped at the post too, there was a moderated comment, Straiza guessed the same answer at the same time as I did! But their answer appears first. Maybe we'll all be right. :D

    I want to say "I know that knob" if it is indeed a knob. But I understand the many ways that statement can be interpreted.

    Either the Megaman battle Network symbol.

    Or someone's been playing Dynasty Warriors Gundam and rolled out the Wing Gundam/0 (Left shoulder, specifically)

    Thats totally the symbol from megaman battle network and the nt warrior tv series. It appears on the side of the his helmet and chest and on the P.E.T

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