Alright I'm calling the last ScribbleTaku. No-one guessed it correctly but I'm calling it. The game was Demon's Souls and I was using this screenshot for reference. Better luck next time!

Good luck with today's scribble and don't forget you can send in your own here


    Red Alert 2?

      Darn it. I was going to say it was a RA2 cutscene.

      Ok then, I'll say Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.
      Expansion packs count as a different game right?

        It's probably goldeneye, but it didn't immediately come to mind, my other thought was C&C Renegade

    China has fallen into the ocean simulator?

      It's India and Sri Lanka actually that's missing, although a bit of China probably is too. Could that be a hint I wonder?

    Goat Simulator ... because of all games that have TV's with the planet on them, it's probably unlikely that a goat would know how to use it ... or something.

    Goldeneye N64, Bunker (level 5 from memory?)

    Also I have an idea for another game, it is called blutaku, wherein I craft something game related from blutac and the goal is to guess which game, now if only I could find some time to craft a week of guesses in advance and send them in

      Make an image with little balls of sugar instead and call it tictaku...


      Last edited 07/10/15 2:17 pm

        Someone chooses a mystery game character.
        Players start with a collection of similar looking game characters and eliminate them by asking if the mystery character has a particular trait.


    It kills me I didn't get Demon Souls. I remembered what it looked like in my head but couldn't work out where I'd seen it :P

    This one I thought Syndicate for some reason.

    How about making it out of meats, salads, and sauce in a hard tortilla shell.
    They could call it Tacotaku

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