Congrats to everyone who managed to guess yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Goldeneye! Although it could probably have been a ton of other games as well.

Hell_Rok managed to guess it first. Congrats!

Good luck with today's effort. Thanks to Ashigaru for sending it in!


    lylat wars

      because I am pretty certain it is an arwing boosting through a checkpoint

      That was my first thought too. Curse you daylight savings!

    Lylat Wars/Starwing/Star Fiox Adventures (Dinosaur world!)/Star Fox Assault/that DS Starfox game. I think that covers off everything!

    Biker Mice from Mars!

      lol still doing the "i am sticking to my one and only answer" thing I see. I tried it for about 2 months then just gave up. Yes... I am a quitter.

    Looks like Destiny to me. The look Ghost gets when he has his shell pieces floating around him

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