Congrats to everyone who guessed Ashigaru's ScribbleTaku within minutes. I know that feeling man, I know that feeling.

[hugs Ashigaru a little too tightly]

Special congrats to Nexi who was quickest on the trigger.

Good luck with today's effort!


    Probs won't be but something from Alice: Madness Returns?

    At least the last one was guessable. That makes for a great pictionary-player. :)

    Ah, I miss Pictionary... last time I played it with family, my middle brother and I were dominating the board almost uninterrupted. We finally had a break when the word to draw was 'Siberia'.

    My brother struggled with it for a while, trying different tacks and in the last couple seconds I was guessing various baltic states which were close, but in the end when he said it was Siberia, I was like, "Why didn't you just draw a Ring-Raider(tm)? Jet-fighter, stalk, ring, boom - Siberia."

    He just jaw-dropped and was like, "It was the first thing I thought of but I didn't think you would remember that!"
    "First thing I thought of, dude."

    At that point everyone else at the table declared that my brother and I aren't allowed to play on the same team anymore.

    Last edited 09/10/15 1:59 pm

      My sister and I also got banned from being on the same team after she guessed 'villager' in 5 seconds when I drew an animal crossing character.

      ... Siblings can be creepy good at Pictionary - they think too alike O_o

        Yup. Seems like Pictionary might not be about artistic ability at all - it's about shared language and thought processes!

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