Sorry Edward Jones — someone guessed your Scribble in like two seconds. That's just the way it goes.

Now it's B-ob's turn to throw himself into the ScribbleTaku meatgrinder! Good luck!


    2 seconds :'( WHY SO QUICK. The last 3 I've put up people have nailed so fast... I thought Lylat Wars would have at least had people scratching their heads a little :P

    god-damn someone got Doshin really quick in my head i was thinking what was that wierd 64DD game and then i saw the comments :(

      I've got both it and the Cube version, so I *had* to get this one :P

      Last edited 16/10/15 12:42 pm

        I just know it from the trophy in Smash Bros so I probz didn't deserve to get this one anyway haha.

          I'm just waiting for the part where it turns out not to be Doshin at all.

    Yeah, I was too late to the party too. Great drawing of Doshin!

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