Are you starting to get a vibe for how it feels? To have your scribble guessed in SECONDS by the voracious ScribbleTaku crew. Demoralising isn't it! Well done to Gooky who guessed Friday's drawing first!

Today's drawing comes from Plime. This is one of my favourite drawings yet!

Good luck everyone!


    Starfix adventures

      Stupid phone. Starfox. Also I'd call that a tie

        second is second my friend, and it is probably Diddy Kong Racing anyway.

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    Unless it's Diddy Kong Racing.

      Yeah I'd say this is right. 1st boss race

        Either way it's gotta be Tricky, right? :P

        *cue Run DMC*

          I have an outside the box scribble to send in for tomorrow if I remember when i get home

            I've been pondering doing one too. Maybe I should dig around and see if I can come up with any head-scratchers :P

              Please do, would be good to see some more. Haven't seen the last couple I drew in go up so not sure if that means they're too easy or too obscure? Maybe @markserrels can enlighten us :P

            *reminder*, since I'm back here again :P

      Now the boss music is stuck in my head :D

      Yep. He's running up that damn spiral hill. Is there a single N64 game that doesn't involve racing to the top of a hill up a path that gets thinner and thinner?

        Well sure, there's Mario 6-

        Uh. I guess maybe Banj-

        Hmm. How about Conk-


      Yeah the way the dinosaur is looking back, definitely DKR!

      Note to self: never underestimate the Kotaku AU community's knowledge of Rare games...

      Someday, I will be back with a Scribbletaku that might even take you 3 minutes to guess instead of 2!!!

      ... I'm still quite proud of my drawing though ;)

    Dinosaur Planet...which is what Starfox Adventures should have been :)

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    Are you starting to get a vibe for how it feels? To have your scribble guessed in SECONDS by the voracious ScribbleTaku crew. Demoralising isn’t it!

    Nope. I said "I fully expect this to be guessed in 10 minutes +/-9minutes margin of error" when submitting my drawing. Glad to see I was correct. :P

      It hurts doesn't it? :P

        Nah, it's not like it's Haitaku. You want a challenge you should try and guess my submissions for those! 3 daaaays!


          Still, I thought the Lylat Wars one would at least test people... Then thought "BFG 9000 hasn't been around for a while" Oh how wrong I was :'(

            BFG is super distinctive I reckon. Once you've seen it you're not likely to forget it. There's a lot of us old folks hanging around here.

            I've submitted some super obscure drawings before but they got rejected. Rightly so. Might see if I can dig something up to straddle the line between tough and impossible.

          I still have the record for greatest haitaku answer for battletoads (I think anyway)

            A truly epic answer

              omg that was my submission and i had no idea anyone was going to get it :P

                We all know it was really Biker Mice from Mars!


      Ooh, interesting choice. I always forget about so much of Banjo-Tooie.

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