Now that I think about it, yesterday's ScribbleTaku — by Nexi — might have been the most outside of the box ScribbleTaku ever. He actually drew a map of Facility in Goldeneye. Pure genius.

But of course, someone guessed it. Of course they did.


    Kirby's Dreamland.

        So even with hand drawn screenshots, these *taku's are down to under 10 minutes to solve. You people are ridiculous :)

          I know right? I keep getting more obscure... NOPPPPEEE, people are still getting them :P

      HAH I LASTED 9 MINUTES TODAY!!! And yes, can confirm :P Well done mate!

    Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis

    The stock market?

      Given current events, it would be going the other direction if it were the stock market, :-P

        Hahaha very true, although if it was back in the 90's like Kirbys Dreamland it might well be ;)

          Hehehe, true that.

          I have to be honest, that scene sticks out with me because is was the first video game ever that I finished.

          Not something to write home about as it's basically a dead easy game to play but it's still special to me.

          Sometimes I wish I could go back to the 90s momentary and just enjoy games and entertainment in general back then. The only DRM back then was currency and when one bough a game there was no hassle in putting it in and playing it (I'm looking at you, XBONE!!!!).

            YESSSSS Me too! That's why it sticks in my memory as well. I think the next game I finished was Super Mario land 2 on the Gameboy :)

            I figured it doesn't get enough love and decided to draw it up ^_^

    Looks like the Mad Max balloon scouting scenes, except the balloon is off-centre.

    Sometimes people try to say things like, "No-one can really tell the difference between cola brands in a blind test, anyway."
    The answer to that, of course, is that there are people out there who can tell you - by taste alone - not only what type of wine they are drinking, but which vinyard it came from in what fucking year.

    The next thing to add to that list is some of the bullshit people guess in Scribbletaku.
    Never underestimate the power of slavish obsession.

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