Wow. Dr. Neeson beat you all. He actually beat you. No-one was able to guess yesterday's Remember This.

I think that might be the first reader submitted ScribbleTaku to stump you all. YOU DID IT DR. NEESON. YOU DID IT!

It was, admittedly, an absolute humdinger. The game was Knuckles Chaotix and that's the speech bubble you get when you hold your partner.

Today's Scribble comes from me. Take it easy on me friends.


    From the thumbnail I wanted to say Banjo Hero.

    Monkey Island, or Monkey Island 2

      Yeh my first thought was the skeleton dance in #2 but pretty sure they don't swing from a chain.

    I recognise it, but can't put a name to it :/


      How good was this game?
      Starting weapon.... your left arm :D

        Yeah man, it always disappointed me that the series never continued past PSX.
        Methinks it's time for a reboot!

          Most definitely. It has the perfect art style for a current gen indie style reboot.

          Medieval two was a bit disappointing though I guess.

    Maniac Mansion.

      +1 for Maniac Mansion.
      Darn WA time zone!
      It's from the dungeon.

      Aww man I think you're right. I knew I recognized it from somewhere!

      You people are animals.

      Well. At least Mark lasted over an hour instead of a couple minutes.

      You sir are right! - >

    Yeah! What is my prize? I think today one is Dragon's Lair

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