Congrats to Crotchdot for guessing yesterday's ScribbleTaku. It was Maniac Mansion. I actually lasted a good while this time! Yay!

Today it's Ezrailetra's turn to chunk himself into the meatgrinder. Good luck buddy.


    Gonna guess a Zelda game, Legend of Zelda?

    Probably not. No clue.

    Last edited 27/10/15 12:33 pm

    Thinking it might be part of a 'you found xxxx item' animation.

    does this only look like scribblenauts cause its a scribbletaku?

    On the off chance it isn't drawn to life (which I expect it is) I am going with the box art of Mystic Quest

    As usual, got here too late, but it wouldn't have mattered.

    I was thinking of something smaller and more indie, like Mini Warriors. I've seen that 'elongated diamond' sword shape in so many games, but the sleeve was a real interesting thing. Would've gone with Little Big Adventure if not for the shape of the sword and the mark on the sleeve.

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