Six Avengers Movies In One LEGO Game

Video: How can TT Games make a LEGO game equal to rival the size and scope of LEGO Marvel Superheroes with only the two main Avengers movies to pull from? It can’t, so it pulls from four more.

The New York Comic Con trailer for next year’s LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is here, showcasing key moments from the two main Avengers movies as well as content from four solo Avengers films — Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Those six films plus TT Games and Marvel’s willingness to include characters that have yet to (and sometimes shouldn’t) appear in the Marvel cinematic universe yet should make for a pretty massive LEGO adventure come 26 January.


  • ahh ok so it includes some of the separate movies as well from the MCU this kind of makes sense and means you get a little more value for your money

  • Guess that means zero chance of seeing Marvel in Lego Dimensions? (already seemed really unlikely with Disney Infinity going but I hadn’t seen/heard anything official).

    Either way this looks good, I didn’t get into the last Marvel Lego game much though – for some reason just didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous Lego games.

  • Just give me a 3rd person Marvel game like the old Marvel Alliance games but looks like Uncharted 4.

    Get these lego guys to make it since they do really well at adapting the source material

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