Someone Punched An AT-AT Walker To Death In Star Wars: Battlefront

You wondered: "would that really work?"

Wonder no more.

This YouTube user walked up to a weakened Imperial Walker. He punched it in the leg. Then it exploded.

Granted it had just taken a ton of damage via other means but still — the finishing blow was a punch in the leg.

This is why we play video games.


    and he came first...

      Which is why he's a great rebel fighter, and a terrible lover.

      You'd want to come first! I mean the guy had the guts to go and punch a bloody AT-AT! Not to mention this gutsy move actually worked! I'd hate to be on the receiving end of his mighty blow.

    I can't wait to see all the Battlefield style hijinks people get up to. Even when DiCE screw everything up there's a lot of fun to be had smashing cars and junk together. This time they'll have that, but with Star Wars. =)

      They should have made a realistic trailer for the game with 7 Storm troopers tea bagging a dead Luke.

    Until I took an adventurer to the knee.

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