Sony Announces An Official Price Drop For The PlayStation 4 In Australia

We predicted this earlier in the week, but Sony Australia has now officially announced that the PlayStation 4 will be receiving an official price drop.

“We are delighted to deliver the PS4 system at its best-ever value just in time for the holiday season, making it more accessible to a broader audience in Europe,” said Jim Ryan, SCEE president and CEO.

“With this year’s biggest blockbusters and next year’s best exclusives such as UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End set to thrill players, there has never been a better time to join the PS4 community. Also, watch out for an amazing range of Ultimate Player Edition Bundles including the 1TB PS4 and some of the biggest games of the year, offering even greater value.”

The RRP of the 500GB PlayStation 4 was $549.95. That has been reduced to $479.95.

Both Big W and Target let this cat out of the bag earlier this week when they revealed some incredibly low priced bundles in upcoming catalogues, so we suspected an official price drop was incoming.

Sony declined to comment on this when we approached them on Monday, but now they're making it official: the PlayStation 4 is suddenly $70 cheaper.


    And I bought mine less than 2 weeks ago...

      everything always gets cheaper. if you bought yours at a price you were happy with, you still got a good deal.

        I bought mine a month after launch, i'm still happy with the price I paid. Ha.

      I bought mine a month ago too :'(

      Don't regret all of the good times you've had with it so far, it's not worth it!

        Not too worried. Wandered into the store on Monday and asked about it, and they were happy to effectively price match themselves. Go figure. So all I need to do is wander back in tomorrow with my receipt, and I'll have a $50 gift voucher. Or, as I'm calling it, a second controller.

          That's actually really cool, great idea to go back and try for that price match.

            Was about 50m from where I was buying lunch, so thought I'd just pop in and ask figuring it couldnt hurt. End of the day, assuming they follow through tomorrow, its upped my opinion of Target just that little bit.

          Perfect result, and excellent customer service.

      I never look at the prices of things once I've bought them. I get the best deal I can and move on.

        Normally neither do I, and if the difference was $10 or $20 I wouldnt care either, but when they have a solid offer in one catalog (and the $468 offer was pretty solid by itself), and before that catalog has even finished that same offer is $50 lower, it got my attention.

        Right NOW, you can see the $468 offer in the Target catalog ending 21 October (ie, today), and if you drill through directly to the PS4 bundles, see the $418 offer.

        Its the fact that the deal is there before the original offer had even finished that caught my eye, and as I was in the area, figured I'd ask.

    It's worth noting the low price bundles are now just medium. If you hold out there will be <$350 bundles.

      hope so! Sold mine for $400 a few weeks back cause I needed the cash and sensed a price drop incoming.

      How will there be a <$350 bundle when the base price is $479.95?

        Target/etc regularly have deals directly with Sony that are ~$400 with a few games. I assume with the price drop, those will also go down a bit.

        I bought mine a year ago for $399 with 3 games from Dick Smith.

    Only mentions Europe?

      AU is part of Sony's European market for some reason (a holdover to the PAL/NTSC days?)

        You are correct. Australia is still considered part of the PAL territories and all game releases (on all platforms) get released according to that schedule. America and Japan are still NTSC territories but have separate release schedules.

          Also probably something to do with Region A & B with Blu-Ray movies. North America/Parts of Asia is Region A, whilst UK/Parts of Europe/Aus/NZ is Region B.

        Figured... but the article brings up Sony Australia, who don't seem to have done anything.

        Last edited 21/10/15 10:11 am

          Sony Australia HQ consists of one guy who just forwards on emails from the European office.

    Where would be the cheapest place to find the most recent version of the PS3 these days? I wouldn't mind replacing my original PS3 with one of these mini ones before the PS3 goes completely end of life. I do have a PS4 btw :)

      depends on if you want brand new or pre owned.
      Pre owned wise, obviously you have EB games, but you might find some good deals on eBay and Gumtree. Personally I got mine from EBGames as I'd rather a little more security in my purchase (3 month warranty).
      Brand new, no idea, haven't looked.

        prefer new. i might hunt around before they're taken off the shelves given it's happened in NZ already.

          I bought a "near new" ps3 slim from CEX for my mum for $150 so that I could have my original backwards compatible ps3 back. Worth looking there too.

    Bahahaha I bought mine for $385 at Dick Smith back in like January. What a joke.

      Same, don't know why people don't immediately jump on those deals.

      Yip, got mine from Dick Smith Catch of the Day deal a year ago for $450 (including Shadow of Mordor).

    Am hoping Big W drop the price of their upcoming 1TB bundle. Was hoping to pick it up soon.

      I read somewhere, I believe it was on here that the 1TB version has all the old hardware but the 500gig version has all new hardware?

      Here's a link I found explaining it further.

        On Whirlpool, 1TB owners have the new hardware, so not so cut and dry. They wouldn’t be producing both, the old one will have stock go eventually, just pay attention to the box.

        Cheers for that.

        For me it's more the bundle that Big W has ( but if I do get a 500 GB model, I can swap that HD out into my PS3 because need to upgrade that (still play it & love some games on it).

    Since the release of the 1TB version they both had the same RRP ($549.95) which was annoying to explain to customers when no bundles were going that they were both the same price... It was bound to happen and should have really happened when the 1TB version was released.

      Issue was that they had different tech in them, as per xk-la's link above. The 500 Gb version had the latest tech, which offset the savings of having a smaller drive.

        Yeah, they do have different tech in them but at the time of the 1TB's release, we still had a lot of the old models before the CUH-1200 models were rolled out. I'm sure that many other retailers had similar issues, especially with online retailers where unless specified, you would be unsure if you would be getting the newer guts or the older gut models that were still the same price as the 1TB.

    I think if anyone's still waiting for one of these, now is the time to jump on it. I've had mine since before xmas last year and it's been great. Really really great. No regrets at all.

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