PlayStation Plus Is Bringing The Walking Dead To PS4

Briefly: Sony's announced its PlayStation Plus lineup for November, which includes The Walking Dead: Season Two and Magika 2 on PS4. PS3 owners are getting Mass Effect 2 and Beyond Good & Evil; it's Dragon Fin Soup and Invizimals on Vita.


    Xbox Games with Gold got Walking Dead season one

    PS+ gets Walking Dead season 2

    why me

      Por que no los dos?

        I'm gonna start saying that all the time now.

        I do have both, but don't your choices in Season 1 affect things in Season 2? Or does it not matter that much?

          Ah fooey... yeah, I'd forgotten about that, and darnit, I don't actually have TWD S1 on PS4, which means no import into S2...

          And not having played S2, I don't know how major that impact will be. Clearly we must all buy TWD: S1.

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