Sony's Best Studio Had A Game Jam, And You Can Play Its Game For Free

Think about Sony Santa Monica. Think of the games that have come through that studio. God of War, Journey, Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. This is a studio where creativity leaks from every corner.

Imagine they did a game jam. What would they create?

Sony Santa Monica did do a game jam.

And it turns out the answer to that question is 'Bumpkins'. A video game the team describes as "dodgeball on a farm". Enticing.

The cool thing: you can actually download and play the games they were working on for free. Five teams worked on five games during the Santa Monica game jam and the plan is to release them one by one. First up is Bumpkins, the afore mentioned "dodgeball on a farm" game.

It's a four-player couch co-op game. Turns out it was inspired quite heavily by League of Legends and Dota, but eventually transformed into an assymetric multiplayer game — think the Luigi's Mansion game in Nintendo Land.

You can find out more about the Santa Monica Game Jam and its results here


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