Sounds Like Konami Could Be Making Metal Gear Solid... Pachinko

Sounds like Konami could be making Metal Gear Solid...pachinko. KPE, Konami's pachinko company, has filed a "Big Boss" trademark. It covers video games, board games, smartphone games, medal games, slot machines, pachinko machines, etc. The pictured image was included with the filing.


    Of course they are.

      Kojima-san will be turning in his grave right after konami put him in it :(

    "But we're not giving up on our titles.... We're just converting them all into gambling machines"

    "Gaming has changed. It's no longer about power, fps, or resolution. It's an endless series of proxy platforms fought by panchinkos and mobiles. Gaming - and its consumption of time - has become a well-oiled (panchinko) machine"

    Would be cool if they produced it in a toy or pachinko machine and battery operated. I'd buy it.

    #fuckonami, besides, why the f are many companies now putting resources into a type of gambling machine that has the worst look of any gambling machine and here is the best bit, why the f are these companies putting their major franchises (kof,silent hill, samurai showdown) into 1 of thee worst addictions known to man: gambling?
    Ps. More jim sterling this week

    Double post. I guess it's probably time for some erotic violence...

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