South Park Takes On Gay Manga

South Park Takes On Gay Manga

This season of South Park has been one long dedication to Tumblr, culminating in an episode last night that dove headfirst into the world of yaoi.

Earlier this week, the producers of South Park asked fans to submit their best gay fan art of Craig and Tweek, and boy did people deliver. Check out this intro clip for some samples of what the talented South Park gay manga community brought to the table:

You can watch the full episode — which is excellent — right here.


    • Worth giving it another shot then? I heartbreakingly stopped watching after season 12, even though it’s my favourite show of all time.

      • This season, they blatantly pointed out how stale they got and how different stuff needed to get. Principle Victoria got fired, and replaced by “PC Principle” lol. This dude is hilarious, a ‘bro’ Politically correct advocate. There’s so many great episodes so far. It’s a whole long running storyline and it’s worth watching, it’s the first time it’s felt refreshed in ages.

        • I have to agree. I’ve watched it on and off over the years and this season has been great.

        • Thanks, I will give it another shot then! Which season should I start over from? I still enjoyed some of the later stuff that other people hated (Cheesing episode, for example) but it was season 13 that it all fell apart for me (I did like a couple from there though- Fishsticks, Pinewood Derby and Butter’s Bottom Bitch come to mind).

  • I got a free 3 month Stan subscription on the PS4 and South Park is all I’ve been watching. It’s been ages since I last watched it and I’m loving it once more.

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