South Park Wants Your Best Gay Fan Art

South Park Wants Your Best Gay Fan Art

Are you an aspiring yaoi artist with dreams of seeing your work on national television? Now's your chance.

South Park's doing an episode called "Tweek X Craig" this week, so naturally, they want drawings of the two titular characters (pictured above) going full yaoi. Just send your best work to the show's producers by 12 PM today for a shot at being featured in the episode airing Wednesday in the US.

This season of South Park, by the way, has been top-notch, taking aim at everything from Donald Trump to Yelp to bullying in PC culture, and releasing one of the greatest — and grossest — songs in the show's history. I'm stoked to see what they do with this one.


    Their episode turnaround time is amazing these days.

    I can't search for suss things at work, so does someone want to tell me what yaoi means?

      As it says in the headline, though exclusively between two males.
      There's also Yuri, which is between two females, though it also means "Lily of the valley".

      It's also Japanese. So there's going to be a lot of anime gay time between these two.

    Ho, boy.
    Having dropped off the South Park fandom two years ago, I don't think there'll be any worries about a low number of submissions.

      I sort of lost interest a bit the last few years but this season has been pretty good.

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