Star Wars Battlefront Beta Gets One More Day

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Gets One More Day

Don’t put away your stormtrooper armour just yet kids. Originally slated to end tomorrow, the Star Wars Battlefront beta test has been extended through Tuesday in order to test extreme server scenarios and give me chance to add that word balloon I’d been eyeing.


  • Strange how this “beta” hasn’t asked me to report bugs and other issues. The only questionnaire I’ve seen asked me how likely I would recommend Battlefront to a friend and why I put a low likely hood.

    • Yeah, pretty much because its a multiplayer demo weekend with an excuse as to why the game is still poorly balanced and still has bugs.
      A beta a month out from release? Ha.

      • I think it might be a good way of finding out how many servers they will need to facilitate how many players will end up buying the game.

        However, I do think they nailed it in the beta, so maybe we will see more of the same.

        • Not really. Look at every other game which has done the same thing.

          It’s a multiplayer demo to build hype and get preorders, it doesn’t even stress test servers properly, otherwise things like Diablo 3 and many others would have launched without a hitch. There is no certainty there won’t be queuing for servers on launch.

          They already have sales forecasts and estimates on which to base server capacity.

          I don’t think there was even a way for me to report bugs in this beta?

    • It’s a beta for them o see how the game runs, if it is balanced and how the servers cope. They don’t need to ask you questions for a beta.

  • For a game that’s based around multiplayer why can’t I join up with my friends and then look for a map? Why must one of us join a match and then the rest of us hope we’re quick enough to join in on the same match before it fills up? I was excited for this, it’s a good game from what I played, but that is turning me right off it.

    • Hmmm I haven’t had that issue on Xbox One… Added everyone to a party in-game and they were automatically added to my team in any mission as I started it.

      • Can confirm the PC edition gives each party member a pop up to click on to join the match that the party leader chose.
        Sounds like the console version is different (better?) for party play.

        • Come to think of it, there were a couple of times where the other party members had to hold down Y to join, but it was never an issue getting everyone in. Definitely seems like the console version is more efficient when it comes to party play.

  • I’m glad for this, I’m not a Star Wars fan myself so I never even considered this game, decided to DL it last night anyway to see what it was like and even though I only found out today if the White guys were the good guys or bad guys (although the answer I got was both?) I actually really enjoyed the gameplay! I only had a few games before the F1 started so I’m keen to spend a bit more time in the game and who knows I may even buy it…

    *Disclaimer: I am a Battlefield fan (BFBC2, BF3, BF4 & BFH) – which I get the impression puts me in a minority on this site.

      • Unfortunately I think I missed the boat on those ones, my first Battlefield was BFBC2, perhaps because that was when I first got good enough internet to play online Multiplayer. Still to this day, my favourite BF experience is the Vietnam expansion for BFBC2. Re-release that using the BF4 engine and I’ll throw my money at the screen Destiny style

  • These beta’s always come out when I’m super time poor 🙁

    Just smashed out a single player session of the beta to make sure I didn’t miss out. So keen for full release!

  • So has it been extended to Tuesday in the US, or Tuesday here? I’m hoping it’s still playable on wednesday.

  • Damn, just deleted the beta last night after a whole weekend playing it. Might need to download it again to get that last fix tonight!

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