Star Wars: Battlefront Is A Beautiful Video Game

Berdu is a person who takes screenshots of video games, video footage too. Very good screenshots, very good video footage. He's recently been experimenting with the Star Wars: Battlefront and the results are dazzling.

These are absolutely incredible.

I have no idea how this guy's computer isn't constantly on the verge of melting

But this one might be my absolute favourite:

Berdu doesn't just focus on Star Wars: Battlefront, he takes great screenshots of lots of different video games. I fully recommend checking out his Facebook page. It's spectacular.


    I have to say, I was blown away by how good SW Battlefront looked. Amazing detail, and though I only played the beta fairly drunk, I was sure it was running at 60fps?

    Edit: Was actually alot drunk :S

    Last edited 13/10/15 10:34 am

      Despite your drunkenness the game was running at 60FPS on all consoles, 900p on the PS4 and 720p on the Xbone.

      It really is a great looking game!

        Full 1080 on the PC, and it looks beautiful. I'd go higher, but I have a monitor that is worse than my GPU.

          We don't need to post PC resolution because the sky is the limit :P

          Well I guess 4K at 60fps is the real limit...

    Despite what people might say about the gameplay, the production quality is top notch in this game!

    The sound and graphics are amazing. Certainly feels like im playing a star wars game.

    It also seems to be pretty well optimized.

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      Agree. Looked and sounded amazing really immersing me in the game. Unfortunately the mid 00s spawn camping yanked me out of it. But that can be fixed.

        Hopefully! It's not too much of a hassle for us old farts, but lots of kids are upset about it.

        "Back in my day we had a thing called tele-frags..."

    Sound and looks absolutely amazing. But just plays/feels like battlefield. If the Beta was meant to get people excited it certainly didn't get me excited. From the horrid spawns to the horrible flying controls. I never found myself actually having FUN with this game. Or even the previous Battelfield games. I never had fun. All I got from playing those games anger and frustration from the horrible feel to it + all the BS spawns. The delay from when you shoot to when there is a reaction from anything was too slow for me. I don't know how to explain it, but go play Counter Strike, shoot someone, then go play Battlfront/Battlefield and notice the delay. it's horrid.

      In Battlefield your bullets are actually their own entities in the game that fly through the air so you can feel more of a delay than in a game like counterstrike where the game just checks where you clicked then calculates the accuracy of the gun and decides if you hit the man.

      I can imagine it would be very hard to make the change from one game to another if you had spent quite a few years getting used to one style.

    I played the first battlefield and loved it, otherwise hated all the games that followed (never played bad company though), and I have to say that this Beta was the most fun I've had with an FPS for a long bloody time. Looks amazing and runs like a dream at the same time. It takes a bit to get used to the shooting as there is a fair amount of projectile delay (no wonder those storm troopers can't hit shit), but once you do this game appears to capture the vibe of star wars beautifully.'
    The only thing was that the vehicle combat was a bit lacklustre for me. It also took me a while to realise that the reason I got mauled every time I stepped into a tie fighter was because I was using mouse and keyboard. I plugged in an XBONE controller and it's about 10 times as responsive in flight.

      The first one, 1942, wasn't it?

      You missed the best one, Vietnam!

        /chuckle, semi-agree with you. The hours I put into mastering the UH60s and Cobras...

        But I'm with @descent303 that BF42 is king. The El Alamein, Tobruk, Market Garden and Battle of Britain maps literally ate up days of my time.

        This SWBF beta made me think of when the BF42 Wale Island demo came out in 2002. Two rounds in and I knew I was hooked. This is the same - even better now because my kids are old enough to play.

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