Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Is Strangely...Emotional?

Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer Is Strangely...Emotional?

Get out of my head/fantasies/emotions, you relentless holiday season marketing machine.


    Damn it!

    Def buying this. Did enjoy the beta.

      The ad has so much soul, and the game has... none.
      Where is the story driven campaign that the Star Wars universe so richly deserves?
      I want to immerse myself in the Star Wars universe again, not watch stormtroopers teabag Luke.

      If Star Citizen can get $100 million in crowd funding, how is Xwing vs TIE fighter not getting made? The market woud be insanely huge.
      *sigh* I want a real Star Wars game, not Star Wars skins on a multi-player free-for-all.

        True, but as a multiplayer free for all it's quite good. And they are very nice skins. The amount of teabagging did surprise me.

          Yeah, but the Star Wars story world is so big, it was fun running around in multiplayer, but it gold stale fast. And Luke in his black Jedi gear on Hoth? Made no sense. All this did was make me want a real Star Wars game, I can't believe there isn't one coming with all the Ep7 hype and goodwill around.

            Yeah that totally didn't make sense. Green lightsaber as well?!

            I guess I'll take it because it's the best thing we've gotten in years, but I'd love a remaster of jedi outcast and x wing alliance. They're the last great star wars games i played.

            I liked it but i can't argue with your observations. It did feel shallow but it was just a beta. I'm not really a fan of multi player shooters but for a console time waster i thought it was pretty good.

            Did you play outcast? That was so great in the day.

    SO why are consoles doing individual trailers for cross platform games?


      Money spent on one particular platform then another. There'd be a few franchises that would have some nice bonuses for publishers targeting a single platform (eg. Destiny). I don't agree with that, but hey, that's modern gaming currently.

      Sony paid EA to have PS4 on the marketing. This is nothing new. Also funny since it's coming out on Xbox earlier.

      Targeted marketing.

      Remember for a long time, cross platform game ads in Australia always ended with the Xbox logo, because Microsoft would pay for the airtime.
      Now we are seeing the companies making their own adverts and publishers are more than happy since it's an ad they don't have to make and the companies can tailor the adverts themselves to match their marketing strategy, in this case Sony's play with your friends theme.

    I didn't get long enough to play in the beta, but I did enjoy what I played...oh, the ad was awesome!

    Dem Feels....

    Skywalkers theme song could be put against something like the Carebears animated feature and I would still be curled up in a ball weeping.

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    That was actually amazing. I was already going to buy the game...

    So many feel!

    I still have this on my list of games to buy ... eventually haha

    Dammit. I teared up in the office watching that. I'm not wild about the game but that ad hit to close to home.

      Same. Many many hours were spent playing with my Star Wars micromachines. I can only imagine how much SW Lego stuff I would have had if I'd been young enough....

    I'm still um and ahing whether i should get this on PC of PS4.

    I prefer to play FPS games on PC as I like having the precision of a mouse for aiming. However that would mean I would need to spend a few dollars upgrading my computer.

    Now that is a fucking good ad. The Star Wars score gets me every time.

    Surprisingly accurate add. The only reason you'll buy the game is for Nostalgia.

    They missed the mark hard with this game. Too simplistic and too lacking in content. The beta was fun, but I can't at all see a player base sticking around for long.

    Two little boys had two little toys,
    Each had a plastic driod,
    Torches at night, a light sabre fight!
    But sadly they're now employed.

    No longer young, but have an income
    Imagination has gone away
    You don't need that, if your wallet's fat
    Nostalgia at the price of today!

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