StarCraft II’s New Deadly Tactic: Rushing With Pylons

StarCraft II’s New Deadly Tactic: Rushing With Pylons

Cannon rushing, a popular early game tactic, was just the beginning. With a patch already out and Legacy of the Void on the horizon, get ready for even more aggressive Protoss, rushing and beating you with the most basic thing they can build: Pylons.

An update a few weeks ago added the ability to the Mothership Core to be able to overcharge Pylons with 25 energy. With this, the Protoss supply buildings can now attack. And it wouldn’t be StarCraft if people were not abusing it already. (Well, that’s the beauty of StarCraft.)

Remember when rushing with Pylons AND Cannons were a thing? Now it’s just Pylons.

Protoss veteran White-Ra from Ukraine shows how to do it perfectly in a 4-minute video. Pretty deadly stuff!


  • That reminds me of the family friend that discovered building walls in the enemy base in Dune 2000 in PSX was an unbeatable tactic.

    The enemy would try to shoot them down, shoot over the walls & take out their own buildings.


  • that was also a valid tactic in c&c. build a massive line of walls down to the enemy base and wall off the exits, then sell the rest and continue to build up a massive force to destory the base

    • Yeah, sand bags galore – just wall off the enemy harvester or the base entrance and you were good to go.

    • You could also sell your own units in C&C – as they brush past your wall, hover the sell icon between them and your wall and voila – money!

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