The Steam Halloween Sale Is Now On

Briefly: Steam is having a big Halloween sale. It's a celebration of spooky games (and a handful of less spooky games, like Shadow of Mordor and Battleblock Theatre). The sale runs until 4am on November 3. If you're overwhelmed by options, check out our list of the best horror games for a place to start.


    Bought Murdered: Soul Suspect this morning. Looking forward to getting home and playing it!

    Urgh, USD to AUD is terrible so this sale isnt as good :/

      Yeah, has me a tad concerned about the Christmas sale.
      Also, I don't imagine that physical retail prices can be too far behind if digital is high.

      Last edited 30/10/15 11:02 am

      Yep! Even the Steam vouchers you can buy just get converted to USD, so not worth it.

        Wait... Are the vouchers in AUD??

          Yeah, wollies sells them.
          You can buy $20 or $50worth of vouchers, but they will get converted to $US once you redeem them.

            On the plus side, the conversion rate isn't too bad. I gave this one a try, myself. Lost cents, not dollars, in the conversion on a $50 card.
            Good luck getting that kind of rate/fee anywhere else.

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