There's Steam Sale On Fallout On Now

Briefly: Steam's having a big Fallout sale right now. Fallout 3 GOTY edition for 50% off, New Vegas Ultimate Edition for 50% off, and more. With Fallout 4 around the corner, now is a good time to catch up/freshen your memory!


    It's ok bought the Anthology and have all Fallout games on steam now.

    NV Ultimate edition is regularly $5 during sales.

      Agreed why buy it at 50% off when it's usually on sale for 75% off during major sales?

    But but.... 17 days isn't enough time to play these all completely!

      Oh wow, it's that soon already? I still have so many other games I promised I'd finish before Fallout 4.

        Me too. Starting to go into panic mode! Good problem to have I guess.

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