Street Fighter 5’s Next Beta Will Support 100,000 Players

Street Fighter 5’s Next Beta Will Support 100,000 Players

Capcom have lifted the lid on the second phase of the Street Fighter 5 beta, and after the shenanigans and failures of their initial efforts it looks like they’re ready to give the PC, cross-play, and a whole lot of players a crack.

In a post on the official website, Capcom has revealed that the second closed beta test will run from October 22 to October 25. Those who pre-ordered the game on PC being able to play in the final two days of the beta, with cross-play against PS4 users enabled over the short period.

CBT2, or the second closed beta test as Capcom calls it, will supposedly support 100,000 users — a significant jump from the previous cap of 10,000 — according to a dodgy Google Translate of the page. Capcom notes that those who were granted access to the original closed beta test, but unable to play due to the immense server issues, will automatically be invited to the second session.

Ken, Necalli, Vega, Karin Kanzuki, Rashid and the microphone-wielding Rainbow Mika will be the only playable characters in the second phase, with the recently revealed Zangief and new character Laura remaining under wraps for now. The site also mentions a Horror Costume Strong Arm Pack for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4, which will be awarded to anyone who logs in for two or more days of the SF5 beta.

Those on PC who haven’t already gotten access to the SF5 beta can do so by pre-ordering the game on Steam or through reputable third-party marketplaces. Some have recently sent keys to users, as this screenshot shows.


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