Stuntwoman Nearly Killed Making New Resident Evil Movie

Stuntwoman Nearly Killed Making New Resident Evil Movie

Olivia Jackson, a professional stuntwoman who has recently worked on Mad Max and Force Awakens, was seriously injured last month on the set of the new Resident Evil movie, which is currently shooting in South Africa.

Jackson was working as star Milla Jovovich's double, and on September 5 was involved in an accident that sounds absolutely horrific. From Jovovich's Facebook post:

My incredibly talented stunt double, Olivia Jackson, collided with a camera crane while performing a motorcycle stunt and it put her in the hospital with severe, multiple injuries....I wasn't personally there to witness it, but from the reports I got, it was awful. None of us have experienced anything like this in our careers making action films and hope we never do again, but the production reacted very quickly to ensure she received the best care and also in reaching out to her family and making sure they were informed and looked after during this overwhelmingly difficult time.

It doesn't sound like Jovovich was kidding when she says nobody had seen anything like this; Jackson's injuries included:

  • 2 weeks in a coma with a bleeding and swollen brain.

  • Severed main artery in the neck.

  • Crushed and "degloved" face (google that last term at your own NSFW risk).

  • Broken ribs.

  • Shattered Scapula.

  • Broken Clavicle.

  • Broken Humerus.

  • Broken Radius & Ulna.

  • Amputated thumb.

  • Torn fingers.

  • Five nerves torn out from her spinal cord.

Holy shit. Amazingly, Jackson didn't just survive the collision, but is already on the road to recovery; as Life is Strange reports, she listed those injuries in a post on her own Facebook page.


    Fucking. Hell. O_O This woman makes the Terminator sound like a wimp...

      She'll be back.

      Last edited 09/10/15 3:52 pm

        And she'll need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle...

          No thumb up when she's lowered into the molten metal though

    WOW. Hope she recovers but that is absolutely horrible. I have no idea how someone lives through that.

    That is crazy, takes some inner strength to survive all of that. Damn. Hope she can recover and live a normal life, poor girl :(

    deglovedFuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    This is one of those words I wish I'd never been introduced to (thanks to a story about a guy who had a collision in a wingsuit). Instant heebie-jeebies, every time. Ugh.

      I looked up what that meant wish I hadn't...

        I can assume what it means. I definitely don't want to look it up if I'm correct.

          I haven't looked either, the term seems to suggest the skin from the face was removed? ;-;

    mainly coz im a 30 year old wuss with a weak stomach when it comes to real life injuries ( i can handle movie gore, just not medical real life gore),
    can you please describe degloved?
    i imagine something like taking off a mask which is the skin on her face.

      Thats what I'm imagining too. I'd google it if I wasn't at work lol doesn't sound pretty whatever it is

      Yeah I had the stupid idea to look it up. From what I saw from the two seconds I had the page open in shock and disgust it is essentially the skin layer all ripped back. Down to the muscle from what I saw.

        Oh man, I haven't even seen pictures of it. Just the idea of it from the description alone was enough to give me shivers.

      I used to work in Workers compensation claims so dealt with a fair share of traumatic injuries in the workplace. I've heard of this but in it's normal context it relates to times where for example the hand/arm is stuck in machinery (think conveyor belt or similar rolling machinery) and the force pulls the skin off the bone/muscle tissue similar to removing a glove. I've heard of people having hair caught in machinery and being scalped as the skin tears at the hair line but never these two terms relating to a head injury. I can only assume that the facial skin was removed, pretty much what you'd expect and freaking traumatic for all involved.

      I'm more concerned about the nerve damage and the artery damage but considering she is still alive the artery somehow was managed. I would have thought that you'd bleed out in minutes/lose brain function so no idea what damage that'd do.

      It's just such a shame that her profession called for her to be completing this type of stunt with no head/face protection... I get she is a very well trained professional and she would have been well aware of the risks, but its tough to see in retrospect that this could have reduced had she just had a helmet on or did the shot in a less risky manner.. I can't believe she even made it to hospital.

        I took this list of injuries to be those sustained over her career, not the recent one on the Res Evil set.

        All those at once would be insane.

          Nope. Read the linked Life is Strange article which includes Jackson's own post, and it's clear these injuries were all sustained during this recent filming incident.

      Finally got the balls to do a google web search and check out a medical article on my phone. (Smaller screen and less discernable detail) first image was a dude with the left side of his face all mashed up and no visible skin. And the only discernable thing was the guys eyeball surrounded by pulverised meat. Closed the photo pretty quick as that was enough.

    Holy shit! That is a pretty crazy list of injuries. Good to hear she in on the road to recovery though, and wish her the best on it!

    man this article is like a week and a half late going up

    edit i stand corrected its almost a month and half late. accident happened on the 5th of september and mila posted the msg on the 15th of september and this article went up today the 9 of october.....

    Last edited 09/10/15 4:52 pm

      ...which is only a few days after the poor woman made her own post to describe her injuries and recovery, so it is a current story.

    Now can we please move past this trend of doing as much as possible live action, and just spend enough money to make the CG look convincing??

    Absolutely they should use live action, and I wish her well. People like her are an incredible asset

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