Suggestions For The Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Movie

Suggestions for the Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Movie

Apollo 13. A Beautiful Mind. Tiger & Bunny? Imagine Entertainment is co-producing a live-action English-language of the popular anime, reports Variety. So, here are some unsolicited cast suggestions. Enjoy!

Imagine Entertainment, of course, is run by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's hair.

Suggestions for the Tiger & Bunny Live-Action Movie

[Photo: worldescaper]

Twitter user worldescaper originally uploaded this image, which is now circulating widely online in Japan.

Ron Howard seems totally into Tiger & Bunny. "We had never seen a great buddy story bring together so many uniquely compelling elements. Barnaby and Tiger are immensely dynamic characters, with a psychologically complex relationship with one another," Howard said in an official release (via Variety).

Top photo: 2ch


    That tom cruise looks alot like All Might

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