Super Meat Boy's Platinum Trophy Is Gonna Be... Yeah, Nah.

Fans of Super Meat Boy are going to understand that this is difficult. If you played Super Meat Boy to a certain level you are going to understand it on an even deeper level.

Basically what I'm trying to say is this: don't bother trying to get a Platinum Trophy on Super Meat Boy on the PS4 or PS Vita. Give up now. Spare yourself the pain.

Here is a list of Super Meat Boy's trophies. Allow me to simplify this for you.

In order to get the Platinum trophy you are going to need to complete all other trophies. One of these trophies involves beating the Cotton Alley dark world without dying. If you don't know what that means, go on about your day with a free and happy heart. If you do know what that means, I am sorry. I am sorry to bring up those horrific memories. Please forgive me.

Some perspective: I couldn't even beat one of the levels in Cotton Alley without dying. Not one of them. Not even on my best day. The idea of going through every single one of those levels without dying seems like something an alien would do. Or a robot. Or a robot alien. Human thumbs simply were not designed for this kind of behaviour.

Above is a video of someone beating Cotton Alley's dark world without dying. Normally when I watch these videos I think to myself, "oh, that doesn't look too bad. I could probably do that".

Not with this video. I know my limitations.

I repeat. Give up now.


    Challenge accepted!

    EDIT: Just watched the video. Challenge un-accepted!

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    Bah, so it takes all of 7 minutes to get that achievement.

      "In order to get the Platinum trophy you are going to need to complete all other trophies. One of these trophies involves beating the Cotton Alley dark world without dying."

      The video was for one of these trophies. And if you ever played Super Meat Boy you'd realise that what may have been seven minutes on that final, successful run, he probably started fifteen years ago.

        I don't think I was even able to complete half of SMB, far too difficult for me. I was just being facetious which doesn't always translate well in text

          I took the comment as intended, so I don't think it translated poorly :P

          I realised that may very well have been the case right after I posted. I'm that guy!

          Welcome to the Internet Ted, you must be new here :(

            At least you weren't the expletive laden rant about having relations with my mother guy
            Besides it was 3pm, it is a known fact the brain stops working properly around then

    A world of nope. So much precision jumping and practice must have gone into that. And a healthy dose of luck to boot!

    As one who has beat meat on Steam and 360, attained 100% completion (pre-"no dying" achievements) I can honestly say these are joke achievements. The game is not meant to be played that way. You play, you die, you get better all in fractions of a second.

    On the other side of the coin, they really are the very definition of "achievement", something to be proud of. I have utmost respect for those people that have done these on Steam. I saw a video once of someone attempting Cotton Alley with Tofu Boy, but cannot seem to find the youtube link.

    If anyone does wish to attempt these, I can offer one piece of advice - you do not need to complete them in order. You can start at stage 11, work your way through to 20 then go back to 1 and go from there, or you can do your top 5 hardest stages first then breeze through the easy ones if you make it through the others first, so long as there are no deaths from when you started and you do not quit the game. If you die, just start over from your first stage, no need to quit the game and restart.

    [Watches the video]


    Excuse me while I put my lower jaw back in my head.....

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    Yeah...nah. The level with the lasers looks like it'd take me two weeks

    Hey, I'm just happy that SMB finally has a Playstation release. Even happier that it's part of the PSN+ lineup for this month!

    Such a strange achievement though. Since there are no mid-level checkpoints, the final run is always a "no death" run. This just encourages an unnecessary quit/restart level step after each death.

      I think the idea was to complete all twenty stages without dying at any point. A death would mean starting all twenty over again.

    Super Meat Boy.

    The Dark Souls of platforming games =P

    The Platinum trophy percentage is now 0.1% so someones achieved it, was 0% two days ago. Congratulations on who pulled it off

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