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    What's this a new TAY on a public holiday?! Amazing.

      A public holiday? Victoria had ours on Friday (y)

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        Qld, NSW & some other state/states have one today heh.

          QLD won't get another October public holiday again unfortunately. It's being moved back to May. :(

            oh yay! back to having no holidays after ekka day again! QLD FTL!

        I still can't believe we have a public holiday for that... just when I thought Melbourne Cup (Let's celebrate this day with some good old fashioned horse race gambling for the whole family to enjoy!) day was the worst one, this is way more silly and unnecessary.

        I actually spent all Friday cleaning my apartment to feel less guilty about taking the day off, otherwise I would've actually gone into work for free on principle.

          Yeah I spent the Friday cleaning out the garage and chucking out old stuff we didn't need. I think it was a public holidays because they ran a poll that said alot of people took the friday off so they could take their family to see the grand final parade and stuff but now that it was a public holiday people just went camping and down the coast and shit.

            Halting the entire state's economy for a whole day due to a grand final parade... gotta love it, eh?

              Halting the economy while systematically paying people double time for working a public holiday, which is why restaurant were charging a public holiday fee ontop of peoples bills.

              Also dude I need your paypal deets

              So totally halted the economy...

              It was awesome. The city was buzzing, the parade was fantastic, and it set off a brilliant weekend of sport and barbecue. It's the first public holiday of spring, and makes a lot more sense than a public holiday for a horse race.

          Someone was explaining why you guys have it to a mate of mine who was bitching about it, apparently a lot of people just nick off from work to go see the parade or something to that effect.

          I worked on cosplay. I don't get days off =P

            I'm close to finishing putting the other leg together, I've left it open to wrap around my leg for a size test, I think it might be tight around the knee but I'll know for sure when I've done the rest of it.

          I hope it stays just because I get paid double time and a half for being at work on a day I'd normally be in for anyway :P

          But it won't, it's a stupid idea.

            I hate that most public holidays are on Mondays as I'm not rostered on Mondays meaning public holidays mean jack squat to me. Don't even get paid for a day off.

          I thought it was funny the the two companies in my building were do grand final BBQ stuff on Thursday this year instead of Friday. So they dropped productivity over 2 days rather than just one

          I spent 3 days being a complete blob, playing video games and eating things that are bad for me and whinging about how hot it was.

    Dang it. Slipknot have announced another UK tour, yet still nothing for Australia :/ I'm starting to doubt what Jim & Corey said when they were out here for Soundwave that they'd be back for a full headline tour soon..

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      Soon in band terms means anywhere from time of announcement to the time the band splits

        Well they did say this tour cycle :P

          That just means they brought a tour bicycle and will only tour so long as the bicycle still works

      There are so many good gigs coming up between now and xmas though: Rise Against, Amity, Soilwork, Alestorm, NeO/Plini, Parkway Drive, Tesseract, MegaDave, Devin Townsend / Periphery, AC/DC... It's not like we're struggling to find good gigs :)

    In all of my excitement to be back on TAY I didn't say what I did this weekend!

    On Friday I had a glorious day to myself, where I saw my first movie by myself which was very liberating. I felt kinda strange at first buying a single ticket, I laughed out loud when I asked for a single ticket but the guy at the counter wasn't fazed so that made me feel cool about it. I saw The Martian, goddamn that' was a really enjoyable movie.

    On Saturday I watched the AFL Grand Final and was utterly underwhelmed, then on Sunday went and did the Olivia Newton John Wellness Walk in Ivanhoe to raise a little bit of money on behalf of my Aunty's best friend, so that was nice.

    My Monday musing after watching The Martian; If you could be in the first group of people to travel to Mars and colonize it, would you go?

      I would, I'd have done something very few people (Relatively speaking) have got the chance to in comparison, to go to spaaaaaaaaace!

        What if the process involved in getting to Mars didn't allow you to be conscious during the trip? So you'd essentially go from a launch facility on Earth to waking up on Mars. I feel like even if I wasn't interested in playing in space the lack of the journey would be a deal breaker.

          I'm sorry I fail to see how that breaks the deal of being the first of the people to arrive on Mars! It'd suck sure, but then I realise where I actually am and I might get over it fairly quickly :P

            Yeah, but there's no next journey. You get to Mars and that's the end of the line. I'm sure I'd spend time travelling on Earth before I left, but I feel like the last trip I take has to be worthy of a lifetime of being stuck on a farm.

              Can you imagine how clear the night sky would be without Earth's light pollution?! Oh my goodness it would be beautiful to look up at night

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      Absolutely and without hesitation. Being among the first to set foot on a new planet would be an amazing privilege. I strongly believe that if our species is to have a future beyond the next hundred years, colonizing other planets is going to be critical.

    Stupid weather. I feel bad for my dog because I haven't gotten her trimmed yet.

    So about 2 years ago I backed the Warmachine: Tactics kickstarter. It came out a year ago but I never got around to it. Because I'm about to start up an Iron Kingdoms campaign I decided to play the game to get a better idea on describing the world.

    What the hell happened? This game doesn't look any better than when it was in beta. It still feels like a beta game. An unfinished game that I only managed to tolerate because I play Warmachine.

    The story is bare bones, every twist and turn is so predictable I was wishing they would try something different. The character are straight forward (kinda expected that) but what got really annoying was how disjointed the acting was. Like how characters would act interrupted 3 seconds before they actually get interrupted. The presentation also sucks, a lot of cutscenes are just still 3d models talking (no lip movement) and having jump cuts to different positions. When they do move it can look really weird, especially when the UI, grid and spell effects are still triggered during these cutscenes.

    The graphics are nice and they really captured the aethestic of the Warmachine world. I really loved how they made the Warjacks vibrate and rumble, as that's how I expected them to move. But there were regular graphical glitches and even on low graphics it seemed like it was having trouble running.

    Speaking of glitches, there was this really annoying glitch with designating the facing of your units had the model not facing the right way. It's really odd seeing someone swing in the wrong direction or vaulting over air when they had to jump over a wall. It happened all the time and it can really mess with your setup when you forget the direction they're looking at isn't the right direction.

    The music was really good, only problem I had is that for some reason it was really loud. I had to lower the volume to about 20% to hear the rest of the game.

    But I could forgive all of that if the game wasn't so egregiously slow. Even for a turn based game it's so slow. All missions can easily last over an hour. Also there's no save system, so if you quit or fail a mission you have to start from the very start. Including watching all cutscenes, because they're unskippable.

    I almost quit one mission where I spend 2 hours and 37 minutes playing. Got up to the last enemy unit in the game, he attacks a 'jack and the blast damage rolls max damage on the Sarge character behind him, killing him and failing the mission. Because there are many levels where keeping your 'jacks and Sarge alive is part of the mission. Sarge isn't even a character, his model is no different from Trenchers. There are like, 2 missions where you need him to plant explosives, but anybody could do that, even your Warcaster. So if an enemy gets lucky he can accidently cause you to fail with a lucky damage roll.

      Hmmmm thanks for the review. I've been tempted by it, but I guess I was looking at it as a way to play tabletop without the cost
      The time factor will be an issue for me, so until I have some dedicated gaming time I think that is well of the list

        20 missions, most take over an hour to complete, some about 2 hours. It was so slow that I was playing Mortal Kombat X online during my opponents turn.

    If anyone hasn't grabbed The Beginners Guide yet you absolutely should. Fantastic game from the guy who made The Stanley Parable that shows all the walking simulators how it should be done. So much I want to say about it but it's the kind of game best to go in blind.

    Do it.

      I heard it was broken and full of crashing glitches.

        I had one crashing glitch when I exited the game halfway through it wouldn't start again. Starting it in windowed mode fixed it however, was able to switch back to full screen in the options.

        Otherwise no problems I encountered and I'm usually the king of games breaking. Nearly 20% of my ~250 Steam games refuse to run.

    PAX tickets get! Can stop stressing now.
    Weekend was good, took the full 3 days which was nice. Friday we took Tiglet swimming which was successful so we will probably do that again with the weather heating up. She hadn't been since she was 3-4 months old so wasn't sure how it would go.
    The that afternoon we went out to visit with her uncle who hasn't seen her for a while. He has been very sick recently and this was the first time he showed active interest in wanting to see her so we did that. The swimming really tired her out so she slept longer than we want ed so didn't have much time there which made Mrs Tigs feel guilty. All in all a fairly stressful trip but I think it is important to keep family in her life.
    Saturday was grand final day which was fairly forgettable. Went to the in-laws and they are absolutely the last people I want to watch football with. Just seriously pathetic but got to do what you have to do. Wasn't even an interesting game to make it worth while. Although seeing the interactions between Tiglet and her cousins made it worth while. What wasn't worth while was a little trouble monkey who was far too amped up/celebrating a win/upset at the the poor game to sleep. Just screaming if she went anywhere near the bedroom. I ended sending Mrs Tigs to bed and sat on the couch with her. She had her teether and was putting on a roll of paper next to the couch and then taking it off again and showing it to me. She did this from before midnight until 12:30am. Finally managed to get her down after that and she slept in until very late morning. Was going to go out to brunch but had some emergency work I needed to get done before we left so it ended up being lunch instead. As some people may have seen on facebook Tiglet decided to get some batting practice in at the cafe. A sweet cross bat shot with the menu that sent a glass flying across the cafe, shattering into 100s of pieces. Mrs Tigs was horrified which was rather amusing. We managed to get some assassin's creed played while she had an afternoon nap and a couple of games of splendor during the weekend.
    Then after dinner and bath we had a repeat performance of not wanting to sleep. Seriously the only thing she will do is be up on the couch. Anything else and she screaming and trying to twist and throw herself out of your arms. Got her down around midnight and woke her earlier this morning so hopefully we will get back into her normal pattern,

      My tickets haven't arrived yet so still stressing. :( Did you get them this morning? I had to zoom off to work before my mail delivery (the mailman gets there usually around 2pm)

        We got the delivery pickup notice thing on Thursday (perhaps Wednesday arvo) but they have been closed all long weekend

          Getting really worried now then. I don't know what address it was shipped to.

    cc @gingerchris86
    So I've been trying out Galactic Civilizations 3 over the past week, gorgeous looking turn-based space strategy game and first thing I did was check the Steam workshop. Yep I'll just go checking that box for the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Deadalus-class and Prometheus-class Stargate warship (No replicator ships, upsetting), the Tie Intercepter fighters, the Normandy, Starfox's Arwing... whoa how did I get to page 150 all of a sudden?!

    Also being new to this... I'm having difficulties getting started with horrible production times and economy and I think I know why, my research early game priorities should really be in planetary development and growth first as well as increasing fleet sizes. There's a lot to take in on first glance like the MASSIVE TECH TREE, which made it really hard for me to figure out what to pick first (See: Sentence just before).

    I actually can't wait to design my own ships once I've gotten the hang of the game's mechanics themselves and create my own Civilization of the Tech Knighthood, machines that rebelled against control-mad humans hundreds of years ago, protecting the weak and punishing the cruel, especially if they're meatbags!

      It really is good, I can safely say, that even with the 12 hours I've played this week I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm somehow coming first in a game I'm playing :D

    My weekend was pretty great. Started on Friday night, when I went to see The Martian with my mate Trent. The movie blew me away, Matt Damon was brilliant as Mark Watney, and the rest of the cast were great too. After the movie, we went round the corner to a cafe called Off Center. Nice to have a place that's open until 10 to go and have a coffee after a movie.

    Saturday was good. Went to the Farmers Market with Dad, bought some ginger beer. Then we went and had a coffee with a friend of Dad's who is recovering from a near-fatal motorcycle crash. It's amazing what good shape he's in given that at one stage they thought he'd lose a leg.After that, we went to my Uncle and Aunty's place. They invited me to stay and watch the Grand Final with them. Happy as a Hawthorn supporter, but disappointed that the game wasn't a contest.

    Sunday I woke up early due to time change for Daylight Savings, but that was good, as I was able to watch the second half of the Australia-England World Cup match. Big win for the Wallabies made me even happier. Then I had church, and after church I just went home and played games and watched movies. Pretty relaxing day.

    All in all, fun weekend.

      Don't follow the AFL in the slightest but feel an obligation to support Hawthorn since David Hale was in most of my classes in high school.

    My third monitor arrived! \o/
    It's at the post office. /o\
    But at least DiRT Rally is amazing! \o/

    Gaming weekend, mostly. Played more Skullgirls, I like Beowulf. Still suck at him though, pretty much any time a CPU Beowulf or Big Band come up I get combo'd to death. Jumped on Elite for some more beta CQC for a bit, then to prepare my ships for Sidewinder Sports Day which took place last night.

    Loads of fun. Started out with a free-for-all deathmatch, everyone in Sideys fitted however we like. Started out ok, but then found myself in the middle of everyone getting absolutely hammered. Managed to avoid things long enough to get my shields back up (twice I think?), but the shield cell boosters never seemed to fire up for me for some reason. Annoying.

    Second was a 20km race, from inside the station out to an Anaconda that you had to love-tap (surrounded by proxy mines), then head back to be the first through the station gate. Had myself fitted for speed, and *just* got pipped at the gate in the second heat. Didn't even see the guy who got there on the first one. But I took the third, and made it into the finals! ...where the same thing happened with that guy. Apparently he won, though on my screen he was nowhere near :/ Even just checked up on the shadowplay, I totally had that. Must be some hardcore lag.

    Third was Hungry Hungry Haulers. 103T of goods dumped, with 80 worth one point, 20 worth two and 3 worth five, whoever has the most in their cargo hold at the end wins. Got hard done by lag or some such again, wasted time trying to scoop phantom canisters that were on my screen but refused to go into the cargo hold.

    The rest were all in stock Sideys with shields off. Deadly Station Dash, From just outside the station, dash in and bump the back wall then be the first one to make it back out alive. No docking requests allowed :P Won the first heat easily, but fluffed the final. Bounced off exactly the wrong part of the back wall, went in and got stuck behind all the bars and stuff and just bounced around the walls til I exploded. Dammit. Station Chicken (everyone in together, stay in the back while the trespass timer counts down and the last one to make it through the gate alive wins) didn't go so well either, thought I had the timing down well on escaping in time but got out too early and exploded anyway. And Station Demolition Derby, I was one of the last three left but didn't have enough health left to do anything. My strategy was basically to try and follow others and nudge them into the walls so they take damage, but I seemed to keep losing health out of nowhere. The main person I was following was floating around a lot, thing lag was playing against me again. Humbug. Still, pretty happy with my flying there and managing to avoid everyone so well :P

    I've decided to take the plunge and download World of Warships and just thinking about it is giving me a NavyField itch

      Be aware there isn't any tutorial of any kind. They just dump you straight into it

        Oh so like World Of Tanks before they released the ipad version

        It's weird because a little after I started they sent me a survey which asked how I found the tutorial and I'm like 'what tutorial'?

        It's easy to play though. @coldcamv WASD. W/D increase/decrease your speed setting (reverse/stop/quarter/half/three-quarter/full) and A/D turn the rudder left and right. It's a boat so bigger ships move and accelerate slower and have longer response times on rudder shift. Q/E will lock the rudder left/right so you don't need to hold the turn, which is useful on big battleships.

        Aim with mouse. Left click fires one main gun. Click and hold ripple-fires, one gun at a time in succession. Turrets fire in one go, so if you have eg a double-gun turret, both barrels fire when you click. Double-click fires a full salvo. You move the mouse where you want to aim, the guns track into position to aim there and the reticle goes green when you're aimed and guns are on target and loaded.

        Shift key and mousewheel zoom in. I like to zoom right out, then use shift to go to and from max zoom on the rangefinder. I go in and out of that quickly so I can maintain situational awareness.

        The trick is that you need to lead your targets. Aim where they will be when the shots get there, not where they are. The rangefinder actually helps with this (hold alt while aiming and it'll tell you how long the shot travel time will be) but it's not important early on because you're going to have only a few seconds travel time at most. Much more important when you're in a battleship and your shells will be in the air for 10-15 seconds.

        Two different ammo types, HE and AP. HE is explodey and makes fires. AP is heavy and penetrates armor. Press 1 to select HE, 2 for AP. Generally:
        - Cruisers use AP on cruisers, HE otherwise
        - Destroyers always use HE
        - Battleships use AP on cruisers and battleships, HE otherwise.

        If you're using one type of ammo, you can pre-select the other type and it'll be loaded after the ammo you currently have loaded is fired, so eg if you have AP loaded, you can hit '1' once and it'll select HE to be loaded next salvo. You can double-hit the other ammo type and your crew unloads the guns and loads the new ammo type straight away but this takes reload time. On cruisers it's not a problem, on Battleships that's often 30-40 seconds.

        You can select ammo and pre-set your starting speed before the round starts.

        Oh, also your guns have range. You can hold ctrl and mouse over to see what they are, or check in the pre-battle screen. Generally if you can't put your reticle on it, you can't shoot that far. The other thing to bear in mind is that you only appear to someone if their team has spotted you. Different ships have different ranges they can be spotted. Destroyers are invisible until you're about 4-5 km away where big battleships can be seen from 15km or more. This means a DD can get in close and act like an assassin, hit you with torpedoes before you know they're there (mainly IJN destroyers do this). When you fire your guns it adds like 5km to your detection radius and that lasts for about 10 seconds, so you'll see idiots that fire to clear their guns of the wrong ammo type. Don't be like them.

        Some ships have torpedoes, but you don't need to worry for a bit about that. You also have a repair key (R) which is on cooldown. You can use this to remove all debuffs on you - fire, flooding from being hit below the waterline, guns being knocked out, steering or engine damage etc. Learning to use that

        For the early rounds it will require you to play in Co-op battles which is humans vs AI. Once your account gets enough XP to be level 3 or so you can play Random battles against other humans. Rewards are much higher in random battles.

        You'll start out in a Tier 1 gunship, which leads to a Tier II cruiser. The cruiser branches to a Destroyer and to a tier III cruiser, and the Tier III cruiser branches to Tier IV cruiser & tier III battleship. Tier IV battleship branches to carrier. Carrier plays like RTS. I haven't tried it.

        That's really all you need to know. I play on North America. AtomicStrawberry. Add me if you'd like. I'm playing Pathfinder tonight but might be on for a little afterward, else I'll be on the rest of the week.

          Ill try and get on when the game finally finishes updating haha. Sounds like alot to get my head around but im excited

    This long weekend I paid zero attention to sportsball of any flavor and spent my time alternating between watching anime, playing World of Warships and eating badly. I wanted to get a lot more sleep than I did but Daylight Savings is an asshole, and so are my goddamn neighbours. Wednesday morning, 7am there was circular saws going next door. Thursday, there's fucking drilling on the shared wall between our units, right by the head of my bed, at 6:45am. Friday, same thing. Saturday and Sunday the other neighbours were obviously home because it was back to saws and drills again, plus what smelled like paint, and it was stupidly hot so I had to have the window open as well. So I'm feeling quite exhausted today.

    World of Warships wise, I progressed a fair bit. Friday I spent a bit of time with my Wakatake, which is a terrible destroyer and felt like a step backward from the Tier II Umikaze, which while not as fast was able to launch more torpedoes at longer range without being seen. Wakatake's torps are faster, but she has less per salvo and while they do more damage, they also have shorter range, barely longer than her detection range. After a couple of horrible games I managed to have a few that went my way and quickly leveled past her into the Isokaze, which is also more of the same - sadly don't get long-range Torpedoes again until the Mutsuki at Tier VI.

    After clearing Wakatake, I decided to spend time on Myogi and level through that grind as well, as I'd been told the Tier V battleship Kongou is much better. I'd had a few games in Myogi but I just couldn't get the hang of it, her guns are very long range but stupidly inaccurate. Read some guides and got an explanation about the way the aiming reticle works and kept at it and at some point on Friday night, it began to click. I was suddenly starting to land hits. Not big hits, mind you - that's not possible with her guns being so crap - and I was still having a lot of games where I'd get rumbled by a Destroyer and killed, or hit by aircraft (air-dropped torpedoes can be really unfair) but it was all starting to work. Started to get really frustrated by other players too. Kept seeing some truly idiotic play, like people in battleships literally stopping their engines. It's not a tank, for fuck's sake. You don't gain any accuracy by stopping, but it makes you a trivially easy target to shoot at. :| The thing that was frustrating me the most I think with my Myogi is I never felt like I was making much of a contribution. Sitting at the back of the map, dropping shells down and hitting stuff a fair bit but never getting many kills and if the rest of the team didn't perform, we'd lose. Basically felt like I was being carried. Still feel that way a fair bit, but contribution has gone up and I was periodically having 1000+ XP games where I'd take out a cruiser or two with some nice shots. Finally got enough XP to unlock Kongou on Saturday evening.

    And the people that say Kongou is better are fucking liars. Maybe when fully upgraded she might edge ahead slightly, but she's a piece of shit for me right now. Myogi turns faster (driving Kongou feels like I'm stuck in Fred Flintstone's car), has faster turret traversal and better range. The actual guns on the two ships are completely identical and the only real difference is that Kongou has better AA (not that it matters, you're going to get air torpedoed regardless) and she has 4 turrets instead of Myogi's 3. Two forward and two aft instead of 1 and 2, but the Myogi arrangement actually was better. Kongou's third turret is in a completely daft place, way too close to the stacks so you can only really get it on targets if you're broadside, and if you're broadside you're going to get penetrated by something. Myogi was able to angle her armor and keep guns on targets much more effectively, I found. It might simply be that I need a bit more practice to get the most out of her but I'm really not liking Kongou. I've actually gone back to Myogi and started playing with her further to try and get the extra 8400 XP I need for the Carrier line to try that out as well and shelved Kongou for now, she's just not very fun at all. Maybe with some upgrades she'll be slightly less of a piece of shit.

    Meanwhile, I decided it was time to progress down the cruiser line. The grind from Kuma to Furutaka is pretty steep, but I really want to get into the IJN cruiser line a bit deeper for the Myoukou. I've played some awesome games in Kuma, she's an amazingly fun little ship. Quick turns, tons of highly accurate guns that can just melt enemies, and torpedoes to add that extra sting. I had a run of really bad games with her at first, but something clicked yesterday. I realized that the best way to play with her is to be aggressive. Charge in, whirl around dodging, and fire the guns. I was trying to play like a destroyer and be all sneaky (works with Tenryuu, but Tenryuu is essentially a big destroyer) but Kuma is best played with less subtlety. I also found that if I charged in and played well I could get a couple of kills and also break the other team's early momentum if I did it right, which would often help give our team a win. The final game I did in the Kuma was probably my best in the ship. Solomon Islands map, I went around the side supporting a battleship. Hit a phoenix in the citadels with AP rounds and friendly sank her. Torpedoed a destroyer that was hiding looking for the battleship then started unloading HE and torpedoes on the enemy battleship in the area, setting her on fire and eventually sinking her. Remaining enemies ran, so pushed advantage, took out a second cruiser then spotted their carrier in the narrows between the islands so I went around and set the carrier on fire, basically gunned her to death. Then got into a running firefight with a St Louis. By this time I was on half health. He was the last enemy to go, nearly got me but I eventually got him. Finished the game with 3 kills, 4 torpedo hits, 3 citadel hits, 89 shell hits. And that put me over the edge in XP, unlocking the tier V Furutaka.

    The trouble is, Furutaka sucks. She really, really sucks. I've played about five games and yet to get a kill with her. I can barely even land hits half the time. Her rudder shift time is a joke. She's fast in a straight line but the turns have to be telegraphed several days in advance. Her guns are extremely powerful for her tier (203mm when the others are 140-150mm) but they're not accurate, reload slowly (around a 25 second reload) and only really do damage when you get a cidadel penetration. Her torpedoes are a joke (one 3-tube launcher either side, 6km range, which isn't even historically accurate as she should have a Quad on each side with Type-93 Long Lance torpedoes) and her armor feels like it's made out of paper, even when angled correctly. She's got an enormous citadel and it feels like anything that looks in the general area will hit it. Plus her gun traversal is so horribly slow that you can't even track fast-moving targets like Destroyers. In fact, players suggest turning the ship to get the guns on target because it's faster than waiting for the turrets to turn. Apparently you're supposed to play her like a crap Battleship, basically shoot stuff at long range. Awful, especially after how fun Kuma was.

    The worst thing though is at Tier V you start getting into much higher-tier matches. The last one I played last night before I quit in a rage was a Tier VII match. Enemy team started to capture our area and the battleships had all gone off to one corner (after one of them was all like HEY GUYS MAKE SURE WE DON'T GET CAPPED. Fucker.) and I ended up being the focus target of a Tier V soviet destroyer that I couldn't even see half the time, let alone actually hit, plus a pair of assholes in the Tier VII US Cruiser Atlanta and then a Tier VI US battleship rounds the corner as well. :| I didn't even land a hit that entire game. Fired a bit but nothing landed. Died in seconds, and it would've been faster if they'd been using AP. This was 4th game in a row that went similarly - one where I was torpedoed by a destroyer I was desperately trying to shoot, one where I was hit from the air with a full torpedo salvo, one where I got into a firefight that looked okay until I turned wrong trying to get my guns on target, ran aground and got pounded, and then that one where I ended up being alone against four higher-tier ships. :(

    Wargaming have a problem where they've got a rigid ten-tier setup and have taken some square pegs and banged them into the right shape to fit their tiers. Furutaka at T5 and Aoba at T6 is absolute nonsense. These two ships are near identical, and after they were modernized in 1942, Furutaka and Kako were the same size, displacement, engines and armament as Aoba and Kinugasa. Why aren't they the same ship? Or at least, why can't I get the 1942 version of Furutaka which had Aoba's much improved 203mm twin turrets instead of six single guns? It's especially annoying given that the top tier IJN cruisers are a ship that never was completed (Ibuki, laid down as a heavy cruiser but converted to a carrier halfway in and never finished) and one that never existed at all (Zao) but meanwhile there are several actual IJN cruisers that were designed to bridge the gap between Kuma (and the similar Nagara) and the heavy cruisers like Aoba. Why is the Tier V cruiser not Agano or Ooyodo? Both were bigger than Kuma and had better guns, but were still light cruisers and would be pretty much par with the US Omaha at same tier. Instead you get a heavy cruiser that has the weaknesses of a battleship combined with the weaknesses of a cruiser and no strengths at all.

    Still can't stop playing though. I'm actually half considering ditching the IJN and trying some US ships.

      I've been considering giving it a go but think I have enough f2p games on the go at the moment. How long does a round last in general?

        Shortest I've had is maybe ten to fifteen minutes. Longest probably lasted 25? If you get sunk you can jump out immediately and swap to another ship though, and you'll get the results from the previous game once it ends (and once it ends that ship will be available again). So shortest game I've had was like 2 minutes. :|

      So what your saying is early-mid IJN is not great? Thinking going either US or someone else wish there was AUS

        It's weird actually. At the outset of World War 2, the IJN were absolutely and without doubt the best navy in the world. The Royal Navy were the closest match, but Japan had been secretly ignoring international treaties so they'd have a leg up in a naval battle. Rather than quantity, the IJN went for technical superiority. They had torpedoes with such long range that the US initially assumed they were being hit by submarines, but it was just destroyer and cruiser-launched stuff. Their battleships out-ranged and out-gunned (and out-calibered in the Yamato's case - 46cm was the biggest gun bore ever mounted on a warship) the US Navy and the Royal Navy.

        The problem is that Wargaming has to balance the ships at each tier. So you have a bunch of Destroyers for example that are pre-WW1 designs. In the 1930s, Japan basically changed the map for Destroyers with the 'Special Type' Fubuki-class, which basically packed a Light Cruiser into a Destroyer's frame and obsoleted everything in the world overnight. At the outset of the war in the pacific, the only pre-Fubuki class was the Mutsuki, and there were multiple classes beyond Fubuki as well. The problem is that Fubuki was so advanced that to balance her against the US Navy destroyers, she's not available until Tier 7. You have to go through 4 tiers of pre-WW2 destroyers (Umikaze, Wakatake, Isokaze, Minekaze) to get there. All of the US destroyers were used in WW2, from the Sampson (at tier II) onward. :\

        The other issue is that Japan's early Dreadnought battleships, the Kongo and the Fusou, were heavily improved after they were laid down, so the BBs that should be the 'early' IJN tiers are actually mid-tier because of how well they upgrade. The other thing is that the IJN didn't actually have a lot of big battleships. The ones that actually were completed that were used in WW2 were the Kongo (4 ships), Ise (2), Nagato (2) and Yamato (2). They had two other classes, Amagi and Tosa, but after signing the Washington Naval Treaty they had to convert the Amagi-class to aircraft carriers and the Tosa were cancelled. The Amagi was broken in drydock by the force of the Great Kanto Earthquake and they had to scrap her and instead halt dismantlement of the Tosa's sister ship, the Kaga and turn that ship into a carrier as well.

        To fill out the big gaps in the IJN battleship line, they had to go to the plans of some of those cancelled or just theorized ships. Yamato is obviously top-tier, but the Amagi would have been better than the Nagato, so Nagato is Tier VII, Amagi is VIII. Tosa would have been on par with Nagato so is useless, and they had to basically invent a Tier IX that made sense facing off against the Iowa (US Navy Tier 10 is the designed-but-not-constructed counter to the Yamato, the Montana). The same goes around the bottom of the IJN line. They start you out in the Kawachi, which is the biggest piece of shit. It's basically a pre-dreadnought protected cruiser, hexagonal shaped with a gun at each point. The guns are insanely inaccurate and only one destroyer has shorter gun range. The Myogi-class at tier IV that follows it is apparently a rejected design for the Kongou, but with the utterly dumb idea of putting two turrets aft and one forward, so you've got more firepower when retreating. That's the issue, you have to go through two objectively bad battleships to get to the one that's 'good' but I'm finding Kongou to be awful as well, she hasn't fixed any of the issues I had with Myogi.

        On the cruiser line, Wargaming don't differentiate between Light and Heavy cruisers. The US navy's early cruisers are weird old WW1-era designs, then you get into some WW2-looking stuff like the Omaha. They have light cruisers right down to the tier VI (Cleveland) and the Tier VII (Pensacola) is the first proper heavy cruiser in the line. The IJN line, meanwhile, ignores a ton of very viable Light cruisers at Tier V to give you an early heavy cruiser that plays like complete shit. That slot should have gone to the Agano. :(

        The issue isn't that the IJN ships are bad either. I think it's just that once you get to Tier V, you're going to get into the game with really experienced players in the V-VII bracket that will just murder you. Down at tier 3 and 4 you're going to see tier Vs often, tier VIs sometimes. The skill cap isn't as high. Also means that your teammates have a higher chance of being dipshits though.

    Fuuucck thiiisss hheeeaaatttt....
    Seriously, I almost wish the sun would burn up... almost...

      Aircon's broke on this floor and lots of humans don't have their window blinds shut, urgh! -_-

      Last edited 05/10/15 3:03 pm

      Yep. Got about 2 minutes into my trip home from work and decided I was over summer.

    Reminder to the Brisbane gang that there's a meat of sorts at Oktoberfest Brisbane this upcoming weekend. Saturday, October 10th. Let's say 6:30pm? I'm guessing that there will be folks around both before and long after that time. Nothing too structured. Come and go as you please. Mosey about. Eat food. Go on the rides. It'll just be good times a-plenty in an awesome atmosphere.

    I suggest you study up on this song as well as 99 Luftballons. There WILL be a test. :P

    That is all. :) *flails arms*

    Last edited 05/10/15 3:46 pm

    TAY RPG Pathfinder tonight with new Daylight Savings (QLD grumble grumble). The timing will be as follows: 7:30pm AEST, 8pm ACDT, and 8:30pm AEDT. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    The party continues on after the Deep Dwarf-tossing incident. On an unrelated note, @gingerchris86 has told me that he won't be able to make any more sessions what with an influx of work so we shall have to say goodbye to our crystalline Duergar friend/projectile. He will be missed.

    Let me know if you guys want to play tonight. Sorry for the late post but I've been a little busy today.

      After being thrown through a table in front of all his friends he knew he could never be taken seriously as a true adventurer.

      This is what happens when you insult a Northerner. He has much to learn.

      I'm on recall tonight so I might get called away for work during the session and I also will be most likely eating by that time, but I'm up for playing tonight.

    NegativeZero's New Anime Season Update Part 1
    Watching the new season so you don't have to.

    Seasonal Anime update post, part the first. This season has a fair number of sequels to previous series. In some cases it's a new season, directly continuing from the previous entry. In others it's a brand new show. I'll try and mark those out (if they're any good) and also try and be spoiler-free.

    Kindaichi Case Files Returns Season 2
    This is a direct continuation of the previous season from about a year ago. Kindaichi is a genius detective, trained by his grandfather. This is generally a great series, very consistent. Technically 'Returns' itself is a sequel to the original anime from a few years back, but that never got subtitled so you'd need to start with the beginning of Returns. It basically is a sequence of arcs, with each arc being a typical murder mystery and playing out over a few episodes. Kindaichi is facing off against his nemesis, a man that basically sets up people to commit murders and create puzzles to challenge and defeat Kindaichi on an intellectual level. It's good stuff and each arc is fairly self-contained so worst-case you could jump straight in with this season.

    Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (aka 'Chivalry of a Failed Knight')
    This is as by-the-numbers light novel as you could possibly get. The protagonist is a sort of magic user, except he's supposedly the worst in the world at it. Except it turns out that's just because they can't measure his amazing talent or something. And he ends up partners with a princess who has anger management issues. Feels very much like it's stealing liberally from The Irregular at Magic High School, except despite the Gary Stu protagonist that had a thing for his sister, that was vastly better written and better animated too. Additionally the only subtitles I was able to find for this were atrociously bad. Full of grammatical errors, mistranslations, and bright yellow like a 90s DVD. Was like going back in time to a Chinese bootleg. Avoid this one I think.

    Lance N Masques
    Dude was raised and trained as a kid to be a knight, so that whenever the situation presents itself he unconsciously acts like a stereotypical chivalrous 'White Knight'. He rescues a little girl when she falls from a cliff, and she takes a liking to him and decides he's her 'hero'. Aggressively mediocre show but mildly entertaining. Don't think I'll last more than an episode or two.

    Itoshi no Muco
    Short-form low-budget flash anime or something, but it's about a dog and her owner. If you've ever had a dog as a pet, then this show basically nails what must be going through their heads. Enjoyed it a lot

    The Asterisk War
    Another time-a-dozen light novel adaption. Stop me if you've heard this one before: so people can do magic, right? And this guy who's apparently average but actually really good transfers into a school where they magic fight. And he spots a girl that's undressing and she throws fireballs at him but secretly wants to jump his bones because of the incredible attractive power that having the personality of a sack of potatoes gives him. They'll pair up and be an unstoppable combination. Blergh. It's far better executed than Sky Wizard's Academy from last season though and it doesn't seem offensively bad or anything so I may watch more unless it gets bumped by higher-priority shows.

    Attack on Titan Junior High
    Imagine Attack on Titan, but everyone is a super-deformed version and they just go to school and periodically the titans invade and start picking them up and eating... their lunches. Now imagine they just re-do scenes from the original show, but are all like HEY HEY. REMEMBER THIS. YEAH. YOU KNOW THAT SCENE?! IT'S FUNNY BECAUSE WE'RE SLIGHTLY PARODYING OURSELVES. No insightful commentary or anything. It could be far more amusing than it is. That said, I think Attack on Titan is massively over-rated, over-hyped and mediocre, so this was actually more entertaining for me than the original show. Fans only I think.

    Heavy Object
    Went in expecting this to be one of the better shows of the season (it's by the author of Index and Railgun and I really liked both of those) and was a little disappointed so far. It's not bad and I see a ton of potential, but I wasn't blown away. Basically, humans developed Objects, giant mechanical weapons platforms that are nigh-indestructible (can take nuclear blasts and keep going) and are armed to the teeth. No conventional weapons are effective, only other Objects. The impression I got strongly from it was an Imperator-class Titan from Warhammer 40k, except not bipedal. The main character (who's name is Quenser but for some reason they're subbing it Quenthur - the subs available are a bit shit sadly) is studying to be an Object engineer, and is stationed at a base with his friend. They're basically redundant, because the base has an Object, piloted by a girl who I think they said comes from an aristocratic bloodline or something. Honestly not much happened this episode, it was all about establishing the setting and characters. It seems promising but might take a bit to develop.

    Utawarerumono: False Mask
    This is a stand-alone sequel to the original Utawarerumono, adapted from a strategy RPG by Leaf that came out a few months ago. The previous two Leaf SRPG adaptions (Utawarerumono and Tears to Tiara) were very enjoyable, so I was hopeful for this too. And it looks like I was right to be. So far this season, this has spoken to me the strongest. The main character wakes up in the dark somewhere, dressed in a hospital gown. He finds himself in a snowy forest, chased by a giant centipede monster. A girl appears and saves him, introducing herself as Kuon. She's got fluffy cat-like ears and a tail (if you've seen the original series, she's the same species as Eruru) and the village she takes him to, everyone is the same - she seems secretly quite fascinated at the fact that he has human features. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there, so she names him Haku, saying the name is famous as it's one of 'The Sung' (basically a hero from their oral traditions - note: this is almost definitely a reference to the protagonist of the original, Hakuoro - 'Utawarerumono' literally means 'The One That Is Sung'). This is looking like a really high-quality looking production, much more so than the original series. Not sure yet where it's going to go, but I think it's looking great. I really dig the visual style of Kuon's village. It reminds me strongly of the Hida Folk Village in Takayama, but there's some definite Ainu influence in it as well. Good world-building. Want to see more of it. Really hope the game might make it out in English too (it was PS3/PS4/Vita and Atlus have done previous Leaf / Aquaplus games).

    I also tried to watch Kagewani and Hackadoll, but both were so bad I dropped a minute or two in so you won't have any impressions on those from me.

    Also I am so sick of being redirected to a fucking Captcha that eats my comment whenever I post anything long on TAY that uses more than a couple of HTML tags. The first time, it always eats the post. Post it again, it'll send to the Captcha again but this time actually post. Incredibly annoying.

      I still appreciate it. I need to go back and read over them again when I have more time (paint is probably dry and I should continue)

      I can never get past the captcha without trimming significantly.

    Heading up to Sydney again in October (dates undecided) and also potentially going to Brisbane on October 19/20th.

    Would any Bris people even be free then? I'm not sure if I'll have free time in the evening as I might be flying up just for the day, but we'll see...

    Looks like I'll be missing both Sydney and Brisbane's Oktoberfest meats though :P

    Bah. I burnt myself on the oven tray on Friday night, it's been fine the last couple of days. But I think I bumped it at climbing or something, and it started to blister up. Urge to bust...

      Don't. It always hurts more when you do that.

        I know. Which is why I haven't.

        But it's so swollen it's just begging for it :P

          Repress the urge! Repress it!

    Finally fInished The Witcher 3. Great game, had a couple of problems with it though (bad crafting UI, characters controlled like they were wearing rocket skates) but still a tonne of fun.

    I got the Witcher ending

    Hey TAY! I was wondering if anyone with let's play experience would be interested in a little project I'm working on :) I'm hoping to find a few eager contributors, and I'm sure there are a few on here who regularly record/upload stuff. My problem right now is finding the time to do it all, to the point where I was a tiny bit down on myself for not being able to do what I'd like. Anyway, that's another story for another day.

    If anyone's willing to help a fellow TAY out and have a bit of fun, give us a buzz on twitter (link's in my bio). Thanks guys :) Have a good week!

      As far as let's play experience @fatshady comes to mind. It depends on what your looking on doing it on eg what system? what game? Etc

        I focus a lot on mobile & indie games myself. What I'm looking for specifically would be those interested in contributing similar vids, if only to have a growing userbase and more content weekly.

    Man so Gwent is frustrating.
    How are you supposed to deal with Scorch? Every other NPC whips it out like it's going out of fashion.

      Play lower damage cards. Don't play any big hitters until the opponent passes. Also, Hero cards

      Play the lowest cards you can up-front to try and force them to spend big on the first round so that either you throw that round with shitty nothing cards so their hand is empty on the 2nd/3rd rounds, or so you can burn it all or use your big-hitters until after they've passed and can't scorch anymore. Also, try to make sure that your highest cards don't exceed theirs, because scorch affects both sides - if they burn a 10 of yours and have a 10 themselves, it's gone.

      Oh, and target dummies may seem useless but they're far from it.

      You can either spend big on heavy-hitters in the first round, get outclassed and use your target dummies to withdraw your big spenders letting your opponent overspend on their 1st round victory after they're committed.

      Or you can use the target dummies offensively, but pulling back 'proc' cards like medics who rez from your discard pool, or withdrawing spies that the enemy have placed on your side so that you can re-place them yourself on the enemy's side and get the benefit of card-draw.

        I guess, but I can barely fill a deck at this point and can't find any more northern cards anywhere. Actually using specific cards is a little beyond me.
        And are some cards immune to scorch? This guy keeps on scorching my 5/6 level cards with a 10 on the board that is not affected.

          Oh yeah, the 'hero' cards with the golden sun for their number symbol are immune to all effects. Negative or positive. So they can't be doubled by war-cry, they can't be scorched, and they can't be rained on or withdrawn by target dummies.

          In general, when it comes to building a northern deck, the best thing is to gwent all the shop-keeps (you can save-scum if you're feeling poor), and make sure that your deck is very slim and top-heavy. Always have the bare minimum of regular troop cards in there, the requirement to be valid. That way, you don't run the risk of pulling out the shit cards when you get your hand. You don't want to be drawing shitty little 2-4s when you've got a deck full of badasses.

          Buy any and call cards you can so you can fit in some scorches, war-cries, and dummies and other specials, but also be trying to get ahold of the medics, siege masters and siege engines (so you can put out a bunch of 8s-11s and then double them when the enemy has let their guard down... after they've locked themselves out of scorching). I like to run with weather-clearing foltest to negate any dick-move weather effects the enemy dumps on you, but it can also be used offensively - if you know the enemy isn't running siege, you can waste a turn halving your own siege weapons to make them less of a scorch-target, then when the cards are all laid out and they feel pretty confident in passing, you can clear the weather and boom - double damage they weren't expecting, baby.

          I enjoy Gwent. :)

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