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    Oooo fresh TAY and I'm actually home to post! w00t!
    How was everyone's weekend? I'm on holidays this week, so my plans consist of as much nothing as possible!

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      I expect to see your immortal damages skyrocket accordingly. :P

        lol i dunno... i actually have a special project planned, so I'm actually going to try to not play it as much!
        I doubt I'll be able to resist much though ;)

      I'm busy trying to come up with a Back to the Future event for October 21st. Our town has a Clock Tower, so we have to do *something* now that we are almost living in the 1985 version of the future!

    Morning all. I'm hopefully signing the bond and such today and getting the keys to my new place.

    Despite lacking many things like a fridge cutlery and a washing machine I feel the most pressing and immediate issue is who to use for my internet. Suggestions please and thank you.

      Everyone will have a different opinion on this. Depends a lot on where you live, what exchanges you are near, and how much you want to spend every month.


      I'll leave the internet solutions to others, but here are some ideas for how to kit out your house without spending all your money

      Fridge: Try gumtree first - you might be able to get one for free, and all you will need to do is pick it up. 2nds World and Appliances Online both have good deals and will deliver.

      Washing Machine - see if there's a laundromat near you. It might work out to be a lot less hassle just to take a bag of washing to them once a week, rather than moving a washing machine into your place. Otherwise, ditto the advice for fridge.

      Everything else, I'd recommend either ikea or kmart.

        This was my thought when we moved into our current place - however, if you wash AND dry at the laundromat the costs start to add up pretty quickly, especially if you do quite a lot of washing (plus, using a dryer is pretty bad for your clothes). If you wash only and bring it home to hang out, it is heavy!. We lasted maybe a month before buying a washer, best decision ever.

          Most laundromat have a Bagwash option though, where they do one bag or basket for a fixed price.

            Wash and dry? My laundromat didn't... but then again, they had the worst dry-cleaning service I've ever had, so it's possible it was just a terrible laundromat.

      My first suggestion is to check iinet to see if you can get the NBN.
      then look at what you want to spend (cable is good if you can afford it)
      I would reccomend against TPG as I have had problems in the past.
      Telstra have been good to me, but I know others have had problems.

      Cutlery - Look at op shops - Cheap and sometimes suprisingly awesome. works for plates and stuff too.

      Washing machine- we went to JB Hifi Home, was pretty good

      Furniture - ikea is good but if you need lots of stuff check out fantastic.

        When I was with TPG I didn't have a problem but that said I wasn't with them along enough time to actually cause a problem.

        Meanwhile I've had issue with telstras because we had line damage that was over a decade old which they fixed but now our internet is doing it again which makes me think did they fix it or did they "fix it"

          Ive been with TPG on and off for a while. When they work, they're no different from any other ISP. When they don't work, well, they don't half-ass fucking up.

            I've been with TPG for around 10 yrs now. In that whole time, I've lost my internet 3 times that I noticed. (May have dropped when I wasn't home and didn't notice.)
            As much as people bitch about their help desk, they are actually quite efficient. Talking to them can be a little difficult sometimes given they're in Philippines or Malaysia, but when I have "issues" or want to change something like my speed profile, I submit my request through their website, and they make the change/fix the issue within an hour or two!

            Exactly. TPG is fine when everything works but if you have a problem you better hope you can either you fix it yourself or it magically resolves itself, because they're sure not going to do anything about it.

        Ikea have good cutlery sets for like $25. Cheap plates too, though I'd buy a set from Woolies or Target or something. Our current set of dishes was a $30 box that contained 4 dinner plates, 4 small plates, and 4 small bowls. We also supplemented this with leftover Jamie Oliver plates and bowls because once the promo ended where you had to collect stickers and shit, they were selling the individual pieces for $2 each.

      Fridge/freezer is essential. Washing machine can wait. I still don't own a clothes dryer. A half decent saucepan set is a good investment and at least 1 high quality knife.

      Interweb wise I'm with iinet (netspace rollover) and it has been pretty dodgy for a while now. But that said I am right in the middle of 2 exchanges and there is a bunch of construction going on around me. I never had an issue when I was with TPG but a nightmare if you have any customer service requirement. Heaven help you if they screw up your billing. Telstra can be good and not as expensive as they once were

        Dryers are just things created by the power companies so you always have an expensive power bill I swear.

          I thought that when I loved in Brisbane, where you could dry clothes even during summer storms. Now I live in Canberra and wish I had one.

            Yeah, you pretty much need one in Canberra.

            Haha, fair point. I noticed this at my friends place in Launceston, took her like 5 or 6 days to dry bed sheets in the middle of winter, heh.

      I thank you all for the suggestions on where to get stuff. But I do have stuff coming from Storage it's just gonna be a month.

        Seriously though, if you can hold out until the end of the year just wait for the boxing day sales. You will save an absolute fortune decking out your house if you do.

      For internet, NBN (proper NBN) > Cable (Optus better than Telstra) >>>>>>>>>> ADSL, so check what your options are. Whirlpool used to have a thing where you could punch in address / phone number and see what was available.

      For initial cutlery etc, consider going to K-Mart of all places. They have a like 100-piece kitchen set for around $30 IIRC that has knives, pots, pans etc. and have cheap plate sets too. It's not great quality but it's good to get set up with and you can replace the shit stuff with higher quality later. Also a good spot to get a cheapo tea kettle (they have one that's like $6 that does the job) and a few other basic things like that.

      If you're in Melbourne I'm going to have a washing machine that needs to be sold off in a few weeks (can't take it with me to the US because voltage difference)

    Booked a hotel room for AUS PAX. I wanted to go to the hotel I stayed in last year, but they renovated and the price for each night increased to 400 a night.

    Second day for Iron Kingdoms. Gonna do some more recording then chop it up, still wondering if anybody would be interested in listening to that.

    I recorded some matches for the Battlefront beta, you can view them here.

    Also make sure you watch Matthewmatosis's commentary on Dark Souls. It's 6 hours long, do you know it's good.

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    Happy date of manufacture @tech_knight

      Wouldn't his date of manufacture be around 9 months prior, with today being his ship date? :P

        No that was the commencement date. Techie is a complex machine and it took a while to complete manufacturing.

          Well really what rolled out of the production line was a small-scale proof of concept prototype. He's really been building himself since then, which given the limited set of tools and programming he started with, is quite the accomplishment.

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am almost back to normal. Still getting the occasional bout of panic, but I'm eating and sleeping normally. So hopefully, I'll be fine for Pax.

      Good to hear, any minute now you'll be back to saying sorry for no real reason

        I think it gets worse when I'm like that.

    Morning all!

    I got some good news late last week: $7500 worth of project funding from artsACT, for this project! ALL THE KING'S MEN.

    Some of you might remember this project from its failed Kickstarter waaaaaaay back in early 2014. Well, it's back. In pog form. And it's happening. WHEEEEEEEEEE

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      Good thing you have nothing else on so you can dedicate plenty of time to it

        Don't worry, I've got it all planned. I even have four months wiggle room!

        October: open submissions, finish Undad
        November: ship Undad
        December: start going through submissions, contacting authors
        January: panic
        February, March: new child
        April: go insane
        May: invent time dilation machine
        June: spend a hundred years finishing all the books
        July: un-dilate time
        August: relax until December

          If Final Fantasy VIII taught me anything its that time dilation is confusing for everyone

    So I'm starting the filming of my new YouTube show. Probably won't be finished until the end of the month. Also I've had to delay, due to the dishwasher not finishing for another half-hour.

      Assuming you're filming a dishwasher tutorial or show is presented from within a dishwasher.

        Obviously it's not going to be filmed in the dishwasher given the lasting inconvenience, but since it's running he should film a zoom-in shot going into the dishwasher while it's running. Then he can cut to the interior of a car wash, dressed to look like a dishwasher, and film the show there.

        Wasting time posting about his dishwasher issues is just wasting opportunities to get stock footage. Who knows when the dishwasher will be running again??

      Is the series about overreacting to obvious jump scares from videogames?

        I had actually considered that. Not really, because I'm not a complete idiot. Just an average idiot.

          There are a lot of average idiots on Youtube. Going to be very hard to break into that market. There are fewer (but still many) complete idiots. Seems like a no brainer to be a no brainer.

    Mornin' all.

    Been playing Fallout 3 all weekend since I got it to work on Windows 10. Such a great game.

    And there's only 4 weeks until Fallout 4 \o/

    Morning TAY. I feel like I've been absent a few weeks because I seem to keep missing the Monday morning thread each week then not having a quick shortcut back in from my profile page.

    My friends who moved to NZ this year have finally announced their wedding date (which thankfully is back here in Australia... in Wollongong for some reason) but the hen's/buck's night are in Auckland. I'm totally travelling to NZ in February for a buck's night, which I think is going to make for a pretty neat story at some point in the future. If anyone knows tricks for cheap flights/accommodation going from Sydney to Auckland (other than the rather attractive $639 per person deal currently going on Flight Centre) I am open to input.

    Been playing a lot of Destiny lately. I think I'm going to be ready for a break from it in time for Fallout 4, not that not being ready would ever stop me from playing it. This is me quivering with hypecitement.

    I haven't played the Battlefront beta - couldn't be bothered downloading it, plus I had friends over this weekend and wouldn't have had time to play it. A friend of mine is creaming his daks over it saying it's "like photorealistic Star Wars" which based on the trailer footage I've seen is a bit of a stretch.

      $428 flying with Air New Zealand via

        Is that one night accommodation? We'd want to stay for more than just the buck's/hen's so I tried looking at 3 nights (incidentally the Flight Centre deal was for 4) and even so, the range of $550 - $700 pp is pretty darn good.

        I'll look at options and paly around with the site with my wife tonight. Obviously we want to book sooner rather than later to avoid missing out or overpaying.

          Oh, that was just flights. The site does do flight and accommodation packages though. Be worth having a look and seeing what they can do, usually fairly decent prices.

            Yeah, flights and decent looking hotels for 3 nights is still very well priced.

          Maybe look at airbnb or expedia, or see if you can get together with another couple of friends and share an apartment? I usually use webjet to compare flights, but then book direct with the airline.

            I'd consider AirBNB or sharing if I were alone but I think my wife is firmly against it. I think it's going to be hard enough dealing with a strange bed in a strange place and my snoring on top of that, without throwing in other random elements.

              I that case, definitely check out Expedia or I've had good experiences with both (including mystery hotels)

      Well, it comes pretty close to 'photorealistic' as long as you're comparing the Battlefront footage and real photo footage on tiny youtube videos.


    Weekend was great. Dominated Mario Party, saw some friends, made special brownies (the special ingredient was love), didn't cook dinner once. Yup, great.

    Almost finished my PAX costume too, so I'll post a picture of that once it's all done. Made up a bunch of iron-on patches on the weekend so all that's left to do is iron them onto my shirt.

      9/10 loses a point for not eating brownies for dinner

    Good morning all! I hope you all had great weekends!
    I actually played a game for the first time since January, the Star Wars Battlefront Beta which is much more fun then I thought it would be. I believe this will be a purchase for me when it comes out!
    I also got smashed at a bar crawl and didn't get to bed until 5am yesterday morning. Good times!
    Apart from all that, I'm also doing the half-marathon this coming Sunday and doing it to raise money for Beyond Blue as I spent 16 years battling depression which I've luckily overcome finally but will forever fight to bring more attention to and battle the stigma of. If you can spare a few dollars, here is the link to my page:

    Cheers all, happy monday!

      Done. A worthy cause to be sure. Depression and anxiety seem to be pretty common in my little family unit, and I want my kids to grow up in a world where seeking treatment is a much easier thing to do.

      Good luck with the thon! (or is it a mara?)

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        Thanks so much mate! Being a dad myself, I feel exactly the same :)
        It was a struggle to get through it that's for sure as it was always seen as a weakness when I first attempted to get help. Now days, it's a lot better and help is there for those who look for it but it's always a tough step to recognise you need help. The more people who know the signs of depression/mental illness, the more friends will be there to support them.
        I'm doing the half-marathon this year, I was planning on doing the full marathon but I fractured my toe back in May and it's never been the same since. I would have made it too as I was up to 22km back then :(
        Ah well, there's always next year :)

      I think we can send some dollars your way - all the best for your half!

    I've been seriously thinking about whether or not I'll cave and buy RB4 (even at that crazy price) and I think I've come to an easy answer: if I'm going to spend that much money on gaming, I'll just get a new graphics card for my PC.

    The fact that they're comparable price points is just...stupid.

      You can't play all the latest hit songs with your friends at a happenin' party on a new graphics card.

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      I'd need an XBone or PS4 for RB4. I could upgrade most of the key components of my PC for the price. It's definitely daft.

        Console plus band bundle? Yeah, even with discounts you're still looking at a grand. You could upgrade your PC to the point of being cutting edge with that budget :|

          For that price i could buy a half decent PC so RB4 is a no go for me

      You could find someone's old RB3 kit and use that?

      I've been trying to get rid of my old RB3 instruments for a while and no one seems to want them :(

        Would they work on a PS4?

          Mine? No, mine are 360 instruments so are for Xbone. PS3 instruments will work with PS4.

      The problem is I am still tempted to buy it. Just don't tell Anton...

    Hit Light 270 in Destiny last night. I'm slowly becoming relevant!

      I just hit 294 yesterday and I think I may have just about hit the limit of what I can do without raid gear. Arranging a group of six people to do the raid sounds practically impossible though.

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        I'm setting myself up to start raiding with @cakesmith @blaghman and some others (not sure of the full list?) but keen as hell to try some out. Hopefully I can get a few more nice drops (that are actually the right class) before we start to boost myself a little higher.

          There are a few quest lines with guaranteed high light rewards. The court of oryx one is a 300 artifact. The vanguard quest line for 5 strikes, 5 heroic strikes and the nightfall gives you a 300 shotgun(maybe different for other classes?), with a fireteam you'd knock that out no problem.

            Yeah, I know if I actually pay more attention to rewards I could get there quick, but for now I'm happy with letting my Light progression amble along while I do whatever I feel like (or even just bum around in patrols).
            I've actually been meaning to check out the Court. I have a couple of runes and haven't looked into how they/the court works. Probably going to do that some time this week.

              I just hung around there for a few hours and helped out with other fireteams. You still have a chance at some engrams even if you didn't initiate it. Got more than a few 290+ blues.

              Just hang around the court in peak hours people come and smash through runes, if theres a good amount of people you can walk out with a full inventory of blues and purples

        Tell me when you wanna do the raid as im always keen, like you finding a group nowadays for a first time run is practically impossible. I even put up a thing on LFG, got added to a party instantly, asked if I had run the raid before, when I told them no they just laughed said this is awkward and kicked me from the party so I know what you mean.

          I never got around to doing any of the raids because by the time I was ready everyone was just doing them to get their reps in so they didn't want to waste time with people who didn't know the raid backwards. Basically all of my time in Destiny has been strikes and Crucible.

          I'm at 240 now with my Hunter and I'll be looking to do some raids pretty soon as well. Finally got an exotic (Don't Touch Me gauntlets) on the weekend so that pushed the light up a whole bunch! I'm RapscallionAu on PSN, playing on PS4. Feel free to invite me if you need someone and I'll see what I can do.

            I think I have you already, feel free to jump on if you see me on we can run some strikes and stuff

              Thanks Cam, much appreciated! I'm usually on after 8:30pm most nights so if I see you or vice versa we can team up
        The easy way to find Destiny players. It's pretty rad.

      I got to 280-something on my hunter last night. I can now fail at Nightfall strikes! \o/

        Yay you can now do the funnest way to make you feel like a shit player \o/

    It does still exist!

    Couldn't find this last week & I was sad.

    I played Pathfinder for the first time in over a year on the weekend as we decided to jump back into some of our old characters. Always a good feeling when the first combat resulted in me critting on my first attack and dealing a crap tonne of damage to a monstrous sea serpent. But then it ate me and that hurt. Good fun.

    Also finally got around to watching Jurassic World which was cliched and predictable but good fun. It got me hankering for more dinosaurs and I've kinda got an itch to go back and play Dino Crisis again. I just need to find where I buried my old Playstation.

    Oktoberfest was a pretty cool guy. The drink voucher system was a good idea and the outfits were pretty grand. Might even consider doing it myself, next time. Ambience was fantastic in the hall/tent with all the music, although it did mean I couldn't hear shit.

    Reckon next time I might go earlier to catch folks before they're already half-gone, and maybe... Friday? When it's not quite as busy, apparently.

    So I haven't posted here for a while, but thought I should try and get back into the swing of things.

    Had a great Sunday with Taybies in Sydney. Got some drinks in me and a GELATO DONUT. Fun times continued on til later that night with dinner and all in all a great day. Also I got a new hat so HOW CAN YOU TOP THIS DAY?!



      Are you coming to Pax?

        Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on if you like me or not, I won't be at PAX. Little bit expensive to do it every year for me. Next year I plan to!

      He's got a new hat!

      I want itI want itI want itI want itI want itI want itI want itI want itI want it

    Hola Tay

    Spent all weekend at a mining Hackathon, being a team's designated muggle.

    Teamed up on the friday with five other people, four students and one older woman (who was a bit of a pain). Given I can't write a line of code, i acted as general coffee boy, presentation expert, and specrroscopy dude, as well as basically a project manager.

    54 hours later, we created a solution to the problem we picked that I'm pretty happy with, but alas didnt win. Was a cool experience.

    Given i was there for work, I have today off as my weekend.

    A monday morning question : which Psone game needs a remake/remaster/sequel? The psone era had so many curios


        This was my first thought :D

        I've played a bunch of the newer things, but they just don't compare to how much fun 1 and 2 were.

      I was gonna say Crash Bandicoot for a remaster or such, but I think they actually still hold up quite well, especially on a Vita (what's a Vita). And the original Tomb Raider but that got a pretty good remake last generation so...

      Muppets Kart Racing or whatever.

      Power Diggerz/Power Shovel
      Such a hilariously infuriating game.

      PS1 game specifically, or PS1-era?

      I guess the correct answer for PS1 specifically is Suikoden. For the era though, Sakura Wars.

      Fear Effect.
      Syphon Filter.
      Vagrant Story.

    Howdy Tayberinos.

    Weekend was grand. Had my sister and her partner round for dinner and Mario Partying on Saturday, then Sydney meat on Sunday! Thanks @cookingmama for organising such a nice afternoon! Also I became part of some weird giant chalk art installation in the city for a bit, listened to some sweet new music, and was all around zen. Top times.

    Next hype train is PAX! Trying to come up with a simple cosplay idea that isn't my original 'dress as CJ' idea.

      If Hayley's articles have taught us nothing else, it's that unique cosplays get more attention.

      Going as CJ won't work because CJ will be going as CJ. Going as CJ Cregg from the West Wing on the other hand...

        10 / 10, would appoint White House Press Secretary

        If you got 5 or 10 people to go as various CJs (including CJ), you could classify yourselves as a single cosplay effort, and therefore unique.

      Just be an inkling like the rest of us. Group cosplays are fun too.

    Been looking at Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes on Steam, decided to buy it, and I'll get a refund if I don't like it.
    Looked at videos on Youtube and the asynchronous multiplayer looks really good.
    Has anyone else played it?

      I thought that game was designed for the rift?

        Apparently you can still use a regular monitor as well.

          Oh? Now this I didn't realize. If the objective is to keep the rest of the party from looking at the screen, it seems like it would also make a pretty brilliant iPad game.

            I don't think it would work as well if you're able to have all players in the same room. The physical separation looks like it adds a lot to the experience.

            EDIT: I should specify that I assumed the reason you were suggesting an iPad version is to be able to play in one room.

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              Oh, well... maybe. But mostly I was thinking of portability. :)

              Not everyone's going to be able to take their Oculus rig on holiday.

    It turns out that when you actually buy decent tools, woodworking results improve substantially. I bought a router and a sander and now the wood is so smooth & rounded that you could lick it and not get a splinter!

    I just have to varnish and assemble and then I'll have a fancy new table for my playstation keyboard & mouse adapter (and the keyboard & mouse, I'm not just making a table for a small box)

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
    Spent a lot of mine in Destiny and Minecraft... tho somehow* lost nearly 3.5 hours work when Minecraft locked up my computer when closing the game. First time it's happened since the 1.2 days...

    Friday night, I gathered a group of rag-tag heroes and ventured into King's Fall on my alt.

    We got to the totems encounter, but by the time we got sufficiently coordinated to just need a lucky run, we had to call it for the night.

    Total loot for everyone was wormspore and moldering shards from the two preceding chests, which was a little disheartening, but we had fun. Plus, one of the legendary engrams that dropped for me decoded into a 290 Jade Rabbit, which is awesome fun.

    Played some Ground Zeroes (and finished the main mission) Sunday - it was pretty fun - and was about to start Phantom Pain that night, but by the time I was ready to play everyone was online in Destiny, so I joined them. Got a tier 3 Court and a nightfall done on my titan (at last), and by swapping weapons from my warlock I got my hunter to 300. Starting to run out of things to do, tho, so hoping that Bungie start pushing out new quests every so often. Used to be I'd spend my nights doing the daily and bounties on each character... but the daily is now a once-per-account thing, and bounties kinda complete themselves... and the same six strikes in the heroic playlist get old after a while.

    Started Phantom Pain this morning, with just enough time to get through the prologue. 0_o

    Did I just create a character, only for him to be covered in bandages rendering my customisation moot, unplayable and killed off in the prologue? Or was that just a "do you remember what you look like? What? Classically handsome guy? No, you're actually a grizzled old dude with a bum eye - get used to it." I'm already lost, storywise, but quite enjoying it thus far. :P

    *"Somewhow" because there's a process that runs every two hours to backup my save, that apparently didn't run in the 3.5hrs between the last backup and the crash.

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      If you were wondering who that random was when you and your friend were doing the daily story quest on Saturday, it was me. =P

      Also, thanks for pointing out the shards, everyone just usually sprints through it.

        No probs. :) My friend needed them too, so I figured I'd point them out to you as well, just in case.

        And now I feel like a dick for not pointing out the one under the bridge in the Asylum, because the invisible-platform-jumping can take 20 seconds or 20 minutes depending on platforming skill. Next time you're in the Asylum during Regicide (or in the Alak-Hul strike, or fighting Ecthar), pull out your ghost at the bottom of the left stairs - there's a series of platforms leading under the bridge to a third fragment (it's on an overhang under the entrance end of the bridge).

    Hello friends, it's me, Cakesmith. You may remember me from such posts as "You're right, @rize is the worst" and "Ugh *upvotes*".

    I have to apologise for not making it to the Sydney thing yesterday. I have my reasons* that I won't bore you with.

    Anyway, spent the weekend holed up inside mostly, avoiding the outdoors. Played some Destiny and some Battlefront. Battlefront is pretty fun except when it's not, which is 95% of the time you're playing as Rebels. Getting randoms to co-ordinate an objective is hard.

    Now I'm off to the airport to spend a week with my family so probably won't be around much this week.

    *it's that I hate you all**
    **No I don't

    I've recently started watching Blue Mountain State on Netflix, having first heard of it when Rooster Teeth cast Alan Ritchson for the Lazer Team movie. It is possibly the dumbest show I've ever binge-watched. It has so many offensive elements that they somehow balance out. I almost feel like criticising the show for objectifying women and glorifying substance abuse would be like kicking a puppy.

      It's a dumb teen titty movie from the early 2000s turned into a TV series. Yet there's something about the way it unashamedly embraces everything about the genre that makes the whole thing work.

      I liked it. Sometimes you just need something dumb.

        Oh absolutely. It's been a nice break. I mean it's a show about a football team where you never see a game, instead getting stories about the entire team contracting syphilis from sharing a fleshlight.

        Just finished season 2 last night and watched a couple of episodes of season 3. I guess I'm nearly done then, at least until the movie comes out apparently next year?

    Started watching Rick and Morty the other night. That show, just what the fuck. It's like a train wreck that I just can't look away from. Also god damn it, I swear Morty's dad is just Cyril from Archer, given how he acts toward everything, that and being the same voice actor.

    I need some other show to binge watch, saying that i should restart my Netflix sub and watch what I have saved on there.

      I tried Rick and Marty after seeing the "where are my testicles, Summer?" clip on youtube. I pretty much got three episodes in and decided that was enough. The internet (mainly reddit) won't shut up about it though so I'm kind of tempted to give it another try, but I think too many things grated on my nerves (like Rick's constant hiccupping/belching) for me to stick with it.

        It's not as amazing as it's been made out to be imo, like I don't mind it, but it's not one I could just rewatch time & time again. It also relies way too much on dirty humour, which is fine, but they go overboard most of the time.

        Edit: yeah Rick's hiccuping/burping gets real annoying I find.

        Last edited 12/10/15 12:48 pm

        Yeah, that bugged the hell out of me too, but it looks like they toned it down a bit about halfway through the season.

        I watched 1st season recently, though, and their willingness to take deeply fucked-up continuity and run with it, despite the easy out of 'infinite dimension-hopping' actually hints at something deep and dark and... interesting.

        I think it's a show for nihilists.

          See I've seen references/quotes to how incredibly "dark" and "serious" the show gets at times and I think I want to take the time to appreciate what people mean by that, which is the main reason I want to watch it.

            There's the obvious, cheap and fucked-up deaths, body-horror and such that maybe some refer to, but I think what most might be talking about is probably just the show standing on the edge of nihilism and peering in. What purpose is there to anything if everything is not only possible but actually happening right now and you can part the veil to see it all anytime you want? Staring into the abyss and realizing that nothing is staring back or cares, just consumes human insignificance without registering.

            Some of that level of darkness may be in the eye of the beholder, but it feels to me like it more tries to quietly nod to that without dropping an anvil on your head about it, with perhaps one or two momentary exceptions.

            I love the show but the dark and serious bits are a bit of an over statement. It's a lot like how Futurama received a ton of praise for the episodes that got super real, when really those only made up a small part of the show and it's was appealing. When it gets heavy it can get really heavy*, and at times the humour is really dark, but it's not like say Bojack Horseman where you forget the show is a comedy.
            Generally speaking it's your standard sci-fi world hopping affair, exploring the usual alternate reality/time and space stuff, but they throw on weird twists and take the cliches in absurd directions. That's where the fun stuff happens.

            *Most of the heavy stuff is post adventure. So it'll be a minute long closing gag rather than the subject of an entire episode.

            Last edited 12/10/15 1:29 pm

              Was any of Bojack Horseman season 1 supposed to be super dark? Because it had a few moments where it got comfortably "real" that I guess previous episodes had been building up to, but for the most part nothing I would have considered particularly "dark" I haven't watched season 2 yet though.

              Futurama had like seven seasons but what people remember are the three or four episodes that made them cry like babies. Which I guess is a good indicator that despite being an animated comedy adventure set 1,000 years in the future, it still had relatable characters that we connected with.

                I wouldn't call Bojack particularly dark but season two in particular takes long breaks from being funny. Rick and Morty strays into other areas but it rarely stops being funny (or at least trying to be funny).
                Like Futurama Rick and Morty will spend the entire episode playing around with an idea like Rick being in love, then slam you at the end by revealing that yeah, this was actually important to him. Like how the worm episode of Futurama is just one giant joke about Fry having worms right up until he tries to play the holophonor at the end. The Seymour episode subtly builds a relationship with this dog we've never heard of before while distracting us from the realisation he's doomed with jokes about Bender being jealous, and then unleashes it all with the revelation that he waited for Fry.
                They're not particularly deep or serious episodes they just sucker punch you. The same goes for Rick and Morty. They screw around and then they get you with something deep and serious when your guard is down.

                So yeah, that's a really long way of saying that people aren't wrong to call it deep or serious but it's more of an illusion created by ending particular episodes on a deep/serious note. If you want to get that sort of enjoyment out of it you pretty much have to be enjoying the rest enough that you leave yourself open for the sucker punch.

                  I'd agree with this for the most part if not for the implications and how they're either utterly ignored but... present. Or referred to a lot but not fully addressed. Possibly ever (although Morty trying to reassure Summer mid-through an ep with the revelation about the graves in the backyard was a little sucker punchy). Like the one with the Council of Ricks.

      Nah, Cyril is good at what he does and has a little confidence. Jerry is dumber, sadder and totally useless.

        Saying that he could be Cyril's twin just with the opposite personality lol.

          That's non-sense, everyone knows Archer is Cyril's brother not Jerry. =P

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