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    So where is Luke on the new Star Wars Poster?,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1479671530088227624.jpg

      I theorize that he was left off the poster because he was always a bit of a bland character with no personality and his appearance will be purely token; after all, Star Wars is the story of what happens if you give superhuman powers to the world's least interesting manchild and have a bunch of far more interesting people act around him.

        No way. Luke's going full dark side in this movie. You just wait and see.

          It's a nice idea, but Luke actually knows how to make a lightsaber. :P

          He's already been tempted by that and overcome it. That was like half of the plot of Return of the Jedi.

          I wouldn't be surprised if he pulls an Obi-wan and dies tragically though. But more likely it's just that he doesn't have a major part in the plot.

            I'm still putting money on dark side Luke. I think Han will be the major casualty of this film.


            Mark Hamill was confirmed spotted for the second film's shooting a few weeks ago.


              Sir Alec appeared in three films despite his character being killed halfway into the first of them


                I don't have anything to add here, I just wanted to be included.

            Not to labour the point, but I watched ESB with my kids yesterday, and there's a quote from Yoda which I think is particularly apposite to this discussion.

            "Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."

              Yoda was wrong though. That was the whole point. Vader was able to be redeemed in the end.

    So, how 'bout that Rugby score, eh?

      A one point victory is nothing to start humping each other about. Harmon missed every kick, even the extra points. Harmon, what's up with that?

        I didn't watch but read some of the highlight this morning - didn't Foley have a pretty poor kicking game as well? Seems like we're about even then.

        I also like Cheika's attitude to that final penalty - sometimes they go your way, sometimes they don't, it's part of the game and we have to just deal with it.

          I have no idea what you're talking about, I was making a reference to an episode of Blue Mountain State I just watched this weekend.

            Did anyone hear the low flying plane? I swear it just went straight over my head...

              In fairness, I'm become retarded for the show just recently and it was a pretty obscure reference. I was just making a joke because I am not about the sporting things, and only just happened to catch via Facebook that there was a one point victory, hence the BMS quote.

                lol I just assumed Harmon was the Scottish kicker, apparently the Aussie kicker (Foley) missed a bunch of goals.

                Yay for sportsball!

      Doesn't look good for Australia. Scotland weren't exactly the sharpest team in the competition so far and Australia struggled against them. Meanwhile New Zealand absolutely flattened France and Argentina demolished Ireland, and all four of those teams looked a lot stronger than Scotland did. Australia's got to take on Argentina next and I think that's going to be a really, really tough game. And then barring a stunning upset they're going to end up against New Zealand in the final. Really not sure I rate their chances.

    Mornin' all.

      Morning buddy. How was the weekend?

        Wasn't too bad, minus the neighbours causing a disturbance yesterday morning heh.

          Our new neighbour has been noisily removing his bike from the outdoor shed (right across from our bedroom) at 4.30ish every morning. Not quite on the same level, but I know dem feels.

            That's a bit rude of him, is it something extremely loud like a Harley? If so that's an even more jerk move, push that shit out to the street then be on your way damn it!

              lol no it's just a pushbike. We are in townhouses, and our bedroom window is about 10-15 meters from his shed. He seems to bury it behind shit in his shed every night, and pull it all out to get the bike out every morning... at least that's what it sounds like.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing?

    My weekend was a food coma and I regret nothing.

    Friday was Cathryn's birthday so we went out for lunch with a few of her friends and knowing the weekend looming opted for a salad from Schnitz. That night we went to my parents house and had dinner there which was about 2 kilos of crumbed chicken and potato bake...mmmm...potato bake. Afterwards before I fell into a food coma we played Cards Against Humanity and laughes were had by all before we called it a night early as we had to get up early the next day.

    Saturday we were up at 7am on a Saturday?! Fuck you mornings! We drove to Cathryn's mum's and then she drove us into the city from hers because she wanted to take us to DFO. Unfortunately Cathryn's mum followed the wrong directions and we ended up at the Melbourne Star and Harbour town shops thinking that was DFO, it was only while we were eating brekkie at the coffee club that I googled DFO and realised we were about a 10 minute drive from it so off we went back to the car to leave and head to DFO. It was packed as we got their at 10:30, everyone was rushing the stores and I picked up a new pair of vans for $29. Cathryn got a whole bunch of clothing and some new shoes and I was designated bag boy, good times. After all the shopping it was back to Cathryns mum for dinner which was BBQ and it was lovely except I had a headache. Then after that it was off to her dads for the night and to prep for Sunday.

    Sunday was her dads sides party and they went all out on food im talking all out, the all out that the bbq got filled 3 times over with meat and I had so much potato salad and sausages and reg salad and satay skewers ohh god the satay skewers.

    Now its monday and i feel ded food coma is real!

    Hi gang

    Thanks to release schedule change on LoH Trails in Cold Steel I'm back on the Fallout 4 train

    *peeeeep peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*


    Man, I hope we do see Tokyo Xanadu soonish, I'm super keen.

    Ice left $20 on PSN to grab TitS SC if it suddenly pops up. Dunno if that'll even cover it :-/

    I originally left $30 but then Megaman Legends popped up. Nice suprise after I was convinced they just weren't doing it.

      What was TitS on Steam? I'd expect that SC will be the same price.

      EDIT: $20. But it might be more since SC hasn't been out before. Still, this is probably why XSEED have taken forever - not expecting to turn a profit off it.

        Yeah, fingers crossed it's $20. Otherwise I'll pick it up at Xmas (which may end up being when we see it anyway)

    What do you do when someone is kinda a flake when it comes to arriving to tabletop sessions like Iron Kingdoms?

    Anyways, I finished through the Dishonoured DLC. While not the best DLC, it's way better than most DLC that's just map packs or something. It gives you new weapons and powers that are just different enough to mix up the gameplay.

    I also started Shadow Warrior. Aside from the stupid stereotypes, and that I only played the first level, it's already impressed me. It's a classic shooter made today. No BS regenerative health, no hiding behind chest high walls. You dodge attacks because you actually dodge them.

      I was pleasantly surprised by the Shadow Warrior remake. Too many callbacks to the original that I totally missed, but otherwise it does a pretty good job of mixing past and present in mechanics and design philosophy.

    What does everyone think of the overall quality of games journalism?

      I only read articles by Serrels. They're quality.

        I wouldn't call them articles. They are stories. Every one mentions how he doesn't have time to play video games. Is that useful on this site?

          I tried to make sense of your username... and failed.

          Game reviews are inherently subjective to a certain extent. I can't stand racing games, but some people play nothing else. Likewise, I have spent many hundreds / thousands of hours playing the same games over and over again (MoO2, Civ2 and Dota 1/2 in particular), whereas others wouldn't spend more than an hour or two on them.

          Even when appraising game mechanics, it can be a bit subjective. Some people might like the retro aesthetic of Titan Souls, while other reviewers might hate it. Basically the only thing you can review entirely subjectively are the technical specifications of the game, and let's be honest - that'd be a pretty boring read.

          So yeah, there's definitely room for subjectivity.

            Have you read any of his stories? He specifically doesn't like reviews and doesn't do them:



            No subjectivity was involved in this process.

      It's pretty shit, with game journalists mostly copy+pasting press releases. I have a lot of respect for people like George Weidman, (Super BunnyHop) who does proper investigative journalism. I very much liked his investigation on Shenmue 3's kickstarter, really cleared up where all the money came from.

    -First day back at work after a week off
    -Looks at unread emails
    *mark all as read*

    If there's anything important, they'll follow it up.

    A new XCOM run has begun for me, this time with Enemy Within. Despite playing this on Easy for the moment, I already lost a soldier trying to rush for Meld, so this has gotten each mission to feel more dynamic now, where I even have to think about my positioning right when the mission starts, like choosing between searching for the Meld or sticking together and not risking hard ambushes based on the terrain I'm on.

    Really liking it so far. When I get to play this on harder difficulties I might run a TAYbie army, we'll see, but this game has gotten hundreds of times more fun and exciting to play. :)

      I roll with a lot of support when it comes to meld-rushing. Smoke grenades for impromptu hard cover and extra inventory in your medic/overwatch specialists is invaluable. (I typically bring one more of each others.)

      The one thing I really wish they'd improve (remove) is the enemy getting a free move whenever they move into your visual range or you discover them through scouting. It's kind of bullshit.

        Agreed, I believe that's how my guy got killed, I dashed towards a meld node, spotted two and they instantly had flanking bonus twice, two hits, one dead. It's a bit unfair but I guess that's comes with the risks of going for the Meld in the first place. I've been running one support with two snipers minimum like I did last playthrough on Enemy Unknown, worked a treat.

      Crap. I'm halfway through a run (just Enemy Unknown) but I got suckered into buying Grey Goo last week (mostly because I am the total target market for flash sales) so spent all my gaming time on the weekend playing that.

      Speaking of - Grey Goo is an absolute treat. I'm only 4-5 missions into it but it's the strategy game experience that I've been craving since forever.

        That's one game I missed out on and I have no idea why I haven't tried it yet, seems to the be RTS I've been waiting for since the old days of C&C, and the Grey Goo faction seem really interesting in gameplay.

          Yeah when I fired it up it gave me really strong C&C vibes. It's still on sale on Steam for $20 USD, but probably won't be for long!

          Apparently it has some performance issues, but I played 3-4 hours of the campaign over the weekend and didn't see any sign of them.

          Last edited 19/10/15 11:29 am

            From what I've heard, it chugs more based on the scale of what's going on in the game (i.e giant masses of units, which I call Supreme Commander syndrome) I'll have to take another look when I get home tonight.

              You won't regret it!

                Until you get to the end; the Goo campaign is nigh-on awful, but it's an enjoyable RTS single-player experience (for what we get these days -- it's no Dawn of War, Company of Heroes 1, Shogun 2 etc etc) up until that point.

                I think mission 11 is where it diverges, but don't quote me on that.

                  Eugh, that's unfortunate.

                  I'm up to the assault on the terminal - it has been a great campaign up til now.

      Especially in the non-long war games, you get more than enough meld. If you ever think "This could potentially activate a pod" or if it feels risky in some way then just ignore the can, there's always more out there.

      Also MECs & gene mods are a bit crap anyway, the sproingy legs gene mod is worth it for mobility but all the rest are underwhelming. For my money, MECs are just lacking in versatility unless you MEC an entire squad

        Aw if it really isn't that strong that's a shame... I was hoping to MEC up one or two or even more, make a cyborg army to smite both humans and aliens alike. :(

          Nah, gene-mods are really the best because they upgrade your existing dudes, whereas the MEC units are really something else entirely. I think I replaced my Heavy to serve as walking cover/tank/reliable long-range punisher, and that seemed to do the job well enough. Really needed the mobility of the other guys for tactics.

          The 'builds and tactics' section here is interesting:

          By all means give them a go, don't just take my word for it. It might well be that they don't fit my play style but they will fit yours. One mission where I found a MEC invaluable was in the council mission in newfoundland with the fishing village investigation. Flamers and relatively high speed are particularly handy there.

          I tend to favour rapid & stealthy manoeuvres punctuated by brief and deadly firefights where I have the positional advantage. That's why I found the sproingy legs gene mod quite useful, it lets you hop walls or get onto roofs in places that you normally couldn't so I could generally evade the pods that are placed to activate when you use normal entry points and attack them from the flanks or roof. The Shopf Paper Inc warehouse map is a great example, there's a wall you can hop to go around the back which can shield you from activating any pods inside the building and allow you to get the drop on any pods that are near the trucks waiting to ambush you if you come around the side route.

          Realistically, MECs can also make holes in walls to allow entry but aside from being a bit obvious, it leaves you with a hole in the wall so if you activate a pair of muton elite pods, you can't just jump back over the wall forcing them to come to you through normal channels which gives you time to set up a solid defence. MECs can get the Jet Boot Module at lieutenant which is pretty handy but you lose out on the One For All skill which turns the MEC into a full cover position which can be a lifesaver.

          Once you finish the regular game, you should definitely try Long War, I had just under 400 hours on XCOM in October last year which is when I got back into it and decided to try out this Long War mod I'd heard about, now I have just under 1100 hours. Hell, its just lovely starting with a squad size of 6 and expanding to 8 (even as many as 10-12 on base assaults). Of course you NEED the extra troops since its a lot harder but its nice anyway.

            6 expanding to 8?! O_o whoa... So much replayability in this game now!

              Yeah, long war is good like that. Of course it's bad (as in evil rather than crap) in almost every other way. It's not unknown to get missions like alien supply barges landing in april of the first year and being packed with chryssalids or mutons before you're first supposed to encounter them and you're still stuck on ballistic weapons. There are some missions that you're really not supposed to win but it's still possible if you're really good at managing risk and if you get a bit of luck.

              There's also more character classes than the base game pretty much everything has been split into 2, the heavy has been broken up into the rocketeer and the machine gunner, the support has been broken up into the medic and the engineer, the assault has been broken up into the assault and infantry and the sniper has been broken up into the sniper and scout. They've got a really wide range of skills spread over the 8 classes and they have heaps of ones that troops in the base game don't have. Its easily the most impressive mod I've ever seen for any game even if it's occasionally a bit wonky in places

                Well that actually makes it make more sense, story-wise. The aliens are trying to conquer the planet right? So why hold back in the first month, or even the first bloody week? A good first strike could win you the war right then and there, so why not the aliens take a leaflet from that and actually show why they've been the conquerors that they've become long before they even reached Earth, and just slam the shit out of you?
                But this all sounds AWESOME! I'm taking that on for next time and just sticking with it!

                  Definitely play the base game all the way through first since it shows you all the things you need to be good at to even have a chance at long war. Also it's good to be able to see the differences when you encounter something like a sectopod and see just how wussy they are in the base game in comparison to the long war ones where their health bar is as tall as they are...

    Morning all!
    Well I managed to run the half-marathon despite not being able to run for the last 2 1/2 weeks and with a buggered ankle but I pushed through it and got a time of 2:05:22. Not too bad considering. I won't be able to run for a while after this though, my ankle is pretty shot right now :(
    Ah well, it was worth it to raise money for Beyond Blue with a total of $570 :)
    Now, where are those painkillers...

      Well done!

        Thank you! It was definitely the toughest one I've done yet. I've done 4 of them but I was in constant pain the whole way through this one. In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have done it lol.

    Friends over for dinner Friday followed by drunk bowling. Went fairly well, unfortunately had to cut it short as they had water polo in the morning. Missed opportunity to finally ask how they teach the horses to swim, but we'll probably catch up with them in a couple of weeks.

    Washed the car on Saturday. I keep forgetting the alloy wheels are silver under all that brake dust. Had my wife's aunt over for dinner since her (jerk) husband had some plans and she didn't feel like being more alone that usual.

    Slept in til nearly midday on Sunday which sounds good until you realise it means you have 5 fewer hours in which to do nothing. As a result, it's Monday bloody morning and I am really not mentally prepared to be back at work yet. On the upside my boss is working from home again, meaning I'm basically unsupervised. The fact I'm 32 and consider this a small victory is probably evidence that I'm not manager material.

    Hola Tay

    Lazy weekend. Finally had the Sci Fi and Fantasy Quiz Night I've been helping write questions for for months, went really well but the video round (explosion themed) was a bit too easy. Ran a sound board for the first time in ages, which was fun.

    Yesterday afternoon helped a friend out with her PAX costume- she's going as Eris Morn, so now her eyes will actually glow. Coupled with the rest of her costume, it's going to be really cool, so if you see Eris Morn on PAX Saturday say hello. Speaking of costumes, I think I finally finished mine on Friday:

    Now all I need to do is wait for a patch to arrive from the internet (Brotherhood of Steel) to sew on to my bag, but that's non-essential.

    A Monday Morning Question: How are you all going?

      Me sleepy. Pretend work. Boss not know difference. Maybe coffee fix.

      Recovering from surgery, turns out post surgery wounds hurt. Very annoying, going crazy being off my feet for the next four weeks. Makes you feel like a bum watching everyone else in the family doing housework, mowing etc. while I sit on my arse.
      Other than that though, the weather is good, I survived, and TWD is back on, so things are looking up.

        I think a lot of people vastly underestimate the trauma done to the body when someone mucks about inside you, or the pain of internal injuries. Sympathies.

          I had a minor surgery years ago, took me fully six months before I'd consider to have fully healed.

      Cool work on the Cosplay stuff, I should send you one of these when I finish it:

        Ooh, nice. I considered cobbling a weapon together, but I didn't want to lug it around at PAX all day. With the Pip Boy I can ignore it mostly (or stash it at weapons check) and then be fairly unencumbered.

        Learned this lesson the hard way steampunking, because brass stuff is heavy

      I'm going to test a theory that the day works out much like the first hash brown of the day.

      In this case, soggy and starchy. More like a potato gem than hash brown.

    Morning, TAY.
    Woke up all phlegmy.
    Urk. :(

      Me too. Kids were that way for a week, and I thought I had dodged it.... Nope.

    This week is SPEND ALL THE MONEY ON THE CAR week. Urgh.

      Just shoot it and put it out of its misery.

        It's actually fine, just that week of the year when the rego and insurance and green slip all has to be renewed. The car is a 2004 model and has not even done 135000km. It will last a few more years yet!

      Oh I know that one, that was us 2 weeks back, just replace car with light commercial truck :( so glad we're gonna be selling it shortly, rego is about 2x as much for it as it costs for the car >.<

      Cars are such a money pit, but in a lot of cases a necessary evil >=[

    Sup all?

    Had an okay weekend, did jack all on Saturday, mowed the lawn, walked the dog, played a fuck ton of Fallout 3.

    Sunday however, neighbours decided they'd have a full on argument which the they thought the entire neighbourhood needed to hear, that resulted in emergency services turning up, and leaving without anyone again, despite several neighbours making complaints to the police that this is normal behaviour for them and they want them gone, hell even the department of housing won't do anything about them when presented with evidence of what they have done to others in the street. They've only been a problem for street the last 30 years, but no amount of complaining and other action taking has resulted in anything other than someone telling them that they've been naughty and to not be naughty.

    Oh well at least it's dead quiet today, which is nice.

      Film it and submit it anonymously.

        We've been down that road before with all sorts of evidence, it was not taken seriously. We've had 2 AVO's against them, we got security cameras. We also got a new property fence with a locking gate.

        That was something which sadly took a lot more effort than it should've too, since the department of housing tried to tell us we were not allowed to have a replacement fence, even though their rules & regulations state that all department of housing NSW properties that border private properties must have a fence, only took us something like 5 years to get the entire fence replaced, that was a nightmare. But since have a nice 6 foot colorbond fence between us & them, it cut a lot of the crap. The best they could do in the end to cause trouble was ring up the council & complain about our dog, which got them nowhere anyway. It only took them something like 28 years to leave us alone because nothing good will come from it for them, heh.

        It's a shame since the rest of the street is made up of lovely people who're quite friendly yet they ruin it for everyone with their dramas..

    Morning all!

    Having had 2 consecutive long weekends, I can definitively say that this Monday business is awful and shouldn't be a thing.


    So, aside from vidya gaemz, are many of you hitting up the tabletop area?

    I'm DEFINITELY going to be entering a speed painting comp, along with at least one of the x-wing dogfights. Oh - and the Warhammer 30K big bash, if i have a spare 4 hours! haha

    WOOO WOOO!!!


      Wait there's a Warhammer 30K?! Hmm.. I should call up the Mechanicum for this one!

        Yeah - All the Forgeworld stuff.
        They will have a big table where people can just come along, join in and take control of either a heresy era squad or tank.
        *quivers with joy*

      I'm going to spend lots of time there. Gonna try enter a Carcassonne competition, play some Commander, and get @trjn to teach me Village.

        Control the Church and Council! Become GodKing!

        Note: This strategy didn't work out so well for me.

          Although it's actually not a shit strategy, it can just be very luck dependent and you don't want to put too many people in the church early.

        How to play Village:

        1) Pick up cubes.
        3) ???
        4) Points!

        Carcassonne still sound like a type of dessert to me.

        I'm actually surprised there won't be a smash-up tournament. That game has been going crazy-balls since I first saw it at PAX Aus: First Blood.

      PAX HYPE.

      I'll be bringing 2 Rooms and a Boom so we can replicate the Cracks Triple Victory Epic.

      And I think I remember something about @trjn wanting to run a game of Battlestar Galactica?

        I tried to get a game going last year. I'm sure I can be convinced to try again this year.

    Damn Valve, after seeing people in North America getting their Steam Link devices already, really makes me want one even more. I wish Valve would let us pre-order them damn it! I like that they're compatible with the PS3, PS4, 360 & Xbone controllers out of the box, also the Wii U game pad can be synced with it apparently which is cool.

    Would be a great replacement for the HTPC in my room, since it does Netflix, Plex & other services like that & plays games over the network.

    It also seems EB Games will most likely be the seller of them here, since Gamestop in the states & EB Games in Canada are dealing with the pre-orders.

      What is Steam Link? It feels like one of those celebrity names that didn't exist just a couple of weeks ago and now suddenly everyone is talking about them and I have no idea why.

        Cheap (and official) device for streaming Steam (Steaming?) games on a LAN.

        Haha. It's a little black magic box that sits next to, under, behind or on top of your TV that hooks up to your home network and allows you to stream Steam games from your PC to it. It also can do shit like Netflix, networked media etc I think it also does web browsing from memory? It's relatively cheap at $50 USD, has bluetooth, wifi, gigabit ethernet, USB & HDMI. Impressive device for its size imo.

        I guess it's the same as the PlayStation TV but for PC instead!

    Dapper Meat 2.0! It's time to start locking in details so we can book accordingly!

    WHEN: FRIDAY 30th OCTOBER, 7:30pm (Dinner start) - gives time to watch @markserrels cook oats and then change in to Fancywear™.
    WHERE: RARE DOWNTOWN A STEAK PLACE (Squires Loft, Rare, or Meat & Wine Co) followed by Gin Palace
    WHAT: A chance to wear a "pretty dress and not jeans" / suit up. Wear what you're comfortable in, doesn't have to be a suit. We'll eat steak, then go drink gin.

    WHO: @freezespreston @cookingmama @beeawwb @blaghman @alexpants @trjn @freya @tigerion (+1) @powalen @redartifice @mrtaco @beavwa (+1) @negativezero have all expressed interest. Given that we'll need to book the restaurant for a party of that size we'll probably need to lock away confirmations within the next couple days.

    Also need to lock in the venue for dinner. Squire's Loft only have the docklands location in the city now, with the "city" location being "Rare Midtown" - so given the need to get from dinner to Gin Palace or back to accommodation and most people being nearer to the convention centre, that's where Rare Downtown and Meat & Wine Co came up as suggestions since they're quite close and will involve less walking. Venue is now Rare Downtown unless something changes drastically.

    Last edited 19/10/15 12:42 pm

      I might ask Dan (whom some of you know) along, will get back to you if they're in.

      I went to The Meat & Wine Co in Sydney and was insanely overpriced for a very mediocre meal reminiscent of a Coffee Club steak. Not sure it's a place I'd recommend.

        Rare looked slightly better to me personally, just recombining all the suggestions from last week's postings. :)

        I say Rare Downtown!

          I'm good with that. I do eat at Squire's Loft every now and then (there's one at Robina) and they are very good. Never tried Rare before so nice to try something new.

            Yeah, for me Squire's Loft is the "safe fallback" option. I know exactly what to expect, having eaten at the Melb and Perth locations many times (and fully intending to get down to Robina too).

            Unless there's any objections shall we lock in Rare Downtown as the venue?

        The Meat & Wine Co is close enough to my office I could probably lob a shoe out the window and hit it. I haven't done the one in Sydney but the one here in Southbank is okay. Really specializes in doing corporate lunches though. Rare is better.

      I'll skip the Gin Palace but definitely in for dapper steak.

      (I also don't mind where we go so you connoisseurs can decide)

        Psst...the gin place has not-gin things too...

          They didn't have a menu on their website :P

          I'll get back to you guys on that one.

      CONFIRMED ATTENDEES (Have posted): 13.5

      Finishedlast + 1 - Other commitments
      Tigerion + 1 (and Tiglet)

      Last edited 19/10/15 12:41 pm

      I guess I didn't express interest with my tweeting about it :'(


        Haha, sorry I was literally just copying from the original thread. Added you to the list!

      Still keen. Contemplating what kind of dapperness to bring to the table.

        I figure you'll be spoilt for choice of pants. Maybe make a suit made entirely of pants?

          But what about accessories? A monocle? A cane?! A butler?!

          Oh, Bob, I simply can't decide.


            You were saying...?

              Please train me in your ways, sensei.

      I'm in, get ready for the saddest approximation of Dapper you've ever seen.

      Count me in for with a +1.5
      Likely to skip th gin place although @cookingmama might sweep Mrs Tigs away

      I think rare is actually owned/run by squires loft so if you know squires you know what you are in for.

        Yeah, I was actually checking if they were an affiliate restaurant last week, but you just made me curious so I did a quick Google and looks like Rare Midtown is a trading name for The Trustee For The Squires Loft City Steakhouse Unit Trust. :P

        So that's +2 for the dinner booking, yeah? I don't think we'll need to / be able to book Gin Palace (maybe should call and check...).

          Yeah so 3 of us all up but if you are making the booking generally 2 and a highchair is good to give them the heads up

      Is this the PAX weekend Friday?
      Count me in. (Assuming there's still room?)

        See next page, there's room with a couple of our options (Squire's Loft is leading the vote right now)


    Interesting weekend. Almost finished up all my uni assignments for the semester, and my sister called me up to tell me that she's engaged, and that she wants me to give her away at the wedding.

    It's not for a while, but I'm already kind of nervous :o

    Pax meat Peeps.
    Do we want catering or not? I'm worried that if people don't eat before hand, they'll end up with no food.

      I'm likely to eat first, because that was my mistake last year.

        I'm sorry about that. =(

          Not your fault, I should have grabbed something before we went on to the Karaoke place. Did a Hungry Jacks run on the way back to my hotel at midnight.

      I'd be cool with pitching in a bit for some catering. Having a few bites around won't go astray I think. But at the same time probably should encourage people not to rely on the nibbles.

      IIRC there were some questions last time about the size of each of the catering platters?

        I asked but received no response =/

        It's $150 for 20 mini meals. There is 37 people confirmed. For $300 someone gets something each.

        Last edited 19/10/15 2:44 pm

          Oh so it was 20 of just one of the things on the list, not 20 of each thing?

          Might not be worth it then.

            I don't it's 20 of each thing. I've sent off an email again to find out how big they are. There is a canape option. It's the same. -_-

            Last edited 19/10/15 3:03 pm

      I think people will be happy with whatever you decide as long as they know what to expect beforehand.

      Maybe a good idea would be to tell everybody to have dinner beforehand and then just have a small amount of catering for snacks/drinks.

      EDIT; Yeah, I agree with Neg.

      Last edited 19/10/15 12:36 pm

      What are the details of this event, Scree? I don't read TAY much anymore but I got my roster for PAX so I can say yay/nae

        Saturday 7pm

          Hmm, I finish my shifts at 6:30pm (in theory). If someone was around to lead me in the right direction I'd be ok with that :P

            Here is a map.

              Looks too complicated. Ended up in China. gg.


              Thanks, that's pretty simple!

                One of the reasons we chose the venue.

    Ugh, what a jerk. Typed up a post about TV shows, hit submit and I was logged out and what I typed up had vanished, aw =(


    Watched season 1 of Fargo on the weekend, I quite liked it. Didn't think it was a black comedy as per described, dark? yeah, but didn't really find the comedy aspect of it, still a good show. Might watch the first episode of season 2 tonight!

    I'm also debating if I should bother with The Walking Dead season 6 or not, I haven't really seen a point to the show since after the end of season 3, it's just been yeah, pretty lame in my opinion, I guess I just expected more from the story than we're getting example (season 5 spoiler)

    Like they hyped up Terminus so much and then it was like 1 episode there and that was it, and they didn't bother to even cover much of it.. Then killed off Beth in a lame way, I was liking the focus on the relationship with her & Daryl.. It's like they're trying too much now to cram as much into the seasons as possible and not spend time explaining things, so you end up with little bits here and there and they expect the viewer to fill in the blanks, seems like poor story telling me in this case.

    Where as Fear The Walking Dead I think has potential, but I should finish that first before I make a decision I guess.

      Fargo was the Cats knees. More than did justice to it's namesake.

        Damn right it was. I thought Martin Freeman played his character rather well, I also must admit I did not recognise Billy Bob Thorton at first. I'm sitting there watching it all "Fuck this voice is familiar who is he?" Then it dawned on me ha. But for some reason Colin Hanks still creeps me out though after seeing in him Dexter as a serial killer, couldn't shake that, even though he was pretty likeable in Fargo.

          I thought the real star was Alison Tolman. Billy Bob had a lot of red meat to chew on, and Freeman's was showy accent, but Molly was the real centre of the season and was just brilliant.

            I really didn't like her at first, but it got to a point where she became really likeable and started hoping that she'd get the recognition she deserved with what she was trying to achieve, especially with her chief being a dick like he was.

      Personally I liked that they got out of Terminus so quickly. It gave a focus point after the loss of the prison but then let the group move on. I'm not 100% sure but I think the quickness of everything might link to the comics? I'm not up to that issue yet though so I can't comment. Beth though... OMG I hated that so much. It was totally pointless and out of character. I get wanting to create drama for the mid-season finale but that was just lame. Beth's way smarter than that. Overall I enjoyed season 5 a lot though, I thought it was really strong. I've got Season 6 on the Foxtel IQ to watch tonight, I'm hoping it continues the coolness.

      FTWD... I dunno. I see the potential but it was definitely something that built as the season went along. First couple episodes I was unimpressed. I'll watch a second season, but I'm firmly on the East Coast side of things.

        I guess we all have different expectations for it :P But most people I know who watch it think the whole killing off of Beth was fucking stupid. Yeah I agree, she is smarter than that.

        I found the first episode to be really slow, but I kinda got more into it in episode 2 and I think I watched 3 as well. I can't remember :S

          Yeah, I remember after I watched that episode (only a few weeks ago. I forgot to watch S5!) I immediately jumped on Google and searched for "Why did Beth get herself killed" and most pundits are in total agreement. Easily the stupidest decision on the show.

          I think what's putting me off about FTWD isn't that it's slow. I can deal with slow, and honestly I'd expect that given it's the start of the outbreak. It's the inconsistencies. Maybe it's just that I'm too invested in the lore of the source TV show, the comics, and the games but there's just things in the show (I'm deliberately not saying anything until you've watched the whole season) that make me say "Nope. Doesn't work. Nope. Nope. Nope." and so on. I think if I was watching it blind I'd probably enjoy it a little more. But it absolutely gets better as it goes on.

            Yeah, would like to know more as to why they came to the decision that Beth had to go. Why not someone else in the group, but eh. They seem to like killing off Maggie's family so you know. Heh.

            Fair enough :P Yeah there was a few inconsistencies, like from what i've seen so far there's still no explanation as to where the virus has come from still. So bleh to that.

    Way to waste the weekend. Saw Matilda on Friday night, it was awesome. I can't even remember what happened to Saturday though, I meant to work on my costume more but hardly got anything done. Then Sunday was spent on Splatfest. KITTY SUPERIORITY! Had a huge run, played through 137 matches with only 37 of them being losses, finished up with a heat rating of +45.0. Apparently we won, so I will take full credit for that :P

    Oh yeah, and last night my sister and her boyfriend were over. For Christmas, he gave me this extra hot jerky they picked up while on holiday. My packet doesn't say anything about it, but according to the site and the guy who sold it to them (well, at first he was refusing to do so) it's made with ghost chillis. So they were super keen on having me try it and watching my head melt off. And last night we finally got around to doing it.

    It was... underwhelming. I'm suspicious as to whether it actually was made with ghost chilli or not. Not even trying to act tough, I remember there being far worse a burn from Dragon's Blood, which iirc was made from habaneros. That lasted way longer than this stuff and I feel like it went way hotter too. Unless maybe my tongue's just died more since then.

    Either way, I plan to head over to Mad Mex on Wednesay and come back home with some of their Carolina Reaper sauce, to hopefully atone for the disappointment. As a birthday present for her, or something :P

      I got given a jar of reaper paste last week, delicious stuff!

      Edit: Just realised it's from the same place that makes your Dragon's Blood. \o/

      Last edited 19/10/15 1:14 pm

        Oh, neat. I love that they've run out of space on their heat scale :P Also their names for stuff are cool.

        How's the reaper paste? Will I die?

          I found it really tasty. It's got a beautiful fruity flavour when it first hits your tongue that builds as the heat comes on. I found it hot but not unbearably so but I tend to have a very high tolerance for chillies. Being a paste it's more for cooking and I can see it flavouring a dish perfectly. Absolutely would recommend if you're in to your chillies.

          There's also a video on FB of my 10 y/o stepkid trying it. His reaction is pretty indicative ("This is good. Oh wait, it's hot. OH WAIT IT'S HOT. WATER!!!"). What's not shown is him crying after the video stopped recording. However I think a lot of that was him being melodramatic since once he stopped thinking about the heat / got distracted it magically went away.

      Team Dog was absolutely woeful. Not surprised we lost at all. 90% of the teams I played on were just awful. I guess we got a lot of the bandwagoners who saw that Dogs won the American splatfest and thought it was a sure thing :P

      You'd think people in the 30+ level range would know how to play Saltspray Rig by now, but apparently not :P Me spamming "To me!" in the top choke point didn't help much either haha

        Looks like it all... went to the dogs 8-)

        Honestly I'd completely forgotten how to play Rig when I first started up. Had no idea what I was doing, it'd been waaaaaaaaaay too long since I last did turf war there. I don't really use/see much use of To Me, mostly just Nice. I think the worst one I had last night was in Warehouse, we were struggling with most of the arena in blue and the enemy had us fairly pinned down. But I managed to break through and was strafing to the left side, covering the area pretty well in the closing quarter minute. And I was being followed by this idiot roller on my team the whole entire time. WHY ARE YOU PAINTING OVER THE AREA THAT IS ALREADY PAINTED, GO AND BE USEFUL. Sure enough, time's up and the entire right side of the arena remains uncovered.

        Why are rollers almost invariably so useless :P

          I was always useful as a roller. I would paint anything that wasn't painted. =D

          Me teams were terrible as well. I was also on team dog. I had a lot of people in the low teens who had no idea how to play. I also played dreadfully yesterday. I have no idea what was going on, but I just couldn't aim straight.

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