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      Morning! How was the weekend?

        My weekend was good, a little crazy and filled of nursing a sick partner. now I'm getting sick myself.

      Weird double-post to start the week. Not a good sign.

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      Morning Sire! I'm taking the day off today, as recommended by my boss. Just not feeling quite with it yet after being ill last week. Not sure if it's from the sickness, or stress due to news from dad on Friday, but I'm heading back to the doc's this morning.
      Hope your week is starting off better!

        Hope you feel better mate.

        Now to the important question - what game are you playing on your day off?

          lol atm just clicker heroes, but when I get back from the doc, I might get in to a bit of Big Pharma!

            Haven't gotten around to getting Big Pharma yet, I don't mind Plague Inc. though (which is pretty much the exact opposite).

              Pesky humans and their stupid global-cure-collaboration...

                Simian flu FTW!

                  I do a totally immature thing where I name my diseases stuff like, "Boganism," or "Reality TV."

                  It makes me laugh. "Reality TV has destroyed humanity." Symptoms like bleeding out the ass and psychotic paranoia? Yeah, sounds about right.

        Well I hope it all gets better for you.
        How do you plan on spending your day off?

          Well I just got back from the doctor, so that's part one of my day out of the way. Need to go get a blood test at some stage too, but the traffic was so bad I figured I'd come home and wait til it dies down a little. Other than that, just relaxing at home. TV, games, and maybe a little research

        Hope you feel better soon man.

          Cheers bro. I don't feel bad or sick really thankfully, just devoid of energy. Like my body never really fully recovered after the bout of the runs I had last week. The runs stopped, but it's like the rest of my body didn't quite realize it or something.
          Just went and had the blood test, so now just a matter of waiting. Also need to get a holter test (I think that's what it's called - something where they monitor your heart for a 24 hour period.) That's gonna cost me though, so I can't really do it this week. Hope it's not just age catching up with me after all these years. Up until now, I've always maintained that invincible teenage feeling, so I hope this is not the beginning of the end of that phase.

      Good morning! I'm still at home, oops. I should do something about getting to uni.

      Good Morning! :)

    Morning all! I've finished the final chapters of Tales From the Borderlands and Life is Strange (@dc).

    Both good finales, though I thought Life is Strange was a much stronger showing!

    LiS finale:
    One thing I really liked about this chapter was that every prediction I'd read about how The Dark Room cliffhanger was going to be resolved... EVERY SINGLE ONE ended up happening in one timeline or another. David saves Max, Warren's photo saves Max, that butterfly photo ends up being crucial to the story's resolution. And the final decision was a perfect, perfect throwback to the part of the story that kind of otherwise stuck out like a sore thumb: Max's interaction with paralysed Chloe. Structurally speaking, in terms of paying off and playing off previous events, this episode was a masterpiece. I also really liked the brief distraction of the art show at the start, before being yanked back into the horror of the dark room - that was a legitimately unnerving transition.

    I chose to sacrifice Chloe, but I watched both endings. The sacrifice Chloe one was definitely the stronger ending, and I think probably the 'canon' one, if such a thing could be said to exist.

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      Really have to get back to TFtB. Haven't played at all since I finished episode 2. Same with Game Of Thrones (only up to the end of episode 3). Still gotta start on The Walking Dead Season 2 and Minecraft: Story Mode too.

      Agreed! Our endings played out the same too. Amazing game. Can't wait to see what they've got for us next. :)

        You made me play this game. I blame you.


          And I'd do it again! :P

            Well, I'm about to play Everybody's Gone to the Rapture and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, both on your rec.

            So in a sense, you've already done it again.

              Give Rapture a chance. Once it hooks you, I feel you'll enjoy it but it will take longer than you expect. Vanishing I fully endorse without reservation. :)

                I also picked up Remember Me today. Apparently, I'm on a DC-binge.

    My Warmachine tournament was pretty ok. I got the buy for the first round, for the second my opponent made a huge mistake and left him at a huge disadvantage, than for the third my opponent got a lucky charge against my Vessel of Menoth which left me at a disadvantage, eventually beating me down into a corner. He would have beaten me but he lost to deathclock. There was supposed to be a fourth round but everybody was tired for some reason. So I took second for the tournament.

    Also been getting back into FF14. Up to level 49 and I think I've started the final stretch for the final missions.

    Fun fact: Subterfuge is buggy as fuck on a Galaxy s4. Constant freezes and hiccups (and also Freeze). The chat box is cut off by the on screen keyboard, autocorrect doesn't work properly and it's very hard to navigate through text to correct things. Notifications either lag or don't show up at all.

    It's a hell of a struggle but the game itself is rad.

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      So, sounds like the Android version is the issue because I'm on an S6 and having identical problems. I also have a higher chance to crash when opening the app via a notification, which then also clears it. I've missed so many messages...

        Yeah, that one in particular is making it a huge pain.

    Slightly cryptic look into the future.

    Fairy bread.

      You've finally started organising catering for the wedding \o/

        Easiest reception in the world, just mountains upon mountains of fairy bread. It'll be rad.

          Get married in a park, don't even book or get permission, just get like 100 people who each bring their own folding chair and be done before the council rangers show up to kick you out. People won't mess with you. Reception? Impromptu street party. Apparently you can just close a street and all that happens is you get a $225 fine. Set up tables with fairy bread and party pies. Get ten cakes from the cheesecake shop for the price of one proper wedding cake, which tastes like ass anyway. I swear to god if it wasn't for weddings and Christmas the fruitcake industry would fold overnight. Save money on a suit by just borrowing a jacket. Pair it with jeans and instruct the photographer to shoot you from the waist up. No need for a proper suit!

          Now for your honeymoon you'll want to get out of Canberra and go somewhere relatively exotic, like Bathurst or Orange, and stay in the finest 3-star motels.

            We got married in the Botanical Gardens down near th Opera House, it was like $80 to get the permission. Well worth it.


    Aw man, @bdkiaf is getting crushed under the @Beeawwb train, @gingerchris86 and I had a bit of a scuffle, @freezespreston is a dirty collaborateur, @trjn is taking his shot, and @rize is turtling like a champ

      Just checked out what Subterfuge is then, such a great idea: I know I check my phone regularly through the day so the premise of playing for a little bit during the day while you're at work is manageable/awesome.

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        Hah, little bit. Try "obsessively glued"

        I don't know if they've started, but @gingerchris86, @transientmind, @jocon and @cffndncr were starting up a game.

          I missed the boat on that, they started on Saturday arvo.

          We ended up with I think just Chris, Blags, myself and... a friend of Chris'? Unless that's Jo... the username is unfamiliar. I reckon more players is probably a good thing, though. Shame there's no real way to get late entries.

          Eh, game was being screwy so I gave it a miss.

      I'm permanently stuck in turtle mode because any attack attempt means both sides lose, which means others could take the advantage...but if I sit here and quietly weep I'm safe.

        You say that while having the best defenses on the map and production strong enough to attack inefficiently and still come out ahead. A lot changes in a day in this game, you'd be surprised how much nonsense you can get away with.

    Hi TAY! I haven't said hello in a while, but I'm very hype to meet many of you this week at PAX and the Meat. (I forget which day the meat is on though, is it Friday? :P).

    So I picked up Vermintide over the weekend.... SUCH FUN =O If anyone else wants to group up and kill a few thousand rats let me know!

      I just got that game myself and only one of my friends has it, so it would be good to team up. My steam name is the same as on here so feel free to add me if you like? :)

        Let's do eeeett! 6.30pm tonight?

          Ha ha, I am keen but it will depend on your timezone? I am in QLD so that may be 5.30pm to me and I will still be on my way from work. If that's the case how about 7.30pm?

            BAH Daylight savings! *shakes fist* 7.30 is doable I'll just do my gym session earlier. Depending on the mrs might have to bail around 8.30 or 9 but that should be enough time to squeeze a few levels in!

            Edit: to clarify 7.30pm my time; 6.30pm yours?

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              Yeah I know right? I don't understand why we have to be different when it comes to daylight savings but apparently plenty people do.

              So yes, 7.30pm your time, 6.30pm my time. I am flexible with my time so always happy to work around personal commitments as well :)

              Looking forward to wiping out some Vermin!

      I LOVED Left4Dead (not the sequel) and playing it with friends was the best. I'm pretty keen for Mordheim meets L4D.
      (Although by the time I get it I expect very few folks will be playing, with some luck it'll leave a good enough taste in folks' brains that they won't mind reinstalling six months later or so.)



    I haven't pre-ordered yet, (really wanted the Pip Boy edition but I missed out). I get the feeling that I'm gonna have to pre-order at least the standard edition or I'll be left empty-handed on launch day.

      Because my wife and I can't share we have a Pip Boy edition and a lunchbox/bobblehead edition preordered. We got the lunchbox/bobblehead edition of Fallout 3 so it's honestly kind of fortuitous that we wanted two copies anyway because I would not have let that one pass me by... and I think my wife would have had a fit if I cancelled the pip-boy preorder.

        Who gets to play with the pip-boy first and who gets to play with the game first?

          My wife has dibs on the pip boy, we'll get to play together because two xbones.

            You should make your SPECIAL stats the inverse of each other, just to see the game play out differently.

              She's more likely to play the evil/asshole character whereas I'm a goody-goody. I mean, she has the mass effect renegade symbol tattooed on her wrist. This is her commitment to being a badass.

              That said, I have no idea what to expect from Fallout 4. I've been avoiding all info since the original trailer. I think I will try for a heavy intelligence on my first playthrough and see how that works for me, simply because I hate it when I can't pass int checks.

                I'm playing through as Tony Stark, so I expect to pass all int checks

      If you preorder from EB you get a Nuka Cola poster, games soundtrack & something else as extra :P

      I should really finish paying my PS4 copy off, too so I can actually pick it up on launch day heh.

        Yeah, might drop in today and put some money down on the Nuke Pack, so I can get the bobble head, lunchbox, steelbook and 37x10 print as well.

          Yeah that looks awesome. I missed out on the Fallout 3 bobble head & lunchbox so I had to get it this time around for Fallout 4 lol. Even though I already had a Pip Boy paid off for PC >_>

        I hope all that shit comes with the Pip Boy edition too.

          It's any Fallout 4 pre order according to the website, so i'm expecting one with the Pip Boy & Nuke Pack. I'm also tossing up going to the midnight launch just so I get the damn stuff, cause I won't be able to collect my pre-orders until after 4pm otherwise :/

            Mine's coming in the mail. We did have an EB open over the road from work after I preordered, and I considered switching to a pick up in store... but I got paranoid just in case they fucked up the switch so left it as is.

              Ah fair enough, you could always email/tweet them see if you get one with yours? I'd assume you would, though.

      No way.

      You'll be able to stroll into Target/Kmart/Big W on launch and get a copy no worries.

      I doubt it. There's always stock for such a big release as this.

      There'll be stock of the standard edition. I guarantee.

    Played Destiny over the weekend as my wife was out visiting her aunt.

    For those who are following the wife's aunt's husband saga, the husband has now returned to India. Update udner a spoiler tag so as not to clog up the thread.

    The mother apparently attempted suicide by eating rat poison. This is difficult to determine the factual accuracy of but whatever the case, H made plans to return to India then told my wife's aunt that he changed his mind and would not be going despite leaving all of his bags packed. On Thursday, he packed the rest of his things, agreed to rent his car to a friend for $100/week, and left. On his way out the door the aunt demanded his keys to the house, which caused him to throw a huge tantrum, but ultimately he handed them over and left. He supposedly plans to return, and has hinted that he might bring his mother back with him for her own wellbeing. I honestly doubt he'll ever return, TBH.

    Reports back from India suggest that his mother was "thrilled to see him" and practically leaped out of her hospital bed. I presume since she was so easy to track down she is no longer a fugitive from the local authorities for hitting her servant, assuming she ever was to begin with.

    Of course now that he's back in India the brother (B, who as far as I know is still residing in the US) has started angling to get back into Australia. As thos playing at home may recall, this drama started after B visited Australia and wanted to visit again but needed a $30,000 bond which H was reluctant to take out another loan for. Now he has started interrograting H about how much money he has and, because he still can't cover the bond out of his own pocket, has started up again with harassing H about having no money, what a failure he is, etc.

    I'm now assuming at this point that B is involved in some kind of illegal activity and he's trying to manipulate H into joining him in whatever it is. I have nothing to go on apart from B's attitude and the fact he has ~$200k AUD sitting in an account which he can't explain because he seems to be an unemployed vagabond, but call it a hunch.

    So my wife spent most of Saturday with her aunt and they went shopping together, which gave me several hours of uninterrupted time with Destiny, which I mostly spent in the Court of Oryx unlocking what I assume are all the tier 2 combinations that award calcified fragments. Even did some tier 3, including finishing the bounty for completing it in under 2 minutes, which awarded me my first 300 light relic. \o/

    I remember back when I was 250 light and a group of five of us ranging from 250 - 280 couldn't make a dent in the boss of the week. Saturday, a group of four of us at around 290-300 light steamrolled the boss for phat loots. Apparently there's a specific boss at Tier 3 that drops a fragment, so I'll have to make sure I go back for it when it's up - I have an antiquated rune ready to go.

    I'd certainly rather do Court of Oryx than bloody Crucible or heroic strikes.

      You know I just absolutely hate it when people from my part of the world come to a foreign country and can't learn to leave their culture/values/etc behind. There's a reason you left, and there's a bloody reason you came to another country. Clearly the values your old country was based on were flawed else you would've bloody stuck around.

      That said hope your wife's aunt wipes her hands of this colossal shit fight and moves on. All jokes aside I highly advise terminating any and all association with this person because familial situations back home have a way of.... let's say going nuclear. If she continues to entertain him don't be surprised if his mom ends up coming here followed shortly by visits from extended family. Familial connections back home are like weeds; they'll creep in if they're allowed to take root and unless your wife's aunt is ready for the commitment that might come with that this is a cut your losses situation.

        The main fear my wife for her aunt has at this point is that bringing the mother into the country again and letting her live with them will give then a foothold for the revolving door/open house scenario. I think this is why the aunt made him give back the keys, because she doesn't know what he'll do with them. Assuming he ever returns, he'll have to announce his return along with a damn good explanation for everything and he doesn't re-enter the house unless it's on her terms.

        I think she wants to let him come back IF he comes back, but not with his entire family in tow to take over her house. :/

          Yeah definitely a possibility if he's already dropped hints he would like to bring her back. Chances are after getting used to the lifestyle here he'll be miserable back there so he might look for ways in which he can return. One possibility being bringing his mother in tow. I cannot reinforce enough that a situation like this given the history of the issue is an incredibly bad idea. Mother-in-laws back home effectively run a multi-generational household and are expected to have the final say in everything. It's actually a bigger deal to get a mother-in-law a woman can get along with than a husband.

            I'll make sure my wife and her aunt are across this, though I'm pretty sure everyone is already.

    Quick question for those of you who buy CDs.
    My Mum really likes pentatonix. They released a Christmas album last year that I tried to get but JB doesn't sell it. Where else may I source it?

      Looks like they're re-releasing that album on Friday.

        I'll have to order it on Tuesday (not tomorrow) when I get paid

      Never heard of them, had to look them up. Looks like you can get it from Mightyape as well, it's a few dollars cheaper than JB too, but beware I'm pretty sure Mightyape charge at least $5 shipping as opposed to JB's $1.

        Never heard of them? A CD, or "compact disc" is a kind of pre-internet storage device that uses light to read data. Back in the bad old days, you used to play music on them as an "album"- you, know, that shit that spotify keeps trying to organise your music by.


          Hmm, your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

        They're acapella. So they use their voices as their instruments. I tried to get it last Christmas to no avail.

    Can someone tell PAX to stop approaching so damn fast? Kthx.

      Hah. I have a house inspection the day I leave for PAX, so I'm running around packing and cleaning at the same damn time.

        Ouch. Costume making time is when the whole house just turns to mess and I've got stuff and bits and pieces lying around everywhere. Couldn't think of a worse possible timing :P

          Yeah, it was a tip. lucky I finished my costume about a week ago.

          Really, really unmotivated to clean though because ugh cleaning

        I'm moving to a foreign country the week after PAX so I sympathize.

        Or at least, I'm supposed to be leaving that week. Haven't heard a peep from the logistics lady or the movers and it's making me pretty nervous.

    @cookingmama couldn't reply in the last thread, figured I may as well keep it going here.

    For GoT

    I agree that the narrative has room for improvement, but the story is just so damn good! There's alot that's skipped over in the shows for the sake of brevity - there's a whole storyline about the iron islands that is barely touched in the shows, a few characters that didn't make it in, and a whole stack of little plotlines that add nicely to the story. Sure, the show is better (I'm with you there!), but I still reckon the books have something to offer.

    Then again, I just came off the back of reading the whole Wheel of Time series. If he were still alive, Robert Jordan could have run circles around George RR Martin in terms of unnecessary characters and waffle, so I might just be seeing the SOIAF books as better by comparison

      The books do way more justice to the GoT story than the show does; there's just a depth narration available in a writing medium that can't be brought across to TV.

      That said I have an over-active imagination; quite often I'll leave a book to grab a drink and walk back thinking about the movie I was watching to realize I was reading a book xD

      I think that's the main problem I have with it. I struggled to get to the end of book 3 of SOIAF, and thought maybe it was just me. Then I picked up Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds and devoured it in a couple of days. It's not that it's a bad story, and the writing isn't terrible (Twilight, Hunger Games, I'm looking at you) but it's not great either, and there are so many other series out there that are brilliant.

        That's another good point. It's good... but maybe not good enough to justify reading it and watching the show, given there are so many other good books to read!

    Guild of Dungeoneering, can you stop being so bullshit difficult with the card draws? >:(
    I still love the game though. The soundtrack is amazing too :D

      I saw you playing it and thought "I should really play that again". I love the little songs the game gives you when beating levels / hiring new suckers dungeoneers / etc...

      My favourite was when I did the one fairly early on where a big enemy chases you, and it didn't give me any cash drops, so my person decided to walk towards the big stomping death.

    Good Morning All, I hope you all had a splendid weekend!

    After quite a bit of wrangling and organising, I managed to host the first get together for me and some friends to have a tabletop day (hoping to have one once a month). We started with Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (not tabletop per se but still full), then moved onto Cards Against Humanity as one of my mates hadn't played it before. It was even more hilarious to play with a first timer and we stopped after two rounds due to our sides hurting so much :) We then finished off with a game of Talisman, the winner ended up being Father Time as my friends needed to leave. All in all it was a fantastic day and a lot of fun was had!

    As to games, the only one I got a bit of time with was AC:Syndicate and that got off to a great start :)

    How was everyone else's weekend?

      I really want Keep Talking but I also don't want to break up with @freya when it all goes horribly, horribly wrong.

        Ha ha! That is understandable. I had the unenviable position of being the first person in front of the bomb, needless to say I did not survive. Actually of the 5 of us that played, only 2 survived, think we might need to work on that :)

      Keep talking and nobody explodes sounds awesome.

      Good Afternoon @alexwalker, I just remembered a conversation I had with some friends on the weekend and thought I would bring it to your attention.

      Being a bunch of older gamers, we were reminiscing about fond memories and three names came up, California Games & the Ski/Skate or Die series. I have done a bit of a google search around and I can't seem to find any spiritual successors, nor any real reason why there hasn't been any more games made of this ilk (even Indies).

      I know you would have a ton of articles already lined up for the site but if this interests you as well I would be interested to know your findings and thoughts on all this.

      Thanks for your time! :)

        I briefly played Skate or Die but not a great deal -- I'm not _that_ old :(

        As for California Games, I never had that as a kid but I did play a lot of Epyx's Winter Games.

        My dad might still have that on a floppy disk somewhere. If I can grab a hold of it, I might try and put together a video of it for a Tribute Thursday or something. I found a way to get DOSBox and OBS playing nicely in 720p the other day, so it could work.

          Thanks very much Sir! I appreciate you at least checking this out for me and your very prompt response :)

          And I would be very interested to know if you do come across any spiritual successors for these. They were a lot of the fun at the time so I hope you at least get some enjoyment from them if you get them working in an emulator. As far as I can find that apart from things like Wii Sports etc, nothing quite like these have been made for a very long time.

          Have a great day!

            I think the, and for lack of a better phrase, wanker's cramp problem (see Decathlon on the C64) is a large part of why these games fell by the wayside.

            Wii Sports is bad enough as it is for how much you get into it and the strain it can put on you -- I think anything that goes back to that style of left-right-left-right gameplay would be very firmly frowned upon by the mass market. The physical stress-to-fun equation doesn't balance out.

            Maybe the only similar games in recent history would be the Sonic & Mario Olympics series, or the Olympics tie-in games.

              You do raise a good point, I also realise that I am remembering these through my rose coloured glasses of nostalgia, So you have probably hit the nail on the head there! Though the Trials games are a modern form of the BMX part of California Games, so they could modernise it and still make it a game the mass market will play They just need to keep the humour from those games too! What made them so enjoyable for me at the time was that they didn't take themselves too seriously (again, like Trials).

              I had forgotten about the Sonic & Mario Olympics too.

    Well thanks to Yannick I'm going to be staying off Kotaku until after I've watched the LoL VoDs now. I had to pick between watching the last semi final and getting sleep for my full time job the next day, but it was an obvious choice considering I value my job. Either wait a few days or keep the spoilery shit off the title/opening paragraph if you really have to post about it!

      Either wait a few days or keep the spoilery shit off the title/opening paragraph if you really have to post about it!

      Pfft. Kotaku has too much journalistic integrity for that sort of crap. Now, let's all sit back and enjoy a phoned in Let's Play that exists purely because the author realised they have a large enough audience to skim some YouTube moneys.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Had a quiet weekend, before the insanity that is next weekend. Saturday did absolutely nothing- played more New Vegas, finally finished the Dead Money DLC. I...really didn't like it.

    Seemed to me it took the freeform experimental approach you can do in fallout and crushed it down to a pass/fail trial and error thing. Plus, I stepped on every fucking bear trap in the whole DLC. Story was fine, companions were kinda cool, just the gameplay ugh.

    Sunday I went for a walk to Harbour Town, to buy new pants for dapper meat and some new jeans, which need taking up so there's my tuesday job. Also started the annoying house cleaning process and watched The West Wing, which is on American Netflix. Gosh I love that series. Also Subterfuged, which is still really cool but I hope we get a victor before Thursday.

    A Monday Morning Question: The West WIng is in many ways an idealised political process, where characters can argue back and forth with statistics and nuanced points. So, in the White House of the Nation of Tay, what's your issue that you champion? What's the serious-ish thing that you can reel off all of the arguments for?

      Board games and fairy bread for everyone.

      So, in the White House of the Nation of Tay, what's your issue that you champion?

      Free PAX tickets for all, since I can't afford one.

      What's the serious-ish thing that you can reel off all of the arguments for?

      Basically anything to do with retail banking products, since that's my job.

      On a completely unrelated note... how can someone that knows so much about the ins-and-outs of personal finance be so bad with finances? The mystery continues....

      Last edited 26/10/15 11:04 am

      Yeah, Dead Money is super brutal the first time going through. I always pick up the Light Step perk before doing it after my first play through.

      The use of exercise as a means of reducing the burden of debt on the private and public health care systems (y).

      Hearing someone as passionate about F:NV as you say they disliked the gameplay of Dead money is hilariously validating...and I had Light Step.

        It's just it was too constraining. And I got sick of the fucking enemies, which started as serious threats but became "Oh god not these guys again"

          Yeah, the enemies were less difficult and more frustrating bullet sponges, exacerbated by a complete lack of any gun I was specced for.
          I actually got inadvertently close to 100%-ing Dead Money, but after I finished the main story I just got the hell out of there. Could noooot be screwed.

          EDIT: I will add that the setting and some of the mechanics were actually pretty good, but the overall experience tended to be "run through the same corridor for the 5th time" which was sometimes broken up by annoying fights.

          Last edited 26/10/15 11:22 am

      I hated & loved that dlc. I thought it was the whole point that it didn't play like the rest of the game. But it was too Damn hard.

        Felt like it was going for survival horror, but the mechanics of the game actually worked against that- creepy jumpy enemies are less of a horror when you have VATS

          Yeah, my melee skill was so low that vats was useless. I actually had to play stabby in real time. Perhaps that added to the experience

      I hated Dead Money at first, but I went back later with a higher level character and the light step perk which made a huge difference. It sets up the DLC's courier-backstory arc really well. It's far from a favourite, but it's much better than I gave it credit for on my first playthrough.

    It's PAX week!



      Paxually Appealing!


      So glad I decided on half arsed cosplay so I don't need to stress to much.
      Also considering I have no idea how Tiglet is going to go this year means I have no expectations for PAX. I might get 3 almost full days or I might get a few hours. So wasn't going to do huge cosplay stuff and find I couldn't go.

        Amazingly, I have 2 days of cosplays done. And almost one for Sunday

          Well we have 2 days worth of 'cosplay' so that isn't too bad. One of them might actually turn out half decent. At least I'll have Tiglet with me so people can focus on how adorable she is rather than what I'm wearing ;)

    Sup all?

    Had a pretty good weekend, despite wish I was at Knotfest =( my friend who flew to California from England for it scored a photo pass for the entire weekend, along with one for Judas Priest on the first night & apparently she'll be getting one for Slipknot tonight (Sunday) as well so I look forward to those pics :D!

    Not long until Fallout 4, hoorah! I really am excited about it now, after being stuck in Fallout 3 the last few weeks.

    In other Fallout 4 news, which i'll spoilerise cause I guess it's a little ranty, but I find it amusing for the most part.

    Had to laugh yesterday in regard to Fallout 4, it's been made clear that it will support Nvidia Game Works, which has upset a number of AMD users, one comment I saw was just the reason why a lot of people see PC gamers as stupid shitty selfish people they said in relation to this "Don't care about this game anymore, I took a fucking week off to play this." like seriously dude, Game Works is totally optional, and it's not like it'll be turned on regardless of what card you have and not be able to turn it off.

    Also the internet seems to be up in arms that the PC DVD-ROM of Fallout 4 won't have all the games files on it, Bethesda's reasoning? Piracy. I mean that could be true, but also how many discs is it gonna be? Could they also be trying to cut down on the amount of DVD's in it? Like I sure hope it won't be 7 like GTA V was :| and I still had a 5 GB patch AFTER install, didn't even get to play it release day =( but eh, I was okay with that, I have the internet cap to deal with it. But others speculate it might just be a few key files that are missing from the retail copy which wouldn't impose too greatly on peoples internet connections.

    Other than laughing at dip shits on the old interwebs, Chilli turns 3 week.. Can't believe we've had her almost that long already. I remember we were at a mates property out west and was watching his Kelpie herd sheep and he was telling us she had pups just that previous week and if we wanted one we were welcome to, dad said yes just about instantly cause she reminded him of a previous dog he & mum had (I think he said?).

    Anyway fast forward 6 weeks later, i'm in Melbourne for The Living End's retrospective tour (fuck it's been that long already) and i'm talking to mum on the phone and she's all "So we picked up our new puppy today" and i'm all "Okay cool.. I guess i'll meet her when I get home Tuesday"

    I'll be honest I was so unsure at the time about getting another dog since we already had Angel, and we had never had a puppy before, we had always gotten a mature dog that was out of the puppy phase, . So it was a big thing for us, especially me. But in all honesty, best decision we have ever made when it's come to getting a dog, more so since it wasn't even a year later that Angel passed away (Facebook reminded me the other week on the 10th about it actually, heh). Especially since she's one of the friendliest dogs you could ever meet, plus all the cute girls think she is just the most adorable dog ever, and I get a lot of Red Dog comments, which i'm definitely okay with.

    and this is probably going to go into moderation because more than 1 link BS =(

      That is the happiest looking dog I've ever seen.

        You would be too, with the amount of awesome stuff I spoil her with :P

      Aahh puppy-hood... "it was the best of times and it was the worst of times" is still the best description I've ever heard about having a puppy... So damn adorable! And so many "get up in the middle of the night to clean up wee/poop/vomit" moments too :-P
      And destroyed things... But totally worth it... Have fun! She's adorable

        Haha, there weren't really any downsides to it with her, she was pretty good. Found that for teething she absolutely enjoyed both ice cubes & carrots haha. She was pretty good when it came to toilet training too, I only recall one accident in the house, every other time she would notion to go outside, which was good.

    Why hello there, you.

    Weekend with Greenius made for some good times. We did some touristy things like go to the Opera House and walk across the Harbour Bridge and Greenius didn't take any photos because he is a bad tourist but he paid for lunch so I think I could get on board with a job as a tour guide. We also did the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park and saw the fireworks at Darling Harbour. Lots of fun! All these years I've never checked out either of those things when they're on so it was new for me too. 10/10 would night noodle firework again.

    So I didn't play much AC Syndicate as a result but what I have played has been pretty tops. We got a few glitches but they were funny, non-game breaking ones so...whatevs. Evie is the better of the twins and I kind of wish the whole game was just about her, but then you do need Jacob to bounce off of...but I still play as Evie as much as possible.

    And, obligatory PAX hype.

    This seems like a pretty good deal for a GTX 660, $65 right? I really need something a bit better than my 560, and with more vram, but can't really afford too much at the moment. I could also hopefully sell my 560 for an okay price too.

    Last edited 26/10/15 11:22 am

      Just FYI, If you're planning to play newer games a lot are starting to use the 670 as the minimum spec.

        Well, i'm really just looking for something currently to play Fallout 4, specs want a 550Ti but min vram is 2GB which the 550Ti doesn't have so go figure. I'm planning a new system for 2016 anyway, just want something that has a bit more vram, I would prefer a 670, but the cheapest I can find is $200 at the moment and it's pick up only so boo.

          Always worth asking around here/with friends. If anyone is upgrading it could be a good chance to buy their old card.

            Also my other concern with both the cards was they were used in SLI and the seller didn't mention much about their history, so no idea if they had been overclocked on factory coolers or whatnot. But someone bought both so balls to that I guess anyway haha.

    Alien Isolation: A Tale of Love & Hate

    I've been slowly plugging away at it since I bought it 2 or 3 months ago, but it just never clicked with me.
    Don't get me wrong, it's a solidly made game, the atmosphere & recreation of the future from the perspective of the 80s is spot-on.

    But alas, it was far too stealthy & not Survival Horror enough for my particular tastes. Even though there's far too much shooting, I much prefer The Evil Within (the one everyone else isn't very impressed with).

    The other night though, I got to the part where the alien is (temporarily) removed.

    Suddenly, I dint have to sneak ALL THE TIME, the run button is a viable option & I'm actually using the resources I've been scabbing.

    It feels like Survival Horror!

    So, my long-winded point is, the worst part of Alien Isolation is the alien. Whoops!

      [Edit: Reply fail. =( But for the record, try and find a way to scare the alien off. It becomes a lot more like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 once you start manipulating it instead of hiding.]

      Wow. I knew the duels in the Yu-Gi-Oh anime/manga were ridiculous, but playing Legacy of the Duelist and using the story decks for the campaign really makes me see just how insanely one sided these duels would be. There's one chain that requires three cards in the graveyard, more than 3000 LP, a specific type of monster in my hand or on the field, a field card, two cards that let me fuse monsters and a Spell card that only works with a specific trio of monster cards face up on the field. Do that, then get lucky for the next three turns avoiding the pile of traps and spells that destroy your field card/monsters and hoping they don't revive a monster that nothing in your deck can beat in a straight fight that will almost certainly be in their graveyard by the time you've got your initial chain setup. The opponents deck is so pumped full of trap and spell cards that can destroy you and level 4 monsters with 2000 ATK that you literally can't win without that chain.
      I'm sure this made for a really dramatic turn around in the anime but it makes the difficulty spike like crazy.

      Meanwhile over in Magic Origins the AI just cheats. I really need to go back to games where shooting until I run out of bullets is a valid strategy. =P

      Last edited 26/10/15 12:22 pm

        Oh yeah? How to?

        I got the flamethrower & that did the trick once.

          You can distract it using noisemakers and flares, even flashbangs if I remember right. However use them too often and the alien will look at where the flare or noisemaker was thrown from (you) and you're dead then.

    Hey there everyone. Played through all of Vermintide on the weekend and I hope to crack onto the harder difficulties with my crew soonish. I'm very, very interested in the future of the game as the developers have hinted that future installments might take the fight to other cities and against the Vampire Counts, the Undead Legion, or the Warriors of Chaos. All of those sound like terrifying prospects but, if they do happen, I'm looking forward to the different playstyles that might come with each type of enemy.

    In RPG news, Black Crusade has gone somewhere interesting.

    My players seem to court disaster and daemons like they were eating food. The Tzeentchian psyker intentionally created Chaos Spawn to act as shock troops of their warband and then quickly realised that was a terrible idea when the Spawn mutated wings. The Slaaneshi psyker intentionally sought out corruption and warp energy to gain his Mark of Slaanesh. The Khorne space marine destroyed a giant mutated blob in the space of ten seconds simply to prove that he could despite the fact that the blob almost ate him. And to top it all off, they created a daemon engine out of a Predator tank because the wall of a fortress had a bound daemon inside it that they wanted to use. The turret of the tank has transformed into a massive horn and the tank is now more of a mechanical daemon unicorn than a tank.

    The good news is that they're succeeding quite handily. The bad news is that they've received almost too much favour of the Chaos gods and are more at risk of daemon possession than actually winning their upcoming fight against a rival Khorne lord.

      I actually enjoyed every second I spent hiding inside a locker or under a bed.

      But I know what you mean. The middle missions are a bit long winded and you can only enjoy so much of hiding inside lockers. I was willing to ignore all that though because the atmosphere was doing it for me. It could just have been a little bit shorter.

      Vermintide is surprisingly awesome =O Can't wait to get stuck into it more! Hope they release new heroes and locales!

    I actually enjoyed every second I spent in a locker or under a bed.

    But I know what you mean, the middle missions are a bit long winded and you can only enjoy so much of hiding inside lockers. I was willing to ignore all that though because the atmosphere was doing it for me. It could just have been a little bit shorter.

      Yeah, had everyone been referring to it as stealth first, survival horror second, I might have come at it with a different attitude.

      As it is, I had to learn to appreciate an obviously solid game.

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