Target’s Having A Massive Sale On Games And Consoles

Target’s Having A Massive Sale On Games And Consoles

Something’s going down at Target. Either they’re really getting out of games and consoles and just having a massive firesale, or they just really want drive traffic to their eBay store.

Either way, out of all the deals that have gone up these are by far and away the most insane. Let’s begin.

The new version of the PS4 for just over $400. Xbox One’s at prices so ridiculous it’s difficult not to consider. Nintendo consoles at prices that cannot be ignored.

Target’s gone off the deep end. Let’s break it down by platform.

This Is How It Works

For all deals, you’ll need to use the CTARGET25 discount code at checkout. That gets you a 25% discount off everything on the store until November 2.

You can only make three transactions using the discount code, and the maximum discount per transaction is capped at $1000 — although that still leaves enough room if you wanted to buy three consoles in a single hit, for instance. (PS4, Wii U and a Xbox One anyone?)

Another snag: if you want to take advantage of this, you’ll need an Australian PayPal account for it to work. And it’s worth noting that you can only buy 10 items in each transaction.

Got all that? No? Then here’s a run-down of the terms and conditions just in case. Note that all prices are listed with the discount applied, and if you’re confused here’s a picture of where you put the discount code in.

Let’s get to the deals.


PS4 (1TB), Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, 3 months free subscription to Stan ($411.75)

Good God. Haven’t bought a PS4 yet? This would be bloody hard to refuse. It’s the updated version of the PS4 too, the newer model that runs slightly quieter and has the larger hard-drive. Real nice deal.

As for the games, here’s the pick of the bunch. Click this link to get all the games if you want to trawl through the listings manually. Note that Destiny: The Taken King was out of stock at the time of writing.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection ($59.25)
FIFA 16 ($59.25)
Bloodborne ($66.75)
Dragonball Xenoverse ($55.5)
Mad Max ($66.75)
The Order: 1886 ($36.75)

Also, you can get DualShock 4 controllers — black only — for $59.25 too. Good price if you want another controller, or something for your PC.

Xbox One

1TB Xbox One, Halo: Master Chief Collection, 12 month subscription to EA Access ($374.25)

Xbox One 500GB, FIFA 16, 12 month subscription to EA Access ($321.75)

Deal of the day, surely. Here’s the list to all of the games, but some highlights include:

Project CARS ($66.75)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ($59.25)
Forza 6 ($59.25)
Destiny: The Taken King ($59.25)
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor ($33)
Far Cry 4: Limited Edition ($29.25)
Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate ($51)


Oh yeah, there’s Nintendo deals as well. And not just for the Wii U either.

Wii U Super Mario Maker Limited Edition ($299.25)

Wow. But the offerings for the handhelds might be better.

3DS XL Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Edition Bundle ($201.75)

Downside: you have to buy Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. Upside: it’s so cheap you won’t care.

3DS (not XL) White ($164.25)

If you don’t want the XL version of the handheld, this is a disgustingly cheap price. Maybe a good Christmas present for the little ones. If you do want the 3DS XL, but without Animal Crossing, that’ll set you back $186. (Scroll down this link for the listing.)

As for the Wii U games, here’s a quick selection (while the full list is here):

Devil’s Third ($59.25)
Splatoon ($51.75)
Super Smash Bros Wii U ($51.75)
Yoshi’s Woolly World ($51.75)

And the 3DS games:

Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden ($41.25)
Mario Kart 7 ($48.75)
Kirby Triple Deluxe ($41.25)
Inazuma Eleven Go Light/Shadow ($41.25)

Phew. What a mouthful. Don’t forget that discount code is CTARGET25 and you need an Australian PayPal account to take advantage of this.

But really, if you want gaming gifts for Christmas … this is pretty damn good. Get amongst it, people.


  • I thought they were sold out of PS4 dual shocks. It’s a PS3 dual shock that’s in stock.

    EDIT: No, my bad, the PS4 DS4 is there as well.

  • This is the same target that pulled GTA off the shelves after caving to minority groups with a catchy campaign, right?

    Yep, thought so.

    • The company that listened to some of their customers and decided not to stock R18 games?
      I personally thing the petition was rubbish, but I have no issues with a family store taking a look at their policies and deciding they will not be selling R18 games.

  • im guessing this is part of the plan to eliminate games, consoles and videos and music from their inventory ( except for skylanders and lego)

  • My one consolation with not being able to afford a ridiculously cheap PS4 right now is that I’m going to have no time for anything but Fallout 4 for the foreseeable future anyway.

  • Both Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Halo 5 are $51 a pop (if you get both to avoid $9 for shipping or grab something else to make it $75 in total for free shipping). Pretty good for brand new releases.

  • OK, the plan is to get a ps4 for Christmas. Do we think that this will be the best deal before then?

  • I’ve NEVER owned an XBox in any form since Microshaft have been making them (while I’ve owned every model Playstation), but that price is tempting me. That being said – the 1TB Xbone is now ‘out of stock’ as at 14:30 AEST

  • I don’t know if anyone has brought this up but JBHiFi has Fallout 4 available for preorder at $59.00

  • God damn it kotaku. Just bought a ps4 from kmart yesterday when you said they were $350, got uncharted for 64. Now your saying 1tb ps4 with uncharted for $411. God damn it.

    • I went to buy one from Kmart yesterday but they were all out. You win some, you lose some. I bought an S6 Galaxy Edge from JBhifi less than a month ago and now they have a $250 off voucher.

  • Assassin’s Creed Rogue for PS3 is listed at $22 before discount. I’m almost tempted (but the shipping is $9 and there’s nothing else I want).

  • Couldn’t resist, scrounged money up & got the PS4 deal.

    wish that they had in store pick up but can wait a few days.

    will more than likely trade in Uncharted (can’t stand the series) for a few other things to get Fallout 4 on release ($59 from JB or so).

      • Nah. Don’t have any friends who are after it.

        Am thinking of getting something like Dragon Age: Inquisition 2nd hand for a first proper game. Genuinely have no interested in Uncharted after playing the first game but if a friend wants to swap or trade it with me, am not opposed to it.

  • Can’t tell if it wasn’t part of the sale or whether they’re actually out of stock, no Tri Force Heroes? Damn you Target!!!

  • Something may be wrong here. i payed with the coupon, Ebay said i’ve got the 25% off but Paypal said i’ve payed normal price and so does Target. anyone else get this? (i bought black 3dsXL)

    • The basic receipt says the full price but the full receipt has the discount & I only had the discounted price deducted from my account -so all good, nothing to worry about.

  • Paypal will show the normal price, but only the discounted price comes out of your account. The difference is paid for by the coupon.

  • Does anyone know if you have to pay by the 2nd? Because I’d like to order the PS4 but won’t have enough until the 4th.

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