Team Fortress 2 Goes Full Alien In The Latest Update

Team Fortress 2 Goes Full Alien In The Latest Update

When Valve’s iconic hat simulator has seen just about everything it can see, what do you do with the free-to-play shooter? Insert aliens, of course.

I’m quite happy not being given more reasons to bin hundreds of hours into Valve shooters, and I imagine the many thousands of Australians and New Zealanders — Team Fortress 2 has always had a very strong community here, partially due to its LAN compatibility, free-to-play nature and it’s a bloody solid game — don’t mind either.

But there’s always something that pulls you back in. The talk of TF2 getting a new competitive matchmaking mode and a entire rebalance to suit certainly pricked up a few ears. And if that isn’t quite the Team Fortress flavour you’re looking for, then perhaps the Invasion update will take your fancy.

Purportedly in the works for over a year, the Invasion Community Update event will run until November 5. You can pick up a pass from the in-game store that will keep track, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive-style, of all your stats while the Invasion event is live, and part of the proceeds from the sales of the Invasion passes will go to the community team responsible for the content.

As to why you should purchase at all, here’s the main gist. There’s four new maps, ranging from a remix of the classic 2Fort, Watergate, the barn-inspired Byre and Probed. A range of skins and weapons can be found through various cases, and all classes will be able to pick up the Chester parasitic pet, as seen below.

There’s no word on the Steam page about whether the update has rolled out or not, but if it’s not available now it undoubtedly will be very shortly. Now go shoot some aliens. And their hats.


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