Tekken 7 Trailer Looks Back On 20 Years Of Fighting

Video: Tekken 7, previously announced for arcades in Japan, is coming to PS4, the folks at Bandai Namco said today during the PlayStation conference in Paris. No word on a release date yet, but there is a new trailer!

Watch it above.


    Really reminded me how little progression went on visually between 5 & 6.

    It seemed like Tekken was reinventing itself each game before.

    Solid game of course.

      Tekken 5 was amazing! I'm a bit sad this looks like a PS4 exclusive - looks like we're in for a rerun of the PS2 generation

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        It's not an exclusive though, just exclusive content.

        And yeah, 5 was great, just less of a visual jump. And I don't mean from a technical perspective, I mean artistically before, they each stood out. Maybe not 1-2, but 2 was just all around better. 5 felt more like an expansion than a sequel to me.

          Really? The video said Sony Computer Entertainment presents, that screams exclusive to me - not that Kotaku seems to report it either way

            Sony just had that big french press conference, I'm pretty sure Tekken just came under the exclusive content banner (because theyve come up with little logos now to differentiate what exactly they mean by exclusive, it's hilarious and sad)

          Yeah I skipped 4 because I didn't have a PS2 at the time - when I finally bought one (in 2008) 5 was out - though gameplay wise it wasn't too different to 3, 3 was absolutely perfect IMO

            Tekken 2 will always be my favourite, I think it's just the music though. Whatever the latest is always the objective best, I think. Theyre always tweeking and balancing.

              True Tekken 2 did have music track that just stick with you

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    Tekken 7: memoirs of a hashirama?

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