Tell Us Dammit: Best Current Generation Game So Far?

Now that we've had a couple of years to get into the swing of things, what are some of your favourite games on the Wii U, PS4 or Xbox One?

I feel as though we've already had a few classics: Bloodborne, Metal Gear Solid V, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Maker, The Witcher 3. So far it feels as though this generation of consoles is starting to deliver.

But I genuinely feel as though the best is yet to come. I'm super keen for Halo 5 and Fallout 4, and that's just this year.


    I'm gunna go far out and put Pikmin3 in the ring. Just such a joyful and fun game to play. Just wish it was longer, but apparently there is talk of 4 coming along.

      When I played that game, I couldn't shake the feeling of mass genocide and aliens landing on a foreign planet pillaging and plundering and brainwashing its inhabitants to do their bidding. It just seemed so dark.

    Witcher 3 for me. Such a huge, exciting world.

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    In terms of looks... Ryse?
    In terms of trend setting... Titanfall? (How many games have been influenced by that wall running, double jumping, creep killing, verticality?)(I know those ideas are all in other games first... but I don't remember them being together)
    In terms of just grin inducing fun... maybe Sunset Overdrive?

    I realise all these are Xbox games... I have a PS4, but I can only think of The Order that's really comparable in looks.

      Damn, thats a good list.

      I'd probably swap The Order with Ryse on graphics personally, but it was such a terrible game.

      Agree with Titanfall! Call of Duty and now Halo seem to be aping their style, while its also precipitated a wave of multiplayer only shooters

      Haven't played much Sunset Overdrive yet cuz I got it - played a bit and now I'm saving it for a solid run through.

      Worst gam has been Destiny (simply an addictive slot machine disguised as a shooter)

      Biggest disappointment has been Trials Fusion which just didn't do it for me the way it's amazing predecessors did.

      Yeah, I'd probably also have swapped out the Order for Ryse (Performance hindered my experience a little in Ryse for me to crown it for visuals IMHO) and I personally preferred Infamous over Sunset, although sunset was funnier (Lol the guns right?), I preferred the over all package of infamous (Although it's a pretty close call TBH). Can't really comment on Titanfall, tried it on PC but it just wasn't my thing. But different strokes for different folks and all, still a good list. Personally best game this gen for me is probably Bloodborne, just for the atmosphere and co-op dungeon crawling. But the gen is still young!

    Don't get me wrong I love the Metal Gear series but MGSV whilst good is certainly not far, I'm still in afghanistan having said that I'm yet to play online also. In terms of story so far for the current gen, I just can't get past the witcher wild hunt, that world just sucked me right's a fully fleshed out living and breathing game. The choices in that game just resonated within me. Cd projeckt red also handled dlc the correct way, periodic releases that were free and I'm looking forward to hearts of stone.......the first story driven dlc I'll have bought for a game in a long time

      I love and am still playing MGSV. However, it's too long, and I found myself trudging through it toward the end of the story. Now I'm just trying to 100% it but I doubt I'll have the patience to continue on.

        Does it focus a little more on story toward the end?? I find myself during cutscenes saying give me more haha!!! Especially after being spoilt in patriots lol

          Ummm.... I'm really sorry to say, but up to Chapter 30 is where the story is 'good'. It... gets a little less focused after that. And repetitive... You'll see what I mean.

            Cheers for the heads up guys, I'll soldier on, d-horse and I will poop our way to victory

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              You'll also stop using D-Horse pretty quickly.... Ok I'll shutup now!

          Chapter 2 has a lot more story in it than the first and some really memorable moments.

            Wow really? I felt like it completely lacked focus in Chapter 2. And (for reasons I'm sure you know but won't spoil for others) becomes a lot more repetitive. Different minds I guess.

        I found the same thing, especially since the later story missions can only be unlocked once you've done enough side missions which tend to be pretty repetitive. Then there's the true final mission...

    A little out of left field, but if I had to be completely honest about the game that's brought me the most joy this generation....

    The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I can't even describe how addicted I've been to this little gem. And it's not really even current gen considering it was released on PC before the new consoles.

      What is that game like - every time I see it it reminds me of the first Legend of Zelda

        It's like Zelda in perspective only. More of a shoot em up than anything else, with randomised rooms, items and dungeon layouts. The fun comes in doing 'runs' where you gather items, many of which synergise and potentially give you crazy killing power. Then again you get bad runs too. Lots of unlockable characters with different starting stats and items, multitude of bosses and end conditions. I could go on, best to watch a video of a few runs on Youtube to get an idea. I bought it on Steam originally for 99 cents - for something that can give you hundreds of hours of playtime, insanely good value.

          IT WAS ON SALE?!

          I've been waiting forever for it to go on sale.
          Stoopid Steam wishlist emails...

            This was a couple years ago. However I'd be very surprised if it hasn't been stupidly cheap a number of times since then.

              Ahh, I was thinking of the new one (Afterbirth?)
              I loved the original too. 100+ hours and I still can't beat all the bosses...

      It keeps coming back. And I keep figuring out new things. It's a keeper.

    Probably BloodBorne for me. Also loved The Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4 multiplayer (when it's working). Had a lot of fun with DriveClub, too - didn't buy it until well after launch, so missed out on all of those issues.

    I'd have to say that so far Bayonetta 2 and, despite it's numerous flaws and disappointments, MGS V would be my favourites so far. Of course Disgaea V is out tomorrow so that's instantly going to hit the top of my list.

    In terms of sheer joy to play? Forza Horizon 2. I mean come on! It's just so sublime.

    And for some reason I'd also put the very flawed Destiny in there. No matter all the mis-steps and mistakes, I keep playing it almost daily. I still enjoy it too. Why?

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      Forza Horizon 2 is great fun... and would probably be my favourite driving game so far, but I just feel it was somewhat less enjoyable than Forza Horizon 1. There was a great piece on it here recently.
      I think for Forza Horizon 3 I'd like them to set it in Scotland.
      That was my favourite map from Dive Club, though driving through cherry blossom leaves in Japan is pretty nice... I just think Forzas engine with Scotlands weather (fog, rain, sleet, snow, thunder, the rare bit of sun... matched with Scotlands scenery) would be great.

        I agree on the whole FH1 is the better game. FH2 has better components but the magic of FH1 is unmatched in any driving game (for me anyway). FH2 is still super amazing and is easily this generations best car game.

    Bloodborne for atmosphere and Witcher 3 for the Bloody baron

    i have to say - GTA V on PC did single player amazingly well with 3 intertwined storylines. then with the updates to Online mode has had me going for 300 hours since it was released on PC. and i havnt even finished single player yet. it looks amazing, storyline is amazing, and playability is, well, amazing. well done rockstar.

    Witcher 3 for the world and the graphics engine behind it.

    Bloodborne for everything else.

    Tough list, but I think that when we look back at the games of the past year or so, the ones that will stand out will be Mario Maker, and GTA V. Mario Maker for how its handed arguably the biggest franchise in gaming to the user, and GTA V simply for the completeness of the game overall.

    I dont think any other game has come close to those two in terms of social impact, and its those games that cross that line which are remembered most vividly.

    Think of Halo for the original Xbox. What it did wasnt anything new, we'd seen similar on the PC for a decade, but how it did it, and specifically that it did it on consoles put the game into the pantheon of console legend. There were better games that came out, but I doubt (m)any other had as direct and big an impact on gaming at the time. GTA 3 maybe?

    I see Mario Maker and GTA V in that same light. Its the effect they have on gaming around them that makes them stand out.

    Arkham Knight was probably the first game that made me go wow graphics wise (loved the game as well). Bllodborne was great looking but not quite at the same level as Batman.

    For scope MGSV, Far Cry 4 and I am guessing Fallout 4 when it comes out. Although No Man's Sky will blow those out of the park if the hype is true.

    Definitely not the best game this gen so I probably shouldn't be posting but I really enjoyed ZombiU alot.

    Splatoon for sure.

    Splatoon and Bayonetta 2 are the ones I have had the most fun with, though the kids would vote for Mario Kart8 and it would be hard to argue with the,.
    Probably also Dark Souls II on the PS4 and The Binding of Isaac.

    For me the games I've most enjoyed playing in no particular order are:

    sunset overdrive
    evil within
    dragon age
    until dawn
    Mario Kart

    I couldn't get in to the witcher and found bloodborne got repetitive about half way through. I can say both are good games but I got over both pretty quickly. Is 3ds counted as current gen? If so I'd add bravely default and fire emblem.

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    Be honest Serrels - this post is to help you still down on your GOTY, am I right? ;P

    I definitely think the best is yet to come, but nobody seems to have mentioned Shadow of Mordor. I haven't played it still, but I hear this nemesis system is pretty revolutionary, and is only on the new consoles?

    Gotta be Bloodborne for mine...

    Witcher 3

    That is my top 3.... HM to MK8

    screw consoles, real gamers use pc.
    Y pay xbox etc a yearly fee + your internet connection ?
    every time they update their stupid media centres and apps it chews valuable bandwidth

    Witcher 3 & Arkham Knight when I think best current gen so far. I wont count games that are also on last gen: MGS5, Dragon Age Inquisition. But i have a feeling Fallout 4 might be the next best one..

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