Tell Us Dammit: How Do You Feel About Episodic Games?

I have a weird bias. I find it difficult to get involved in episodic games — like The Walking Dead or Life is Strange.

How do you feel about it?

Part of me knows I'm missing out on great games, but I just like having the complete package ready to go. Force of habit I guess.

How do you feel about it?


    I'll buy episodic, full price, up-front, everytime. I can see everyone's logic in buying things once the full "season" (for want of a better phrase) comes out, but the actual consumption of them works no different between someone like me and someone who waits for the full collection to be released.

    Thanks to "responsibilities" (pfft) I feel like I have to digest most of my games slower than everyone else (eg. I've only just left White Orchard in Witcher 3), and episodic not only caters for this approach, but it's designed in a way that makes this part of the experience!

    Telltale only need to raise their eyebrow and I'll be there with twenties and fifties ready to clean up the mess.

    I'm pretty "meh" about them. I haven't played any to date, and I imagine if I ever did, I'd just wait until the final one was released and play it in one go, instead of waiting however long for the next one

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