Telltale Announces Season Finale For Tales From The Borderlands, With Release Date

Telltale's announced the season finale for Tales From The Borderlands will be released on October 20, starting with PC, Mac, PS4, and PS3. It hits October 21 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, October 22 on iOS and Android. Additionally, the first episode is now free for console and mobile players.


    YES. Happy birthday to me!
    Life is Strange (hi @strange) finale is on the same day as well.

    Still not free in the Australian PSN store. I'm interested in trying it out to see if it's worth getting the series. Looks great, but I've had so many other games waiting to be played I haven't bothered picking it up.

      I thought it was free for Xbox LIVE Gold.

        I don't have an Xbox, but I've read so many places that the first in the series is now Free, so I just assumed that would include Australia. I have been able to get it by using a US account, but not my everyday account.

        Is the whole series free on Live, or just episode 1?

          Free on PS3 --!/en-au/games/tales-from-the-borderlands-ep1-zer0-sum/cid=EP2026-NPEB01980_00-TFTBL0000000GAME -- maybe try adding that to your account first and see if it unlocks the PS4 version for free as well?

            Cheers, I saw that. Seems to only be a timed trial though.

            Unfortunately, none of the Telltale games I've bought on PS3 or PS4 have been cross-buy.

              Bugger :( I tend to throw my money at anything Telltale as soon as it's announced anyway, so I couldn't check to see if PS4 was unlocked on my account (it already shows as 'Purchased').

          Just Episode One is free, although the subsequent episodes seem to be regularly on sale for everything except the mobile platforms which are the best home for these games.

    Any word on when the last Game of Thrones episode will be out?

    I'm pretty much over it anyway, but I'd like to finish it off since there's only 1 left and I bought the season pass.

      I'm behind on GoT because it didn't grab me like this or Wolf. Hell, I prefer Jurassic Park, that was fun & interesting.

        GoT started out interesting, but I'm pretty much sick of it now.

        After 2 seasons of Walking Dead and now GoT, I think I'm over the whole TellTale thing, to be honest.

          Yeah, I played through the wolfg among us, which was great, but i just found it a bit boring by the time i got to the end. Great game, don't get me wrong, but just not enough going on to keep me focused lol is the kind of game I play when I'm not feeling energetic, and can't be assed looking for a movie to watch haha

          Depends on the content for me, couldn't put Wolf down & I jump straight in to every episode of Borderlands but the others are a bit...meh.

          GoT feels a bit too fan servicey & the main cast seem to be analogues of characters from the show.

          Maybe it helps I'm not a fan of the source material for Borderlands & Wolf, whereas I mostly enjoy the GoT books & show.

    Cheers for the heads up on the free episode!

    For anyone on xbox:

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