Thanks To Giant Bomb 'Editor' Dan Ryckert, I Was Forced To Commit A Horrible Act

Thanks to Super Mario Maker (and Giant Bomb "editor") Dan Ryckert, I was forced to commit a horrible act to finish this stage (5330-0000-0071-CCBE). Watch me play the whole thing here.


    I always killed myself in game if I accidentally killed a Yoshi. This is extremely upsetting.

    That's a half-hour video. :( I just skimmed through with audio off (werk, yo) and couldn't see what on earth the guy was going on about. Anyone got a specific time in the video that shows what the terrible act is?

    Last edited 02/10/15 7:00 am

    If you love Yoshi you probably won't like my level called "Yoshi Sacrifice" - 92F6-0000-003C-307F

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