That Game About Being A Lost Dog Wags Over The Crowdfunding Line

The rate of funding has tanked substantially, but the good news is that Home Free will be able to bring us it's cute polygonal tale of slumming it up puppy-style on the streets of a city.

If you're not in the know, Home Free is a sweet looking game about being a dog lost in a city.

I haven't seen any footage where you can go around sniffing butts, but largely all the other features of being a lost pup are in there: foraging for food, harassing humans and stealing their food, running away from other dogs and sleeping on horribly cold and uncomfortable concrete all look like they'll be included at launch.

Oh God. Maybe that's why the game is only trending towards a final result of US$153,691, instead of the US$545,000 before the project was funded. Which is a bit surprising when you look at these cute buggers.


Home Free isn't due for release until November next year, provided Kevin Cancienne doesn't miss any deadlines. Or get distracted by a stray slice of margherita along the way or something. Also, it turns out the game is partially inspired by an Akiba dog called Hachiko — the same Hachiko immortalised in Japan's Shibuya. Check it out.


    The rate of funding has tanked substantially, but the good news is that Home Free will* be able to bring us it’s cute polygonal tale...
    * hopefully

    Let's just hope that they didn't low-ball the figure in the hopes that it wouldn't scare off backers and would allow them to secure barely enough funding to claw their way into Early Access in the hope that those early access sales will support the remainder of development.

    Let's also hope that the potentially low-ball figure wasn't arrived at in the nth hour with the assistance of 'friends of the project' whose investment was actually a loan kept as an ace in the hole to make sure the target was reached so that all the kickstarter pledges so far didn't go to waste and the entire campaign turn out to be for nothing.

    I am so. Fucking. Cynical about Kickstarter right now.

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