The Best 80s Cartoon That Never Was

The Best 80s Cartoon That Never Was

There was an awesome Toy Story short released last year, about the gang's encounter with the complete set of a very 80s toy line: The Battlesaurs. Those dinosaur warriors had an excellent theme song. Now they have an excellent fake intro, for the cartoon tie-in show they never actually had.

The Best 80s Cartoon That Never Was

This clip is included on the extras of the Toy Story short's DVD release, which is out next month. If you're thinking, well, that doesn't look like a very Pixar art style, it's not! Word is (though this isn't 100% confirmed) that anime Studio Trigger (Kill la Kill) handled it.

You can watch it below.

Disney, if you could go and turn this into an actual TV series, that would be super, thanks.


    Definitely looks and flows like Trigger's stuff.

    thats not an 80s cartoon intro, its a late 90s- early 2000s cartoon intro

    Director : Steve Purcell
    Artistic director : Grant Alexander
    Animation director : Hiroyuki Imaishi
    Animation : Hiroyuki Imaishi, Yoh Yoshinari, Akira Amemiya
    Backgrounds : Yuji Kaneko
    Production : Hiromi Wakabayashi
    Studio : Trigger


      Fantastic stuff. This kind of unexpected collaborations always warm up my heart. It's like that music video for Do the Bartman.

        Yeah the internet has really broken down creator barriers and some really interesting collabs have come out of it. Like Yuassa (mindgame, kaiba, ping pong) working on that adventure time ep.

        I wonder if videogames will ever have this. We almost had some magic with Kojima and Del Toro I guess

      Here's hoping that this is the first step towards Purcell getting to direct his own animated movie. I don't suppose Disney/Pixar would be down for a Sam and Max film.

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