The Big Question: Back To The Future Vs Star Wars

Look I'm just touching on the Zeitgeist here. Yesterday was, undoubtedly, all about Star Wars. Today is — obviously — going to be all about Back to the Future. Let's debate which is the better series!

Brace yourself, I have a 'hot take' on this.

I think as a series, Star Wars has more value. It's obviously more important as a cultural 'thing'.

But, I think that Back to the Future — the original movie — is probably the best of all the movies across both series. Yep, even better than Empire Strikes Back.

But overall? I think I have to go with Star Wars.



    I like BttF2, Revenge of the Sith & Return of The Jedi.

    That's a very broad apples/oranges poll there, Marky Mark! If not an apples/train argument! I love both with EXACTLY the same enthusiasm and fondness

      Let's say that hypothetically you were suddenly standing outside two cinema studios, one which was showing a new BTTF movie and the other was a new SW movie. You only get to see one movie before you are removed from this scenario(say it's an alternate reality or you are waking from the dream or are getting killed or something afterwards). You can only see one... which do you choose?

    They fill different needs, we can have both.

    Nobody runs around 40 years after a movie asking where their mechdroids are, and thats the entertaining thing about BttF - it was near enough in the future that the tech had some relevance. People can directly relate to the flicks.

    But Star Wars is about the operatic drama, not comedy, so delivers for different reasons. On a meta level, Star Wars is so much more important thanks to its impact on society since 1977, but on a micro level, people will always want their hoverboards, even knowing they were largely there as a plot device and not serious.

    So which is more important? The grand scale of Star Wars, or being able to relate to BttF?

    Just for the record, Straya is about 17(ish) hours ahead of Californian local time, so tomorrow would be BTTF day because it was the 21st there. We're jumping the gun a bit. Jus' sayin'...

      well, when it's the 21st there, we can revisit it again from our timezone. We can literally go back to the future

    I recognise the significance of Star Wars to many people, but for me, we had the back to the future series played way more in our house hold, so I'd have to go with the childhood sentimental significance of BTTF...

    Back to the Future is a fantastic series, but...Star Wars is Star Wars.

    Shit Serrels, I cam here to write my favourites in order, but it was exaclty the same as your take on it.

    But we are doing a back-to-back Back to the Future marathon tonight, there is a clock-tower in the main street here, so I am keeping my eyes peeled....

    For me, Back to the future by a landslide. I grew up after star wars was really a thing and didn't actually see the star wars movies until I was in high school and they were kind of meh, besides the technical aspect of how they filmed the spaceship battles by moving the camera around the models instead of the other way around nothing really caught my eye. But my parents plopped tiny little impressional me in front of back to the future 2 for ages. I think it's one of the few tapes I'd worn out from viewing. Weirdly, I happened to get a scale replica of the hover board rock up at my house last night as part of a monthly subscription box I'm part of so that helps soothe the wounds that they don't actually exist.

    BTTF is a perfect trilogy, Star Wars has a lot rough patches in Jedi mainly caused by Lucas throwing everything into Star Wars and ending up having to rework some things in Jedi as a result.

    BTTF though (esp II and III) are so well thought out with things set up early in the movie paid off later on, they are virtually flawless.

    BTTF was formative for me. I lost count of how many times my sister and I watched part two on VHS. We broke that tape. All time favourite trilogy for me, with part one being up there on my best films of all time list too.

    So we're trying to choose between a scifi movie with an incest subplot or a scifi movie with an incest subplot?

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    it turns out that just over 69% of people are wrong and obviously need to watch BTTF again.

    This is like asking if chocolate is better than chocolate.



      That should have been a choice.

    Back to the Future 1 is a timeless classic that stands up as well as any other film. The first Star Wars film was ground breaking at the time but it's very slow and plodding and a little bit boring at least for the first 45 mins.

    I love both but having seen back to the future on release back in 1985 at the age of 12 no film was as awesome, exciting and thrilling as BTTF. I think it all depends how and when you saw these movies.

    BttF always struck more of a chord with me, I think. Part 3 was the first one we saw, and maybe it's because as a kid I had somewhat of an obsession with trains, but I loved the hell out of that movie. And was super excited when we finally got to see Part 2. And then wondered where the hell Part 1 was, which never seemed to get played on TV.

    I think I may have seen the three Star Wars movies at a younger age than I did the first two BttF movies, so that might have played a part in it, not being able to understand things as much as when I was older. Always liked them too, though.

    All the BTTF films are good. Only half of the star wars films are good. I rest my case.
    (Actually I'm not a big fan of star wars, so even excluding the prequels this would be my opinion.)

    Great Scott!

    Where do i buy a hover board and one of those sweet multi-coloured caps? Also remember kids it's now fashionable to wear your pants inside out

    I honestly love both. My only point would be this video...

    I'm not sure what the BTTF equivalent of that would be?

    They're my two favourite sci-fi movies, have played them both to death and also played many of the games as well.

    Plus, the Delorean is the most amazing car ever =P

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