The Big Question: Do You Finish The Games You Buy?

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever finish Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It's too goddamn long!

It got me wondering: at what point do you decide enough is enough with video games? Do you tend to finish all the games you buy?

Obviously it's a contextual thing, so let's just make this as general as possible. In general do you finish the video games you buy?

I'm going to say no. Mainly because there have been games I have absolutely loved that I haven't seen through to their final conclusion. Like Shadow of the Colossus. I still haven't finished that, or Ico for that matter.

How about you?


    I tried REALLY hard to finish them. And I was doing quite well until this year...

      Same here but damn its hard with all these new big open world games. I may have to give up on mad max though, Im a 100 percent completionist at heart but the sheer tedium of the tasks is driving me mental.

    Usually I finish them before starting another game.

      Same. I set myself a rule that I can't start a new game until I finish the one I'm playing. Been following that rule for years now and I've finished every game I've started.

        same here. makes the game you purchase so much more value for money. and an indirect bonus is it makes you not purchase games when they first come out, allowing the discounts to set in before getting your hands on them.

        I have the same rule provided it is a story-based game. If it is something like Rocket League, Spelunky, The Swindle etc then I see playing it for a few hours to be good enough. As long as I give it a fair go I'll give myself a pass.

          I tend to allow myself to play a multiplayer game on the side while I'm playing a single player game. For example, multiplayer Starcraft II or Smash Bros I will continue to play while working on a single player game like Bloodborne or Arkham Knight.

      The whole reason I'm an Infamous fan and not an Assassins Creed fan is because I got both games in a PS3 bundle, started playing both at the same time and ended up continuing on with Infamous. Since I was a decent way into Assassins Creed, I struggled to pick it up again and ended up leaving it. I now try and play one game at a time, or at least mix in a game like Rocket League or Driveclub where you can pick up and play any time.

    Of the PS4 games I own

    The Last of Us - Finished
    GTA 5 - Finished on PS3?
    Far Cry 4 - Nope
    Dragon Age - Nope
    Dying Light - Nope
    Witcher 3 - Nope
    The Order - Finished
    Metal Gear Solid - Nope
    Destiny -
    Evolve -

    Damn it.

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      You sat through the entire 4 hours of misery, buys regret and self loathing that was The oder? Sir I tip my hat.

        I did. Haha.

        The first half was a slog but it picked up towards the end.

    Half and half. There are some that are hugely immersive, or really short that I can easily finish. This is opposed with those that are massive games, or just boring, which I am yet to complete.

    Out of all the games I own I've probably finished 30% and begs the question can you even finish destiny

    Lately Ive been more committed to finishing games. At least the main story part.
    Until Dawn is one, but then thats pretty easy to finish.
    I finished the main story of MGS V. i doubt i'll finish all the side ops and extreme missions though.

    Dying Light and Witcher 3 just tired me out, so I gave up on them...

      Yeh i am loving MGS 5. But I am hearing there are 50 (!!!!) missions! I have just finished mission 20 were you meet the MoF (spoilery) again. Is it actually 50 story missions or are there lots of bonus ones? I feel like if thinga arent beginning to wrap up by mission 25 i wont get through the game.

        there are actually 50 main missions, but only around 35-40 of them are actual story missions, the rest are like extreme versions of earlier missions.

    I'm going to finish the Witcher 3 even if it kills me (ok maybe not that literal).. I bought MGS:V, haven't even played it once. Then Uncharted Collection comes out and it's like....gaaaah! will pick them up in a month or so..

    I'm just having this discussion this morning amongst my email circle.
    Div:OS, Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 and Glitch Age: Inquisition still all remain in my shame pile. I really need to dedicate some time to complete them before Fallout 4 arrives and I get lost in that.
    I deliberately haven't picked up Witcher 3 and MGS V so my shame pile doesn't grow.

    Pretty much all of them, yes.

    But that's why I've currently sworn off those big, open world type games that take dozens / hundreds of hours to finish. After Witcher 3, I was just completely drained. For the time being, I'm going for shorter types of games - I bought Until Dawn, and I'll get the Uncharted collection, and there's Broken Age on PS+ this month so might take a look at that, too.

    If I had more time to play, I would be more inclined to finish each game. However, given the limited time for gaming that I have, I like to have variety, which generally means I can't dedicate the time needed to finish a game. I usually finish a game about a year after release and by that stage the ending or twists have been spoiled by it makes finishing the game less satisfying.

    TL;DR - Yes. I try to finish my games. :)
    I can't remember who the Kotaku author was that started listing the games they 'finished' each year, but it made me start tracking my games based on what I considered to be 'finished.' For reference, I always use the main story as the benchmark, and then go back and dabble in side missions if the mood still grabs me. It's an example of how I've gotten through GTAV three times.

    Here's my list so far. It's been a year of the short-and-sharp titles (and standalone DLC). Titles like Destiny don't get a mention, though I've safely finished TTK storyline.

    Games like Batman are also difficult to define as 'finished'. I've done the 'basic' ending and triggered the Knightfall ending on both platforms, but only recorded the Xbox one because I'm still (badly) attempting the full ending with Riddler trophies.

    Infamous: First Light [Standalone DLC], PS4, 10 January
    Grand Theft Auto V, PS4, 12 February
    Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, PS4, 27 February
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, PS4, 18 March
    Grim Fandango, PSV, 19 March
    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, PS4, 29 March
    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, PC (Steam), 12 May
    South Park: The Stick of Truth, PC (Steam), 18 May
    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, PS4, 30 May
    Bird Assassin, PC (Steam), 9 June
    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Xbox One, 12 June
    FarCry 4, Xbox One, 14 June
    Killzone: Mercenary, PSV, 17 June
    Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast and Furious, Xbox One, 22 June
    The Wolf Among Us, PSV, 30 June
    Batman: Arkham Knight, Xbox One, 5 July
    Deer God, Xbox One, 7 September
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Xbox One, 10 September
    Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS4, 19 September
    Journey (PS4), PS4, 19 September
    Halo: Collector's Edition [MCC], Xbox One, 24 September

      Hey! I also like keeping lists. I finish games, story at least, don't often do any of the multiplayer stuff.

      2015's completed titles so far (in order) for me are:

      Brutal Legend [Steam]
      Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon [360]
      Batman: Arkham City [Steam]
      Sniper Elite 3 [XB1]
      Borderlands 2 [360]
      Batman: Arkham Origins [Steam]
      Forza Horizon: Fast & Furious [XB1]
      Sniper: Ghost Warrior [Steam]
      Sleeping Dogs [XB1]
      D4 [XB1]
      Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army [Steam]
      Defense Grid 2 [Steam]
      Dungeon Defenders Eternity [Steam]
      Lego Hobbit [360]
      Witcher 2 [Steam]
      Witcher 2 [360]
      Borderlands 2 [XB1]
      Braveland [Android]
      Lego Movie [360]
      Kingdom Rush [Android]
      Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 [360]
      Lego Marvel Super Heroes [XB1]
      Grand Theft Auto V [XB1]
      Hitman Go [Android]

        That's a good list. Have you been knocking over some of the precursor titles before this year's AAAs (Witcher 2, Batman: Ark Origins)?

          Yep, currently going through Peace Walker [360].......... ready for 2016 with Witcher 3, Phantom Pain, Arkham Knight, Lego Avengers and Far Cry Ice Age.....

    The key for me is - if I like it.

    If not then no... I used to finish everything, then had a child and just don't have the time to waste anymore.

    And I guess what constitutes finished? Main Story/Campaign? 100% completion?

    For me it is the main story?

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      With you on this. Why would I finish a game I wasn't enjoying?

      So I can't pick "yes" or "no", as I have finished some games and haven't finished others. A blanket "yes" or "no" doesn't apply.

    Depends how you classify 'finished'.

    I played through the Alduin story arc in Skyrim, does that mean I've finished it?

    More generally, I am a sucker for stories. I will play through most video games eventually, even if it's on easy mode, just to see how it plays out. Once I've played through the story (if there is one), I tend to abandon the game unless it's something really special (eg. Freelancer, HL and HL2, Diablo - I have played through these games many, many times).

    I guess it depends on the type of game. For the corridor-style shooters (your CODs, stuff like that) I will play through the story and then leave it, unless the multiplayer is particularly good. Strategy games I generally play through the story once, but I come back to these more for skirmishes. Open world games I don't think I've ever 100% completed a single one - GTA3-5, Skyrim, Shadow of Mordor, Arkham City, I've played through them all to some extent, but have never totally finished any of them.

    As I've said in other polls I can make more time for gaming than most, so it's not really a big deal finishing games. Right now I'm one achievement away from 1000/1000 in MGSV. I don't even want to think about how much time it's taken (even if I don't count the time spent AFK mineral processing/developing). I can only think of a few games I haven't finished once I've got the ball rolling. Usually it's because it's a huge game that I wasn't particularly interested in to begin with and something really good has come out mid-playthrough.


    erm, No

    I will always finish it if its reasonably entertaining to do so. I don't bother with all the Ubisoft-ness nowadays where there are a billion collectables required to get 100%

    Just did 100% for MGSV recently and it all happened as part of normal gameplay (except for a few animals I missed).

    I chose Yes, but the really answer is Mostly.

    I used to but then I sort of lost the discipline as I grew up, although a lot of the time I don't finish a game because it's a game I bought due to the hype and then realised that the game just isn't that great/isn't interesting to me. MGS V is proving to be a bit of a quandry though. I have Zero (hah!) interest in farming staff and mats for upgrades and spending 5-10 minutes traveling to a destination without event so I get bored with the game a lot and don't care about finishing it. When I'm actually able to stealth around though and have access to the toys that make it fun, it's the best game in the world and I want to finish it.

    I generally finish them, but if they bore me then I kick them to the curb.

    Life's too short to grind out on games you don't enjoy.

    I'm definitely ambivalent about Phantom Pain at this point. I like it, but i'm just doing the same old stuff now, somehow i'm only 30% complete after almost 50hrs! I've barely unlocked anything in the tree, and I'm constantly in the red when I develop stuff.

    I like it, but it's really turning into a time sink and I've never been a fan of that kind of gaming.

    I own a few hundred games on steam and another 60+ on XB360 and between both platforms iv probably finished 6-7.
    I get stuck on impulse buys between seasonal sales, free games, gifts and vouchers I just got so overwhelmed that I don't know what to play and they just piled up over the years

    I think I'm about 50/50. It depends if the game can be finished sub 20 hours or not. If it greatly exceeds 20 hours then I'm likely to stop at about the 50 to 100 mark. I voted no.

    I tend to go in for huge games, usually RPGs and open world games, and on the whole I probably leave them unfinished more often than I actually finish them.

    On the other hand, the ones that I start (but don't finish) I generally put 20+ hours into, so it's not as if the money is wasted. I got about halfway through Far Cry 4, for example.

    On the gripping hand, there's a whole bunch of games that I've bought but either never played or played quite briefly...

    The most annoying ones are where unless you do things just right you get a screwed up ending. Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Omega Quintet, I'm looking at you. I don't mind there being a "true" ending, but at least make the default ending that you get if you do things ALMOST perfectly be moderately satisfying.

    Spoilers for the two games...
    FF XIII-2: There are a bunch of different endings, and you can get different ones by rewinding time in various ways, but the one I got basically had time/space breaking down with inevitable doom just before you.
    Omega Quintet finishes with (as I recall) one of your team crushed under rubble - having just had her humanity restored - with, again, the world foredoomed. From what I gather, this was because I missed out on doing a particular mission a quarter of the way through the game.

    I'm definitely finding it harder and harder these days with minimal gaming time due to being so busy. That being said I FINALLY finished Bloodborne the other week yay!! Still have well over 75% left to finish on both The Witcher 3 and MGSV... I need to stop buying games when the first come out and wait until I've finished my current game before purchasing.

    A year ago I'd have said no, absolutely not. I was finishing maybe one in five games with many mouldering in my pile of shame. Some were uninteresting and I didn't wish to continue, others I just got sidetracked for what of time. Most I didn't even start. I have many games that have only had the seal cracked because my wife played them.

    I cured that issue by not buying every game that came out, saying I would buy them only when I have time to play them, irrespective of sales, because I'd really like to stop wasting money thanks.

    Since Destiny came out my purchasing has dropped right off, because I've not had time for other games. I rebought Tomb Raider on Xbox One and finished it, having already finished it once on 360. So basically I only finish most of my games these days because I hardly buy any anymore.

    The big test will be Fallout 4 next month. If it's anything like 3/New Vegas, it's going to be real tough to play that and perform any kind of regular maintenance on Destiny.

      Yip, Destiny has stopped me completing any other games. I had Alien Isolation, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Sinper Elite 3 all sitting there unfinished. Especially hard with games that you have already completed on PS3 that you have on PS4.

      Destiny is the time sink of the moment.

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